Tracee Ellis Ross’ New TV Gig

Want more Tracee Ellis Ross? Well, here she comes! According to published reports, the 39-year old actress, who can currently be seen starring in the BET comedy “Reed Between the Lines,” is set to co-star in the NBC pilot “Bad Girls,” an adaptation of the British drama of the same name.

Ellis will play the part of Rachel, a high-powered business woman serving time in federal prison for selling phony mortgages.

So, how will Tracee shoot two prime time shows should “Bad Girls” be picked up? Well, she might want to ask Coby Bell (Jason Pitts) of “The Game.” For a period of time Bell was appearing on both “The Game” and USA Network’s “Burn Notice.”

I believe the shooting schedule of cable shows is drastically different than network shows. As a matter of fact, I think they are the complete opposite so as not to compete with one another.

Whatever the case, after a long hiatus from TV, Tracee seems to be back with a vengeance.


  1. Looking forward to seeing Tracee in a dramatic role. Comedy is much more difficult, so I’m sure she’ll be good! Fingers crossed that the show will be picked up and make it for a second season. The Pan Am girls didn’t make it. Hopefully, “Bad girls” will be good and survive!!!

  2. Ohh. I cant wait. she will always be joan to me. When joan cried it always had me rollin.

  3. Tracee is also a producer on the show so she can pretty much have her schedule tweaked to accommodate both shows. On the real though, Reed Between the Lines is a really mediocre show. Not funny at all.

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