Tika Sumpter Preps for the Release of Two New Films

TIKA SUMPTER IN RIDE ALONG 2Tika Sumpter will ring in 2016 with two new films on the horizon. The 35-year old actress, presently starring in the hit OWN drama The Haves and Have Nots, will first appear in Ride Along 2 alongside rapper Ice Cube and comedian Kevin Hart. Tika will reprise her role as Angela Payton, Ben’s (Hart) fiancée and James’ (Cube) sister.

Universal recently released a second trailer for the film, which is scheduled to open nationwide on January 15. Tika is prominently featured in all her glory, something that should please her ever expanding fan base.

Next on the horizon is the January 24th release of Southside with You. The film chronicles the first date between president Barack Obama and his wife Michelle. Tika plays Michelle, while Parker Sawyers takes on the role of the nation’s future Commander in Chief.

No trailer has been released yet, but we do have a few stills of Tika and Parker in character.


  1. theres discussion on another blog about Netflix not having black original movies or series…. and the movies that they do have is either over the top religious or about zex drugs and money.

    the point is CONTENT

    are our movies things of substance worth watching? worth binging?

    sorry, i saw this clip and automatically made a screw face…

  2. Neither Netflix nor Hulu have ORIGINAL CONTENT that’s very original. In everything I’ve seen they’ve followed the same mold as network television. I was truly hoping for more originality and more diversity.

  3. I agree….the new thing ia smaller marvel stories being told through series instead of the big screen.

    I’d still like to see black original content.

    Not even sure if LUTHER counts

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