Tracee Ellis Ross Covers Vibe Vixen

“Reed Between the Lines” actress, Tracee Ellis Ross, is covering the latest edition of Vibe Vixen. The 39- year old actress, who is also covering this month’s edition of Upscale Magazine with co-star Malcolm Jamal Warner, dishes on her new show, upcoming projects and why she’s not buying into the “black women can’t find a good man” propaganda.

Tracee on her role as both actress and producer on “Reed Between the Lines”
I wouldn’t say difficult, but it’s definitely makes for a long day. But it is the kind of full plate that I adore. I adore this kind of work and it’s very rewarding. The producer role very much plays into the kind of person I am. In the evolution of my career it is a really exciting step for me because I am the kind of creative person that has a real opinion about the kind of images that I want to portray and want in the public in general. So having a seat at the table with the many voices that is part of the collaborative art of television is really and exciting and wonderful for me.

Tracee on how her fashion style makes it’s way into the characters she play:
It’s stuff that’s been found out and about. The way I went about Joan and Carla is I always ask myself who this woman is. Every once in a while people say Carla is so much like Joan, and I’m like, ‘People, Tracee plays both people.’ So what you’re seeing that’s the same between Carla and Joan is not Carla being like Joan, but it’s Tracee. Tracee was Joan and Tracee is Carla. It’s so funny people don’t understand that, it makes me laugh.

On whether “The Cosby Show” comparisons have hurt her new show:
I can’t get invested in whether it hurts the show or not. The beauty of being on BET in this day and age is that on other network they do two episodes and they pull a show from television. Sometimes that’s the greatest thing, and sometimes it just never had a chance to grow. With BET, we did 25 episodes and we’re getting a chance. It’s really wonderful working with a network that wants your show and is behind your show. The audience asked for this kind of show, BET listened and they went out and have gotten behind our show. On other networks, I don’t know if that always happens.
Tracee on why she doesn’t believe black women are doomed simply because they are single:
I don’t think anybody’s doomed if they’re single. The only thing that dooms you is if you’re not willing to stretch outside of your comfort zone to try different things


  1. Looooove her and her hair too. She is great. I really wish ‘African American’ women would stop going on about how hard it is to find a man. Other black woman can’t relate to that.

  2. Please bring GIRLFRIENDS Back! Love Joan,Toni,Lynn,Mya,William…’s still my favorite show!

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