Top 5 Stylish Summer Essentials

The sun is heating up, we’re preparing our budget to fit in blasting air conditioning, and most of us are pretty much downright tired of stretching our Fall, Winter, and Spring wardrobe to make do. So how can you make an adjustment and become seasonally appropriate? Invest in these five stylish summer essentials and you won’t be sorry. Mix and match them with what you already own, and you’ll be amazed with what you can come up with!

White Tank: This should be a staple in every woman’s closet. It’s simple, basic, and unfortunately, often overlooked when shopping. A white tank can be worn fitted to your waist or in a loose, lengthy fashion. Whether worn alone with fun accessories, underneath a short-sleeve button-up, or layered with colored tees, a white tank offers versatility – a blank canvas that is just waiting to be stylized. It also complements various skin tones.

Simple Cotton Dress: Have at least one cotton summer dress to flaunt! A floral or printed dress would definitely add some flavor to your wardrobe, but a solid color can be worn more often without being as recognizable in doing so. White, cream, gray-ish hues, and even black can take you far as you will be able to wear a variety of shoes, accessories, and handbags with it, in different ways. Plus, being cotton, it can help you stay dryer on a scorching day. Spaghetti-straps, wide straps, or strapless – it’s all good. Just know your body shape and size first. The last thing you want to do is tug and pull on a fashion piece that should be worn in an effortless style. Cotton dresses also make great cover-ups for bathing suits!

Comfy Sandals: Sure, having sandals are a given in the summer. But are they comfy? There are styles for different occasions, that’s for sure. So before you purchase your summer sandals – be it one pair or multiple pairs – think about where you are headed and how long you will be standing or walking around. If you are toes feel scrunched just while trying on, there is no doubt that you will be blistering as time progresses.

Cool Shades: No matter the brand or designer you favor, having a cool pair of shades (especially) for the summer will help to protect your eyes from the beaming rays. And yes, you will look pretty chic in the process. Just like shoes, you want sunglasses to fit just right. If it works, take advantage of the oversized trend! It will help to truly shield your eyes, while giving you A-list appeal.

Shady Hat: The wide-brimmed, straw-like, woven hat is always a great essential to have worked into your wardrobe. It is perfect for the beach, the river, barbeques, and lounging about! It adds a boho-glam, final touch to an outfit as it provides convenient shade and helps to protect your face from the sun. It, along with strong SPF sunscreen, will help you enjoy your summer more as you soak up the sun outdoors.

By Elana Pruitt


  1. Great tips!! I have invested in all of these pieces… All at reasonable prices!

  2. I wish I could wear a shady hate but I look like a dork when I do.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  3. Can’t go wrong with a white top.

    I look like dorky and old in hats too Tiffany.

  4. I am in love with grecian style sandals. They are soooo comfortable!!!

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