Trailer: K. Michelle’s ‘Rebellious Soul’ Musical


Remember that television musical we told you singer K. Michelle was working on in conjunction with VH-1? No? Well, click here for a refresher.

Now that you’re all up to date, the network has released more details, including the air date: August 19th and the official trailer, which you can check out below.

“K. Michelle: The Rebellious Soul Musical” is directed by actor Idris Elba and as you have probably surmised by now, features music from the singer’s debut album.

K. tweeted to her fans today telling them the film was a “dream come true” and that they should stay tuned for more goodies she and VH-1 have in store.


  1. Good concept, hopefully, it’s a big critical success. I hope he produces other artists in this arena, like the movie Rent and others. K. Michelle is very talented, but being more elusive would have better suited this project, but raunchy and steamy is very much pop culture, the ratings will be great, I’m sure and part of her brand!

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