Too Much Sex

Here is another promo shot from Rihanna’s upcoming “Rated R” album- it is also the cover for her “Wait Your Turn” single. As you can see- Rihanna leaves little to the imagination- a theme she seems to be going with for this album. As someone who loves beauty, fashion and a good photo shoot- I dig Rihanna’s new photos and her style. However, as a mother of a 12 year old girl and someone who was once a teenager herself- I hate the image she is projecting. Rihanna’s fan base is quite young and she knows it. Just as she second guessed what message she would be sending to them by returning to Chris Brown, she should be second guessing what message she is sending to them by appearing half naked and overly sexualized in her videos and photos.

Rihanna Using Sexy Image To Sell Her Music


  1. Absolutely…. she got talent…doesnt need to show her body..its a bad image coz its like a contradiction to the whole thing with Chris… she should portray a complete package( against abuse and yet keep her dignity and womanliness)

  2. “Sista” Where is your post on beyonce,amerie,cassie and them oversexed image?I am in agreement with you but i also thinks you all are hypocrites talking ish about one person and letting the other off the hook,The ladies (using the term lightly) i mentioned above, are just as nasty and look as cheap as rihanna does why is she targeted? Amerie was grinding her p— on the Wendy William show, beyonce vagina lips are two seconds away from pulling out of her leotards Cassie spread eagles shot kills me Yet everyone wanna gets on rihanna’s back be fair for real

  3. I didn’t see Amerie’s performance. I don’t write about Cassie. I have mentioned Beyonce’s new oversexed image before. Now I’m mentioning Rihanna’s which I think will go far beyond anything Cassie, Amerie, and Beyonce will ever do.

  4. As Janet Jackson once said in an interview on VH1, “They said I was a hypocrite with “Let’s Wait Awhile”, but how long do you expect me to wait?”

    Was TLC oversexed when they went from condoms on their faces to the CrazySexyCool album? Was Keyshia Cole oversexed when she posed on the cover of VIBE covering her breasts? Was Ciara oversexed when at first she told us she wasn’t giving up her goodies, but turned around and got her grind on with JT in the “Love Sex Magic” video?

    If you’re going to talk about one, talk about them all. Rihanna is neither the first nor the last and I feel as if she’s being unfairly criticized when there are plenty of people who younger fans look up to — present AND past, because I surely remember TLC getting a lot of flak back in the day — that embrace their sexy side. I’m not a fan nor a stan for Rihanna, either.

    Let this woman grow up. She was a teen when she started in the business and is now of legal age. Plenty of oversexed and/or foul-mouthed artists are played regularly on “106 & Park,” yet no criticism for them?

  5. @Sista…Just to give u kudos on ur site, u speak the truth and i love it…

    Now,Beyonce walks aroung in revealing outfits..YES..She displays tackiness…sometimes

    But u never seen Beyonce walking aroung in Pastys..HAVE YOU…ERM NO, Have u seen Beyonce dude….NOO Do i need to go on/

    Rihanna is full of hipocritcy and contridictions….but imma leave that alone….Cause i not even gonna get on how she is making a mokery out of DV…But imma leave it alone

  6. @Some Stranger on a forum: I couldn’t agree with you more. Like I said it’s out of control. They have to take their images farther and farther until eventually they gone have to come out and naked and actually have to have sex on stage to keep the interest of the audience. It is time for a boycott.

  7. Huh? TOo much sex

    Have you seen Beyawnsay’s poor attempt to jack Lady Gaga’s SNL red lingerie attire? that is downright raunchy and skanktafide! That old woman’s crotch stays from and center. LOL

    Rihanna’s photo is artistic. This go round she seems to be more dressed than ever.

    Hell, she’s young and tender and her sex will sell for another four years….milk it dry!!! LMFAOOO

  8. Rihanna’s really feeling on some 80s Ziggy Stardust Grace Jones Duran Duran ish. This is ~edgy~ of her. *crickets* I honestly don’t care for her music all that much. She can be as ~edgy~ as she wants; likewise Beyonce and all the rest of them…it’s just when you’re fanbase is comprised of 8/10/12 year olds…..ummmm…..yeah. Did Tina Turner ever show her crotch? I know she wore short dresses but was she grinding the stage? What about Grace Jones? or LaBelle when they went all futuristic?

    They all need to put on some clothes with 6 year old princesses are watching AND EMULATING them.

  9. I don’t really care what Rihanna does with her image but let us all be real about it. Growing up has nothing to do with sex or showing off all your goodies. Quite a few artists today and back in the day started off relatively young and their music and sound grew up but their clothes stayed on. Women use sex today as a selling tool only and to get that extra bit of attention over fellow artists.

    Lady Gaga is a perfect example of someone using image styling and sex to sell what is otherwise very mediocre music. Same goes for Rihanna and Beyonce too.

    So yeah let them do as they want but lets not pretend it is a part of growing up.

  10. And for anyone allowing their young daughters to watch this mess turn to Disney, Nichalodeon, or PBS you do not have to let your little girs watch this mess. You shouldn’t let your little girls watch this mess. I think they are getting bold with demonic stuff now. They like we have your kids now we don’t have to hide it.

  11. SPEAK, PLEASE!!!

    We need a moratorium on these over-sexed images presented to our young girls, Rihanna, Beyonce, Ciara, even Maxwell’s video “Bad Habits” is too much for young people!

    I’ve been saying this and wonder why Oprah, Rev. Jackson, Essence Magazine, etc. hasn’t called out artists on the damage this is having on the black community, the way they have rappers and the N word or disparaging lyrics toward black women!

    The staggering number of STDS including HIV is scary!

    Herpes is soooooooo prevalent among teens!

    Young girls now go into the adult entertainment business like going on a tempt job as a secretary with some part-time pimp/call ho service.

    People have to raise their own children, but many of today’s parents are unequipped and think nothing of what they expose their kids to, but expect them flourish.

    I thought about this as Rihanna stated how she’s now aware of the impact on young girls and I hope to see less of her body! I’m so tire of seeing crotches, bodysuits, corsets dressed in high heels…The Serena cover or plain nudity isn’t bad. It’s the partially clad images/soft porn. The human body is beautiful and those are more artsy than corsets and fishnet pantyhose, plunging necklines, the erotica.

    we do need to stand for something…because we’re falling and hard!

    Teen Pregnancies
    Children being abused, the vicious cycle!
    High School Dropouts
    Gang Activity (girls and boys)

    I will write to Oprah and others, thanks for prompting me to action, it’s time!

    I protect my six year old, closely monitor what she watches on tv, we do prayers and affirmations, I don’t always attend church (I believe in spirituality over religion), but she does and can make her own religious choice when she gets older. We create art all the time to allow her imagination to grow. We don’t depend on the public schools to do everything. I’m fortunate to have the presence of mind to guide her and a good Mother that raised me! This is not the case for many of our kids and teens!

    I hope we can help artists to still sell music and concerts without all the x-rated images, take the pressure off of them from record companies to top their last sales or go platinum if they’re a gold artists. Many want to be a sex symbol, Mariah Carey stated how she wanted to be like Marilyn Monroe, I’m sure it’s very gratifying, flattering and empowering to be so desirable, personally, I wouldn’t know, but it’s just about pornography!

    This is a very good topic and quite timely too!

  12. leave her let her be, she’s not the only one and she won’t be the last

  13. Rihanna has no talent. That’s why she is naked all the time. Beyonce can barely sing. That’s why she’s naked all the time. I think we have forgotten what talent really is. Talent is Jill Scott, Jennifer Hudson, and Ms. Badu. Along with a few more, THAT is talent. Seems like any female or male that can barely hold a note is called a Diva or Talent. Is this what we have to settle for now? When my little girl grows up I tell her that Beyonce and Rihanna were the greatest singers of the time? Really? I bet half the females on this blog could out sing Rihanna and Beyonce!!!

  14. I can’t believe this is still a topic. This is going to happen. Stars grow up, along with their fanbase. Rihanna is 21 yrs old, she’s not thinking about the 12-14yr old fan base. If i were Rih i wouldn’t think of them either,and mind you im 23.

    I remember when i was young, my mom thought that the Spice Girls were oversexed, and refused to buy their ablums for me. Okay but I still listened to their music and caught them on TV on the regular.

    Parents can try to hide these things from their kids, but with internet I imagine its a lot harder. All i can say is talk to yours kids. Celebrities aren’t responsible for them nor accountable, that’s your job. Their job (stars) is to entertain.

  15. When i saw her at the jay-z concert with underwear on0 i knew it was a wrap from then on. Now don’t get it twistd her and B in the same boat, but the lil butt rhi had was out,i mean out. B don’t go that far, even tho she far enuff and not that far from Rhi. But it was like twilight zonish, it was actually creepy. she was casual walkin across the stage & of course J had sex wit her-B should be insecure.

  16. @Sky
    In case you didnt know, those 12-14 year old girls you talkin about probably make up most of her fanbase. So i doubt that she would make it without them. And no, just becuz you grow up doesn’t mean you start showing yo booty to everybody. Trust!

  17. I agree she needs to put some clothes on but so do 80% of the singers out there. Beyawnce might as well take her act to the strip club with those lingerie outfits she wears; and Lady Gaga is dam near naked everywhere she goes.

    Sorry to say but in the music biz now, sex sells & everybody wants to cash in.

  18. exactly.. thats why i think she is a lier…aint no way u could act like this and yet still want to be a voice… if she really cared she would have came out wit a new image that is less revealing and shows how strong she is and not how crazy.. she is one of those fools that dont realize just cuz ur half naked thats doesnt mean ur high fashion or do u look gud cuz personally she looks like a fool

  19. Beyonce’s promo shots dont have any over sexualised message.

    Like yes she was topless on the deluxe cover and stuff! But to me, that was more of a portrayal of being naturally beautiful in the body’s natural state etc. lol.

    but this rihanna one… with the words ‘wait your turn’?!

    kinda makes it look like a story of guys waiting in a line, to fuck her.

  20. I agree with Sista….to a limit though

    Rihanna knows her fanbase is mostly teens and pre-teens, while Ciara, Beyonce, & Amerie fansbases are mostly adults with a mix of teens/pre-teens! Rihanna should use better taste because she knows what her fanbase consists of!

    With that said she is young and isn’t 100% responsible for other people’s children, when need to teach our kids not to worship her and others and only take them as entertainers and forms of inspiration to follow their dreams…that’s it!

  21. The only reason I have an issue with this is that it sends mixed messages: when Rihanna said “I am strong” during her 20/20 interview I cringed–it’s not about being “strong”–it’s about being emotionally healthy. And these oversexualized promo pics, if not her increasingly sexualized image over the past two years, is why most women of this generation are growing up to believe that their sexuality makes them “strong.”

    Yes, historically, female sexuality has been hijacked by men to cover up THEIR jacked up concepts of sexuality, but there is a balance between owning your body and sexuality, and thinking that nudity and g-strings is a sign of female strength. A strong woman is an emotionally healthy woman, a mature woman, a confident woman. It has nothing to do with her body, because when you think your sexuality is your strength, you’re just trying to affirm your esteem by male attention–how is that strong?

    Not to mention that how is Rihanna strong–or other female stars who say stripping their clothes is strong–when her entire career is run and tightly controlled by MEN? Rihanna’s songs are picked by men, her songs are written by men, her career is guided by men, etc etc. If female artists are so concerned with “strength” why aren’t they fighting against the misogyny that permeates the music and entertainment industry?

  22. The title of Rih’s latest CD is Rated R. What are yall complainng about? Just because you disagree with her semi nude clothing choices, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t have them, choices that is.

  23. I agree, I think they all should cover up and let their talent speak for itself. In this day and age you can still do it classy. THe male artist don’t get bare, so why should female artist think its necessary to do so. I love ri ri, but think she should stop showing so much. Also bey.

  24. I cant believe some of the women responses on here , this is truly sad. I believe they would sell their own daughters for money. How can you say that showing your body all over the world is their choice when you have innocent girls wanting to be like them. So sad indeed. I can see how men are losing respect for women more and more !!

  25. y is it tht vytym riri s mentioned or any otha young wanabee 4 tht mater we lwys gta bring bey up.

    n lets be honest Bey wud neva go this far this is just tacky.yall knw the deluxe cover wasnt lyk this n tht was art!!!!

    sex does sell tho.

    cassie cnt sing n ciara cnt sing thts y ey going naked dnt knw y riri s going naked!!

  26. n by the way heard sum songs n they suck.myb thts y she s naked.n bringin up the whole chris thing afta she s bin quiet about it 4 so long….

    say wht yall want but i say she s tryin 2 sell the sucky album thts cuming up.getin the pity vote.

    EMBARASSING indeed

  27. sorry but have to laugh at someone who just threw maxwell in which 12 year old do you see listening to him??? i am not saying there is no sex in his vid but lets be honest when his vid comes on these kids most probably turn the channel…who you should be more worried about is trey songz…did you see that i invented sex vid..smh

    anyways people will always try and find excuses for the artists they like..there is nothing about being young here..this image driven industry that relies on sex to sell and its such a shame..those excusing this behaviour i hope you go and buy the singles for your little daugthers or cousins..i mean there is really nothing wrong with her covers right? smh.. i am glad you finally calling her out..she cannot go on TV and say she wants to be role model and yet puts out such things..its so contradictory to what she says she wants to be..she was disppointed with her photo being leaked and thought people were making fun of her and could not go out for days yet she has no problem being half naked and showing her breats and ass all over..i also have a problem with bey cause i feel she needs to grow up and put some clothes on when she performs but one thing i will say is we have never ever seen her breasts being displayed all over covers as a marketing gimmick..we have to draw a limit somewhere and i am sorry but this is sad,, growing up does not mean display your private parts all over for people to see..for those who see it that way its such shame…i hope when your daugthers or cousins do it since you see nothing wrong like you are saying..

    For those who are saying it is parents responsibility to shield them from this, yes you are right and that is what we are going to do..lets see who suffers..i mean, she is the one trying to sell something and trying to make a living not us..she needs us more than we need her..if she sends the wrong message, parents just wont support her..her loss not ours so i dnt see why that is even being brought up as a reason for allowing her nakedness..smh!!!

  28. @Some stranger on a forum, stop putting Beyonce or any other artist on this one, Rihanna opened the box, thus this is what she will get in return. Beyonce has respect for her talent no matter what you might think. But Rihanna has no talent and the only way she will survive is to do this. Again she is contradicting her self. The others did not wait until they were coming out to be the biggest liar ever (role mode). Rihanna already done showed her tail so dont be to shocked in the coming future at what next she will show… Beyonce not having talent, that’s so funny! she has 87mil + no talent..

  29. her image is extremely slutified now. why the hell does every picture of her have to be with her shirt off, and her hand or some barbed wire covering her boobs? i bet it didn’t bother her at all about those nude photos leaking. she keeps showing all she’s got to the entire world nowadays

  30. Beyonce’s pics will never be that oversexed because then everybody would see that she is not bootylicious and that she wears butt pads. If she didn’t wear butt pads, her back would be peaking out as much as her front.

  31. Isn’t the title of her next album “Rated R”? So being that that is the title & theme she will be doing promos w/ Rated R in mind. Obviously this album is not for kids. I can’t remember hearing any Rhianna songs in the past or present that were kid friendly. Most of her songs dealt w/ mature content. So I don’t think she was ever trying to go the Hannanh (sp?) Montana route. Now kids will like what they like & it’s up to the parents to decipher what they can & cannot listen to. Is it right or wrong, that’s another story, but understanding what she has named the album I can see why she is doing the photos that she is doing.

  32. This is getting too much,used to be a huge fan a couple of days ago but now i’m on overload and my soul cnt take this,i dnt like it when an artist is overhyped-notized it dsnt do it for me,good bubble gum will always sell….just wanna tell rihanna to push bck the album go home and take a break,this industry is abusing her in the name of art,she is still a young girl….this illuminata ish is for real:r-rated,super c,sasha fierce,laday gaga when is this gonna end?

  33. It’s a darn shame how prudish some are when it comes to artists in general. I wonder how people felt about Janet getting her breasts groped on an album cover?

    Exactly. If you don’t like Robyn’s music, don’t buy. If she’s an attention seeking harlot, don’t go to anything that promotes her. For you bloggers, especially this one, y’all been promoting her for like a month since RR came out, and this is posted.

    If you really want to show that you’re against, stopping about these artists. Stop trying to appeal to people’s to get traffic. It will make what you say have weight.

  34. @bored beyonce is in the group, because her outfits are getting skimpier and skimpier, and you can’t deny that. Never thought I would have seen beyonce wearing lingerie on stage, and I was shocked to see her in that red number, especially since she’s married and all, i thought she would have toned it down, but instead she’s wearing the same type of outfits like rihanna, so where is she any different? If your going to point rihanna out for dressing scandalous, you need to be honest that bey is right up there with the rest. Even taking it one step further by constantly popping her coochie in that lingerie all over the place.

  35. @blame it on the rain, I agree, that rihanna feels she’s grown now, 21, so she’s trying to act like it, so her rated r album is not for kids. Which mom would buy an album for their kid which says rated r anyway? If you won’t take them to a rated r movie then you have no business buying them a rated r album.

  36. People will ALWAYS have something to say… especially black women towards each other. So I suggest people jus worrying about themselves and their families. Rihanna is a grown woman and can take pics nude if she wants too. This is the society that we live in… all we can do is raise our children right and not depend on the media to raise them. Regardless children will be exposed so jus teach our daughters the great Values at home and not depend on TV or Rihanna to do that.
    I think she looks great by the way…

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