Wearing Too Much Make-Up?

Beauty Question of the Day?
How do you know when you’re wearing too much make-up?


  1. I admit that when I was young there was no such thing. In high school I piled it on. Now I know better though. I think when people start commenting on your makeup (good or bad) you should probably lay off it. If it is noticeable enough to make people comment to you about then you are probably wearing too much.

  2. Wearing anything more than eyeliner, mascara and lipstick is probably overkill. Blush is one of the most unnatural cosmetics you can wear. No one has rosy cheeks, much less a grown woman. Eye shadow is another cosmetic that almost never looks natural. Stay away from those two things and you’ll probably be good to go.

  3. I guess for me it’s wearing too little. I guess any extreme is not a good thing. Make-up shpuld enhance not be a mask and not only lipgloss.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  4. I don’t like blush either. It never looks natural.

    As for how much is too much I would say when it starts to look clownish or caked on.

  5. I guess everyone here agrees that blush is the enemy. I hate the stuff and it makes most people look very clownish. Even celebs with their high paid makeup artists end up looking like they have having stripes on their cheeks. I stay away from stuff. A lil lipstick, mascara and I am set. Anything else is too much for me.

    By the way, stay away from those makeup girls in department stores. They are always too made up and over the top. They also give some of the worst advice.

  6. Well, when you apply it right to enhance rather than to cover your natural beauty, then its good thing. The thing is learning application techniques for day (less) and evening(more dramatic).

  7. ***Slowly tip toe in this conversation*** Janet looks even lovelier when her cheekbones are highlighted with a rose blush. Now ladies is there s such thing as guy makeup? Would you date a guy that wears makeup? Keep in mind more than likely your favorite actor wears foundation in movies, red carpets, and photo shoots. ***Does back flips out this conversation***

  8. The movie makeup is fine so their foreheads dont shine onscreen but guyliner (Jared Leto) IS REALLY PUSHIN IT!

  9. Makeup it awesome and fun…when you KNOW what you’re doing. there are a lot of ppl who complain, but that is probably cuz you dont know what you’re doing. lol it is an art, and the only way to do it right is to take your time and practice. there are no rules, for what to wear and not wear. for people saying blush this, blush that. there are SOOOOO…. many different types of blushes with different consistency and different textures and COLORS yes. COLORS. everyone doesnt have to wear red! enough said! and learn where to put it and the technique, and also learn what brush to use. again makeup is an art y’all and the only way you can perfect it is by practicing and learning, also broadening your mind. no one says you have to leave the house with ice blue eyeshadow everyday. or ever.

    anyway to answer your question. i know i have on too much make up when i cant hug people pright, and i’m worried about my foundation rubbing off on their shoulders. especially men.

  10. I dont think anything is wrong with wearing eyeshadow, as long as it applied tastefully. I also love mascara, eyeliner and lip gloss clear or tinted. I have been blessed with clear skin so luckily I dont worry about foundation much.

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