True Love?

It seems as if everything is still good in MJb’s hood. Her and her hubby Kendu attended the People’s Choice Awards last night at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, California, hosted by Queen Latifah. Mary looked stunning in her one- shoulder taupe Gucci dress. I guess Kendu realizes what Mary said “Ain’t nobody gonna treat you as good as I am”.


  1. That’s all good! I just hope it is all good. And not faking for the cameras. Stay up Mary and I wish you and your family the best.

  2. Marriage isn’t perfect. I’m sure they have problems with each other sometimes. But hey, at least they’re probably working it out.

    I still dont agree with hitting spouses hitting another. Whether man or woman.
    Tyra actually had a show about Women hitting men today.

  3. No one knows what goes on In Mary and Kendu relationship but Mary and Kendu (smh) I don’t care what the media says about It!

  4. Well, we know we will be hearing about it in her next single…Whatever “IT” is?

  5. The video of her hitting him isn’t even as bad as people make it. I mean, she didn’t sock him… she slapped him. I still don’t agree with putting hands on a man either. And from the video I saw, you couldn’t even hear what they were arguing about. They still look happy and I’m happy for them and that they agree to work it out. I agree with SHELS. =)

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