Towanda Braxton Branches Out

“Braxton Family Values” star, Towanda Braxton, is putting her ten years of experience as sister Toni’s personal assistant to good use.

Towanda is launching a venture called The Secret Squirrel, a school that will offer training, certification and placement of individuals who desire to work as personal assistants.

Often tagged by her sisters as “The Responsible One,” Towanda says she started The Secret Squirrel to spread her wings and leverage her experience as a personal assistant, along with her personal needs as a TV personality, to provide training and expertise to those who believe they have what it takes to work as a high profile personal assistant.

Interested parties must be at least 21 years of age and can start applying for a spot in the school starting next week. Towanda will be accepting applications from 10am to 2pm on May 31st and June 1st. Applications can be submitted at Nancy’s Pizzeria at 3167 Peachtree Road in Atlanta. Bring a valid birth certificate, ID and most of all: a $50 money order to cover the application fee.

Good luck!


  1. Maybe this will lead to a “personal assistant” reality tv show???

    But, PLEASE get something hot to RETAIL, HSN, QVC…something to trademark…invest in others who have good products…turn her personal assistant business into a franchise or also…an online business for not only celebrities but corporate moms, home-based business execs…sell on-the-go healthy living kit, etc…soup cup/spoon, salad bowl, protein shaker, etc,…her own fitness dvd.

    Watch the ABC program “Shark Tank”…check out entrepreneur magazine…I wish all the sisters well and hope Towanda does well with this new venture!

  2. She’s got the know-how so congrats to her and GOOD LUCK 🙂

  3. Are you serious? Is this for real? Applying to a school at a pizzeria? How can this not be a reality show stunt?

  4. yea everything sounded really great UNTIL the pizzaria part….

  5. She is my least favorite of all of them. I cannot stand to see a woman enable a sorry man!

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