Trailer: Tyler Perry’s Single Mom’s Club


The first trailer for Tyler Perry’s dramedy “Single Mom’s Club” has finally been unveiled. The film stars Nia Long, Amy Smart, Eddie Cibrian, Terry Crews and “For Better or Worse” actress Cocoa Brown.

The film hits theaters March 14, 2014 and will reportedly be fronted by a campaign that will give away 10,000 free tickets to singles across the country.

Pretty smart promo by TP.

Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think.


  1. I don`t care for Tyler Perry, he promotes BUFFOONERY. Although, this, movie, seems to be a departure from his usual nothingness, I`m still dubious. His history of movie making, has somewhat painted him into a corner as being one you can`t take seriously. His formula has proven to be successful, so I guess some would say, “he`s laughing all the way to the bank. However, success can be an abstract term. How does one define success?

    Success can be very subjective. Personally speaking, I don`t see how one can claim success when, in my opinion, that success is based on a director making movies and writing scripts that will only stereotype their own community in a very negative way. Now, if Perry refers to success on a monetary level, then I have no agrument. His films have garnered a lot of money. But, does the end justify the means? If I had an opportunity to speak with Mr. Perry, I would pose the question, “do you really crystallize the images that you are putting on screen and the global view that you are portraying before the world”? How can any self respecting black director be content in promoting said images? Does not black directors (and I`m concentrating on black director because they are of my community) have an obligation to not sell out for monetary gain, and present images of their community that only makes said community look like clowns?

    Mr. Perry, obviously, has taken any of my contentions to be of any concern as his films will attest to. Maybe, he feels these type of scripts will be more easily accepted by the Hollywood elites…so why go through the hassle when it can be circumvented? But if this type of buffoonery is what he calls art then, I beg to differ. But, just like success, art is in the eye of the beholder. I guess my point is, we, as a community, should be well past capitulating to outside forces in order to gain entry at every turn. At what cost do we seek acceptance and still maintain our self worth?

    Perry, obviously has chosen a path that is nonconfrontational, in order to get into the house via the front door. He doesn`t consider himself as having a moral obligation that transcends all monetary gains…he has bought into The, American, ideal of capitalism at it`s very core. Therefore, as a capitalist, he is being guided by a thought process, that will not allow him to look earnestly at anything that is not congrous with that thought process.

    America will always accept images of us that do not challenge their stereotype. So, in essence, Mr. Perry is abdicating them the right to continue to feel comfortable in their way of thinking. His holistic Madea series, along with his other comedies only serve to reinforce the assumption that we, as a people, are incapable of intellectual thinking. Mr. Perry is an enemy in our mist, because he is working, in my opinion, against the collective benefit of his own community.

    I stand with brothas like Spike Lee, in abdicating a vehement diatribe of such foolishness. But don`t we, as a community have an obligation also…I answer in the affirmitive. Unless and until we stop supporting this kind of foolishness, Mr. Perry will continue to remain empowered and continue down this slippery slope at our expense. So, he buys family homes, is that justification for his lack of acuity…I think not. We, as a community have to start getting up in our members faces and let them know UNEQUIVOCALLY that there are rules which they must abide by. Mr. Perry, with his films has already betrayed us, so why not reciprocate and keep your dollars in your pocket? That`s the only language that a hardcore capitalist understands.

    MJ & The GOLDEN 80s 4eva!!


  2. I’m sorry, but your post sounds psychotic. Tyler Perry is successful because millions of black people love his work. Of course his success isn’t supported by the entire black population. We all have our different views. But to suggest that Perry is making all black people look like intellectually deficient fools is absurd and quite frankly a thought product of mental slavery.

  3. I’m waiting on you to tell us how you REALLY feel! Lol. No, I understand what you’re saying but I respectfully disagree. One, because I’m not him and I can’t assume his thought process, and I hope it’s not even remotely near what you think. If so then you’re right that would be sad. He MAY have made them so we, black ppl, can laugh and relate, since it’s mainly “us” that go see them. But ALL of Tyler’s movies/plays have a serious message at the core. No matter how funny/dull/stupid it was. Hey, I’d ride the Madea role til the wheels fall off to, he’s been the TOP EARNING DIRECTOR consecutively for a couple years now, and I sincerely hope that’s what drives him, and not your theory.

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