Trina Braxton Set to Release New Music


Singer Tamar Braxton isn’t the only Braxton sister hoping to make a musical comeback. Older sister Trina, who released her ‘Party or Go Home’ single and video last year, is also hoping to jumpstart her career in 2013.

In a recent online chat with Trina, the R&B singer says she’s moving forward with releasing her ‘On My Own’ EP via her own label. Trina also says a new single, ‘Game Time,’ should be coming out right around March when ‘Braxton Family Values’ returns for the second half of its third season.

Trina describes the single as a woman’s take on sports, saying “Women enjoy sports as much as men do. We love sitting down watching the game and having a beer. You just never hear about it. The song is really fun and has a great drum line.”

Also on the horizon for the entire Braxton clan is an apparel shop to be located in Atlanta. Trina says the name will be Braxx and will feature clothes, shoes, jewelry and accessories.


  1. I like trina too. Im glad shes doing her thang. She just needs to stop making oral transactions with her bandmates.

  2. I like Trina too. She is my favorite Braxton sister. But without a real label behind her she won’t get far. I haven’t seen her perform her song anywhere, whereas Tamar has been all over the place.

  3. with all the sistas releasing music this quarter I WISH THEM ALL WELL and hope they can bring that R&B blend BACK TO THE FOREFRONT of “Pop” music.

  4. @ Roseata…that’s NOT true. LOOK AT ASHANTI!!!!! Independence is the way to go! She might not have a majors “support” but she managed to get independent exposure on here and you just read about her, and hundreds of thousands of people worldwide have knowledge of her project, so ummmmm….why be on a label when/if they’d take her money and she prob wouldn’t get the attention she just did. Beyonce is the “King” right now, but if you listen to her and her interviews about what she wants, what does she say? “INDEPENDENCE!” she works behind the camera a lot and is basically her own vid director and/or hype man in a lot of ways cause she says in 5 years or so, she wants to be HER OWN manager! If you’re independent, youu basically are…..and she may not have a label…but she’s on a HIT television reality series with her sisters and basically has control over how her image is branded and portrayed from a grassroots perspective. I feel like she is #WINNING!#

  5. I do agree with you though that Trina is your fave sis….outside of Toni, I’d have to concur 🙂 Love her “REALNESS” and authenticity. she’s a diva like Tamar, but not as bratty lol

  6. Tamar just is the best vocalist! And I LOVE her single Love and WAr and cannot wait to cop the album, and even youtube watched some of her “Tamar/Vince” episodes just cause I liked the song so much, and discovered she actually has a reason to be that cocky! hahaha, looking forward to whaa, Feb. 15th? I don’t know the exact date, but I know it’s in Feb. and I am EXCITED to buy myself that for V-DAY! <3

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