Trina’s Birthday Celebration

Trina turned 31 on December 3 and celebrated her birthday with three exclusive birthday bashes. Her first two birthday bashes were celebrated with Nicki Minaj a.ka. barbie in Atlanta. Her third birthday bash was held at Biscayne Mia in Miami this weekend. Brownsistas such as Mya and Tocarra were there to help her celebrate. Trina’s boyfriend, basketball star Kenyon Martin was not in attendance but of course her ex-boyfriend LiL Wayne was there and he brought along a nice Tiffany’s gift. Now that’s a five star chick!


  1. oooh Mya looks so pwetty. so does Trina, and the other ladies…and man…men…

  2. Dam I love Trina but I’ve heard some s*it about her from reliable sources, but hope she had a shindig and a good bday.

  3. @lady-Im not gonna say it’s to…x-rated for this blog lol plus it was in the past.

  4. Man, that rapper guy is so unattractive. She dated him?
    man that rat gets some girls, huh ?

  5. Trina’s wig is nasty looking! Ugh! She is not cute here to me.

    And Lil Wayne, I would stay away from that man, I think he gets girls pregnant by shaking their hands cause I hope none of these women are actually sleeping with that monster!

  6. Trina, why is she around and whateva you heard couldn’t have been worse that what she spit in songs.

  7. Summer-raine-u stupid lol good stupid. “shaking their hands” im still mad at Lauren, she just SEEMED like she had sense.

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