Trina, Keri & More At The “Pastry” Mall Tour

Pastry Mall Tour Sponsored by Seventeen Magazine and the organization Women for Change, Angela and Vanessa Simmons have been traveling the country on a mall tour. The pair have been showcasing their Pastry line which has now grown to include not only sneakers, but apparel and handbags as well. The tour also features a fashion show which includes fans picked from the audience and performances from people like Trina, Tiffany Evans and up and coming pop diva, Keri Hilson. Check out pics from the event on the next page and look for the tour to possibly come to a mall near you- dates are available on their official website.


  1. I like keri wilson outfit different. Something about angela dress it really cute. Love the different looks on these women go head.

  2. I love all of the sisters but they all look cheap :thumbsdown: on that one

  3. Trina looks nice for a change, but where are her boobies?

  4. I have been in love with Trina since 1998. Yeah she never had any on the top, I’m glad she kept true to herself.

  5. Young entrepreneurs :thumbsup:
    Very colorful line 😆 They do have some fun products…especially the footwears.

  6. Da Baddest Bitch!!! Love her, but hate those pants. They do nothing for her. I’m glad she stayed true to herself too, Andre :brownsista:

    I like Keri’s ensemble

  7. Everyone looks decent,KERI STOP ACTING DRESSING AND TALKING LIKE A MAN look at your body you’ re all woman what is up with the ghetto gang bang chick outfits? :noway: i’ m so proud of angela and Vanessa,Young “Hustlers” a clean non sexual Hustle i can not be mad at that :hifive:

  8. i don’t like Trina’s outfit, the side pockets emphasize her already thick hips. plus isn’t she a lil vulgar for this kind of tour? LOVE her but i’m jus sayin compared to the other artists on this tour.

  9. This stuff is for the kids or the VERY young at heart. Cute though.

  10. Trina looks good in these pics! Sistahs are working hard! :thumbsup:

  11. I luv these girls
    nd i luv what the Simmons grils have done with there images
    instead of tryna be Bad Asses they Took
    the Sweet and nice rout!
    and it works 4 dem!!!!
    Luvn Keri!!!
    Not feelin dm colors on her but im luvn her!

  12. Cute look but you won’t catch me in any of it. Nobody over the age of 21 should be rocking this stuff. Trina looks different with dark hair..I agree with somebody’s comment above who said she is too old for this tour. She looks out of place. Times must be rough.

  13. Nobody over the age of 21 should be rocking this stuff

    :hifive: :hifive: There are so many stuff people over 21 should not be doing but i guess some people are slow at growing up

  14. Trina- You go girl, she must have put it on Kenyon and got him to spend some real money on a wig. Big upgrade from her usual 99cent peace. Her outfit is way more classy than usual, she did good :thumbsup: for Trina.

    Keri- Still not a fan, but the girl looks cute. The outfit is cute, and the hair is nice. :thumbsup:

    The Simmons Girls- Fantastic as usual, need I say more. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

    Tiffany Evans- Wooow the girl lost a lot of weight. Her outfit is cute for her age range, and I’m lovin’ the new do. So rooting for her, because lil sista can BLOW. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

  15. @ Voice
    I see what you mean, but I guess it goes along with the show. I had to read where they were and what they were doing before I posted. Becuase I was ready to say something bad about Keri’s outfit, but I saw it was a pastry thing. So I say they are dressed for the occasion. However Trina doesn’t seem to be wearing Pastry, the only thing that looks like it could be pastry on Trina is thoughs shoes, but I don’t think the girls are manufaturing that type of flyness yet though.

  16. Keri TACKY Hilson’s album dropped from number 4 to 11 on the billboard charts in 1 week. She’ll be lucky if that pathetic album goes gold.

    Too much tackiness going on; from those tacky pastry girls to keri’s fake bling, it’s a tacky hot mess. :thumbsdown:

  17. Keri is a very cute girl I really like her hairstyles and she looks cool in a punk rock kind of way in the clothes, Trina’s clothes looks nice and her hair is like 100% better than it normally looks with those tired lace fronts she wears.

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