Trailer: Meagan Good in ‘Minority Report’


Meagan Good’s new sci-fi series Minority Report has officially gotten it’s first trailer.

As previously reported, Meagan is set to play police detective Lara Vega in the Fox drama, which is set to air this September in Sleepy Hollow’s old time slot of Monday nights at 9pm.

The trailer was unveiled at yesterday’s FoxUpFronts event where Meagan and co-stars Wilmer Valderrama and Stark Sands hit up the blue carpet to smooze with fans and hopefully sell their show to potential advertisers.

In watching the trailer for Minority Report, I could not help but compare the show to Sleepy Hollow, which also featured a white male who’s out of time and place and a black female police officer.

Sleepy Hollow was a huge first season hit, but found itself panned by fans and critics alike for sidelining it’s female lead in the second season. This is of course something I hope doesn’t happen with Minority Report, however, it’s trailer is already troubling to me.

Fox has sold us on two leads, one of them a black female. The trailer on the other hand, features Stark Sands’ character extensively and if one did not know Meagan was the co-lead beforehand, this trailer in no way divulges it.

To make matters worse, check out the show’s IMDB page. You see that? Yep, the page features a woman, but it’s not Meagan.

Now this is only the show’s first trailer. Maybe future trailers will feature more of Meagan. Maybe. We shall see.

Update: Somebody got to Fox. Yesterday’s trailer has been update to feature more of guess who? You got it, Meagan.


  1. Ugh at the IMDB image. Hopefully that will be updated to a proper cover featuring Meagan. And yes! I’m glad they updated that trailer.

  2. The concept is great, loved the original movie. I’m Just not a fan of Meagans acting (sorry) but I will be checking it out.

  3. They’re using us for attention. They think if they show a black woman’s face we’ll come running in droves to watch. They think they can recreate Shonda Rhimes’ success by just showing our faces. But they lack her talent and like I said, are just using us.

    Have you all seen the Quantico trailer? Remember how it was reported that Aunjanue Ellis was the lead female? Nope. Not true. It’s an Indian actress named Rhakia Chopra or something like that. I googled her and there were almost no articles that correctly identified her as the lead. All said it was Aunjanue. The media has been telling lies trying to make it seem as if more actors of color were hired as lead than what is actually true.

    Hollywood is a dirty place.

    Good luck to Meagan. It’s hard being considered an equal to your male counterpart, especially if he’s white. Ask Nicole. She knows.

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