Toning Shoes, Have You Tried Them?

I recently purchased a pair of Champion Pace Toning Sneakers. Unlike a lot of people however, I did not purchase them because I thought by simply walking in them my thighs would look like this; rather I bought them because they looked so gosh darn comfortable. As someone who has used walking as a means of daily exercise for over a year now, I have come to realize the importance of a comfortable shoe and am always on the lookout for something to make my daily routine more enjoyable. Not too particular about which brand I bought, I hit up Payless and walked out with a pair for a cool $39.99+ tax (I also got the toning sandals for $29.99).

When I got home I tried them on and just as I had hoped- they were super comfortable and felt like I was walking air. I decided to test them out further and went out for a walk. This is about when things got a lil trippy. Walking down the stairs of my building I felt as if I could tip over at any minute. To say they felt unstable would be an understatement. Even when walking on a flat surface I felt as if I was being pushed back a bit.

Once I got home I read the box my new sneaks came in and sure enough, that unstable feeling I was experiencing was a part of the whole toning experience. Apparently if you feel like you’re about to fall over at any minute it makes your muscles work harder to keep you stable.

I’m still a bit on the fence as to whether I will keep wearing these sneakers or try another brand. I’ve been eying the Shapes Ups by Sketchers lately- though the $110.00 price tag makes me SMH.

Has anyone here tried the Shape Ups or any other brand of toning shoe? If so, what was your experience?


  1. I wonder if it works, that’s why I have not decided to buy it. But the shape of the shoes look weird for me.

  2. I love the shape Monica Raparo. As for if they work- many experts have said no but I never believed the claims anyway.

  3. I bought the Skechers Shape ups and decided to wear them to work. Big Mistake!! After 5 hours, my feet were screaming. I ended up giving them to my sister.

  4. I haven’t tried the “toning shoes” but i have tried the MBTs for comfort. Honestly I’m not fan because they are so rigid.

    The shoes I absolutely love are Vibram 5 Fingers. These will do more for toning than any of the “toning shoes” will do because you use all the muscles of your feet, legs and pelvis in a natural balanced fashion.

    I wish the company paid me considering how much I promote them. 🙂 i even blogged about them a coupe of times on my site.

  5. I love my sketchers and I can literally feeling my muscles pulling and toning as I walk. I mean you still have to work out but you can definatley feel something different.

  6. I purchased the La Gear toning shoes from DSW and they were pretty cool and comfortable. I purchased them for $39.95 back in the summer. They are not as comfortable as they once were. I lift weights all the time so I don’t really think that they made a difference in my body though. My butt was already lifted… I just need to get this durn cellulite off of my legs!!! Anybody have any suggestions for that? I work out all the time, but it’s not helping.

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