Trina’s “Amazin” Promo Pics

Trina is set to release her latest “Amazin” creation on May 4th. The album features collaborations with Nicki Minaj, Monica, Keri Hilson, and one of my personal favorites, Lyfe Jennings. Peep the promo shots from the album below and to listen to 30 second clips of each single on Trina’s new album, click here.


  1. Nothing special about the pics. The clips of her album shocked me though cause I kind of liked a few of them.

  2. Lady’s how’s the upkeep on fake eyelashes? Anyone wear them? How long do they last? Lacefronts; how long does the hairline last without having to re-glue this stuff?

    Trina looks pretty. 🙂

  3. @KANYADE In my singing voice of Chaka Khan “I’m every woman It’s all In me….anything you want done baby I do It naturally” lol

    but the photo’s suck looks like she took them from a camera

  4. ^^ 😆 I’ma go on YouTube and see if I can find how folk apply eyelashes that are semi-permanent. And the lacefront thing, too. Trina’s got really nice skin. A lot of these celebs do, but they use so much makeup and do so much damage…I wonder how often they let their skin ‘breathe’ and how they look (sans makeup) while they’re skin is ‘breathing’.

  5. I really like Trina, but I stopped buying her music a long time ago because it is the same ole thing and I know she has a lot more in her than what she is releasing. I would love to see her acting and writing for other people in music and short plays or films and getting credit for that. I wish her continued success. Love the pictures too. She is a timeless beauty.

  6. Trina has been looking and dressing like this for years. This is all TRINA.

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