TTMT: Sistas Not Supporting Obama

Barack Obama It has been a few few weeks since I last posted a Talk Me Tuesday feature and so today I have decided to bring it back, with the direct intent of talking about Barack Obama and the media’s assertion that sistas are not supportive of him. First, let me start by saying that I do not believe the polls, and though they vary depending on who is conducting them, the overall consensus is that sistas, and brothas to a lesser degree, do not support this man of color and his Black wife. Now I call Barack a man of color and not Black, because his biracial-ness, according to the media, has caused some Black people to question his overall Blackness.

Barack however had overwhelming support from Black America when he ran for Senate, even from those who did not live in his state. So my question is, what happened or did anything happen at all? Now you all know I like to ask questions I already have the answer to, so I’ll just come right out with what I think.

When Barack was running for Senate all of America seemed to love him, Black and White. However, Senator and President of The Untited States are two different positions that will garner two different types of attention from the American media. Barack as a Senator is harmless, as President however he is seen as someone who can make major changes in this country and the world, and thus the media will come at him differently and their strategy this time is different than it was the last time a brotha made a real run for the Presidency of The United States.

The media cannot make Barack out to be a racist (like they did Jesse Jackson) because his mother is White, so instead of coming at him, they are coming at us. All these polls telling you day in and day out that Black women (who make up the majority of all Black voters) would rather see a White woman as President rather than a man of color and his Black wife as the nation’s first Black First Lady, are lies- all lies.

As a Black person and Black woman I know exactly how Black women think and feel and I know we could care less if Hillary Clinton is the first woman President. We don’t put our gender first we put our race first. The media is trying to paint Black women as feminists first and sistas second when that is not in the case and never has been and never will be. Our issues in this world and those that affect our families aren’t gender based but race based. We want someone in office who knows that and will try to fix it.

And though the media would also like you to believe that Black America and sistas in general are slaves to the Clintons, again, I know better. Hillary isn’t just running against Obama she is running against his wife, who Black women adore. Michelle Obama is smart, beautiful and real Black woman- and so even if some may question Obama’s race, Michelle’s can’t be questioned. Obama has a real sista on his arm and that plays well, VERY WELL, with Black women.

So the media will continue to play mind games with Black America because they have nothing on Barack. Their hope is that if they can get enough of us to believe that other Blacks don’t like him, when we hit the polls, we will vote as we think others Blacks are voting- in favor of Hillary. But I implore all of you to use your head and think for yourselves (or just do whatever I tell you, lol). Most of all I implore Black women to ride with those who ride with you. So even if you don’t like Barack, remember, as a Black woman he more than anyone knows our plight because is married to a Black woman and has Black daughters. In essence, a vote for Barack Obama is a vote for Black women.

Your thoughts…?


  1. Eh…I really don’t see Barack’s race as a factor in my voting. While I do like that he did marry a black woman when he was raised in a white world, he as a politician, hasn’t given me any “meat” to chew on. What I don’t like and what I know is hurting his campaign, is the fact that because he is black, every single black person in America is being looked to as personally responsible for voting for this man, and if not, the black person has to defend themselves because of articles like the one you cited and assumptions that black must always (and blindly) support black. Barack being black will kill his chances for the White House because deep down, even though white folks love him, the question of he putting “Black Issues” before “American Issues” lingers. The media pressing the support or lack thereof from black Americans is playing into that unconscious thought, and will tip the scales away from Obama. The questions we need to ask is why do you want a black President? What are his platforms? What politicians has he been linked to in the past? And so on. By constantly discussing his race, you’re making this man seem as though his ethnicity defines him and how he lives, when it is only a facet of who he is–the same as for the rest of us.

  2. Glad to see the blog back up and running :thumbsup:

    The questions we need to ask is why do you want a black President?

    We should want a Black President for the same reason White folks want only WHITE MALE presidents. They know that a White male will keep the status quo going. He won’t change a thing because the way things are already benefit him. Blacks should want a Black President so that hopefully he will change things and open up opportunities for Blacks. This coincidentally is why Whites do not want and will never allow a Black person male or female to be President. Funny how we are so quick to forget and negate color whereas Whites never do, never have and for damn sure never will.

  3. I’m not gonna vote for someone just cause their black. He seems alright but everytime I see Hilary she is spitting gospel, she is the better candidate for the democrate party. Hopefully people will put her up. He just doesn’t speak to any issues that have caught my ear. Plus the black person that is first to be in the office needs to be so tight and on his game it ain’t funny because they will never let us back in. He doesn’t give me that feeling that he is gonna show up.

  4. I was just debating this very issue on the board a few days ago. Many of the polls have Black men and women squarely against Obama for issues that I found highly unbelievable. One CNN poll said Black women were too scared for Obama’s life to vote for him so instead were voting for Hillary. I almost fell over when I read one. Indeed the media has turned on Obama because never will they allow a Black man to hold the top political position in this country. Blacks folks are like little children and are easily swayed which is why you see us talking aginst him now. As for Black women, they have never been faithful to the Black man or the Black race. They abandoned the Black Power movement in favor of the White Feminist Movement and the Black community has been going down every since. You give Black women far too much in the brain department. Obama is a gifted Black man who speaks as much sense as the next candidate but Black women are too busy hating on him and his Black wife. Instead they lay down and play lap down for a White man and his White wife, too dumb to realize Clinton sold them out years ago with that Welfare Reform bill which was aimed at appeasing White America because they were convinced poor Black women were eating up their tax dollars. Black women are stupid and hateful. They will never let a Black man become President and don’t want to see a Black woman as First Lady. Like I said, you give Black women way to much credit.

  5. Exactly. The Black woman has always been used to destroy the Black man which is why the media only speaks of Black women being against Barack Obama. Black men are never mentioned. This also helps solidify the Black woman as a traitor to Black men and keeps us at odds. Already as you browse online you see us at each other’s throats over this topic. The really sad part is that the media’s mind games are working. Two years ago Barack was the man and now I can barely if ever find anything nice written about him on Black sites. Black women ain’t feeling him for whatever reason and Black men more than any are questioning his ethnicity. It’s funny how threatened some men seem to be by Obama’s light skin all of sudden. The Black community is just a total embarrassment and disgrace. We should vote race like White folks are doing. I mean damn, do you all really think White folks are in favor of Hillary because of her ideals? Hell no, she is the White candidate and that is all that matters. Note how when Hillary comes up against the Republican men in polls she is miles behind them. This is because White folks feel more comfortable with a man than a woman and ideals be damned. If White folk can vote White for no good reason, and we know they do, then we can vote Black for the same reason. But Obama has a platform and folks acting like he don’t. That is mind control. We acting like Obama is just running for shits and giggles and only Hillary is about the issues. We have turned Obama into nothing more than Affirmative Candidate. We have put him down and belittled him as if he has no skills at all is just there because of his color. Whitey don’t need to tear him down cause he has taught us how to do it.

  6. Had Obama married a White woman he would stand a better chance with White and Black folks.

  7. Obama needs to get a few tattoos, go to jail and have a few illegitimate children before Black women will back him.

  8. Truth be told, I’m kinda iffy with both of them (Obama and Hilary). Honestly, I have no idea where my vote will fall, but I won’t be voting just because a candidate is Black, nor will I vote just because a candidate is of the same sex as I. Hilary’s changed her viewpoints over the years and it gives me ‘pause’, to say the least. Obama just seems too ‘green’ for the office; not seasoned enough. He’s ambitious, but I don’t think he’s ready. My opinion. :brownsista:

  9. I won’t vote for a candidate solely on race, just as I don’t vote solely on party affiliation. I’ve always cast my vote in favor of the person whose platform directly, or indirectly, impacts my family.

  10. I don’t think that neither Hillary or Obama or Edwards not exactly what they will and can do in the White House once they get there. ALL OF THEM (including Hillary) are just telling us what they “think” needs to be done. They won’t know either way what their capablilites will be. No matter how much country grammer Hill spits she is no more qualified than Edwards or Obama. I don’t care what the polls say – all things EQUAL there is no way I would vote for Hillary just b/c she is a woman nor would I vote for Obama just b/c he is black – but all things EQUAL and they are – I gotta go with Obama – if I felt I was getting the same experience and same tenacity then why would I NOT vote for a Black Man. I wanna see someone like my husband (who is a man of color also) handling things the way he handles thing at home, at church and every where he goes! People better step back and take a look at the unconditional love they give the Clintons! Find out how many of Newt Gingrich’s “Contract With America” got passed under Clinton. Find out what happened when good ole Bill signed NAFTA into law…a lot of jobs for middle class black people went out of business and overseas. Take a cold hard look at the facts that then make a decision on who you trust more. And I don’t fault Hillary for Bill’s action – but if all things are EQUAL why not vote for a Man of Color?

  11. I don’t think that neither Hillary or Obama or Edwards know exactly what they will and can do in the White House once they get there. ALL OF THEM (including Hillary) are just telling us what they “think” needs to be done. They won’t know either way what their capablilites will be. No matter how much country grammer Hill spits she is no more qualified than Edwards or Obama. I don’t care what the polls say – all things EQUAL there is no way I would vote for Hillary just b/c she is a woman nor would I vote for Obama just b/c he is black – but all things EQUAL and they are – I gotta go with Obama – if I felt I was getting the same experience and same tenacity then why would I NOT vote for a Black Man. I wanna see someone like my husband (who is a man of color also) handling things the way he handles thing at home, at church and every where he goes! People better step back and take a look at the unconditional love they give the Clintons! Find out how many of Newt Gingrich’s “Contract With America” got passed under Clinton. Find out what happened when good ole Bill signed NAFTA into law…a lot of jobs for middle class black people went out of business and overseas. Take a cold hard look at the facts that then make a decision on who you trust more. And I don’t fault Hillary for Bill’s action – but if all things are EQUAL why not vote for a Man of Color?

  12. The biggest stumbling block for all candidates is going to be war and will continue to be the war until we pull out completely and terrorism is no longer a threat to our nation. Because of this, I’m leery of any of the nominees who have definite and decisive opinions on withdrawing troops because no one knows what will happen and what would happen. There are way too many inflammatory topics (abortion, gay marriage, living green, etc) that are going to make or break a candidate’s popularity and obscure attention from everyday tasks the President and his Cabinet have to be on point about. I want Obama, Clinton, Guiliani, anyone, to come from beneath the smoke screen of those topics and get to the nitty-gritty on what is most important: social welfare, education and cost of living. The first candidate who takes a stand on those issues will automatically gain my attention.

  13. It didn’t work when they tried to fluck with Oprah and her support for Obama so now CNN wants everyone to think that Black women don’t support polls are designed by yt for yt..don’t believe the hype..look how racist this sounds about Black woman..we support Clinton for the “sistah factor”..and Obama draws the support from “college-educated white woman; i’m college educated and most of my girlfriends are and we support Obama!!

  14. Please don’t fall for the hype. This is yet another example of how the white man divides and conquers when it comes to us. Issues aside, why can’t we stand behind the black man and be his backbone and #1 supporter. Would a latina do the same to a latino running for office? Black women have been fooled into believing that there is a such thing as “good white folks.” In all reality, they use us to get where they need to be and then our issues become nonissues because we are in the minority. We think that we can get “something for nothing” based on empty promises. I think it’s embarrasing when blacks can’t even rely on their own for support. And then the YT’s sit back and say “look at ’em, fighting amongst each other”…..

  15. Oh Please, thank God everyone seems to know not to believe the hype. Heck even Bill Clinton’s record is a lot of hype if you really check back with what he really did. Yes he was personable and there was more prosperity with Clinton in office but think about some of the things he really did for black people. More blacks in prison is a direct result of one of the bills he passed. I do not like or particularly trust Hilary Clinton. The unfortunate thing is that with Obama and Clinton running they will likely cancel each other out and there will be another person getting the nomination or worse we may get another Republican in office. American people are amazing overall, think about the fact that in spite of what was known in 2004, Bush still got back into office. For my wish list I would like to see a Obama/Gore ticket. As far as Obama being ‘seasoned’ or ready, what candidate is really all that seasoned to run the highest office in the land? Obama is not going to run the country all by himself, he like any other president will have a cabinet, as long as he picks wisely which I’m sure he will, he’ll be just as good—no scratch that, because the measure of good now adays is very skewed as a dead dog would be better than Bush, he will be as good as any president that actually did some good for this country.

  16. The person who wrote these headline or made up this pole must be very limited in the scope of their ideas. Just because you are a woman or you are black does not mean that you should feel obliged to vote for either of the candidates that are in one of these population sub-groups. Black women are smart enough to vote based on the candidate that can best identify with their positions on the issues instead of just falling into the traditional sexist and racist social views.
    However in my opinion, an Obama Presidency is exactly what this Country and World, and I need not say to the pride of the African American black male. The Clinton’s time in the Whitehouse was good, but it is time for the country should move on. 28 years of a Bush or Clinton in office of a family dynasty is not what the Country deserves. Sen. Obama already has the Mainstream Media and the Punditry Corp to contend with falsehoods, etc., and now he also has to walk on water and fire in order to make African Americans feel he is good enough to compete for their vote? When was the last time a white person had to prove as much to get the African American vote as well as they white vote? Wherever Obama appears, there is a ground swell of support from everyone else, which is something we should be proud of that others see something in an African American for President. Makes you wonder what in the world is really going on in our community.

  17. I may be odd for thinking this but- Obama’s lack of experience doesn’t bother me one bit. If anything it endears me. I truly believe the country needs a fresh perspective- and by country I mean all Americans.

    Barack’s family is darn adorable. There was a pic I saw with them all dressed up, and the first that came to mind was ‘wow this looks like a First Family.’

    Just my 2 cents 🙂

    P.S to the instigators posting earlier- you may find the caliber of black women on this site a bit higher than what you’re accustomed too.

  18. That a shame we can not stick together on nothing. I can say white people r a trip when come down some serious stuff they stick together. If we was like them we be so powerful but stuff like this do not get us no where. Im voting for him im a black woman. It a shame we saying he not black anuff. He a educated black man that had opportunity that you want your black brothers to have. He can give hope to these young brothers out here. We allway down play on everything it a shame, and if his wife was white sister you know u be bugging about that too please im stopping right here because it getting me upset. GO OBAMA

  19. I wonder where all of this passion, support and blaming the black woman was hidden when Jesse Jackson was running for president. 🙄

  20. @ David’s comment

    Umm…Where’s the moderator. Please don’t tell me we’re going the mediatakeout/bossip route here.

    I’m voting for Obama because I feel he’s the best candidate. We have the rest of our lives to vote for white folks.

  21. I don’t get black people. Are you telling me that I should vote for a black president because I’m black? No way! This is not like making a single number one or a movie number one, it’s the future of our country, thus our future.
    I still remember when so many of us rallied to watch OJ’s trial. I wonder what you think of him now! So Stop forcing black people to vote for Obama. Because I’m black doesn’t mean I have to vote for a black president. Forcing that upoun people is not gonna cut it.

    To Lady- sure it will be great to have him as a president to inpire brothers out there. Still that doesn’t mean he won’t be able to inspire unless he’s president! Can’t you just be inspired by who he is now?

  22. I think this is the issue with you black people. You always make it about race. Maybe you’re the one making everything about race not us. A lot of white people like Obama and they don’t even question his race. But all of you here feel the need to make history first rather than what’s good for this country.

    For the person who said that Bill Clinton’s law made more black go to prison. That comment is just ignorant. Maybe instead of forcing your people to support anything you label black, you should focus on your communities. How come black neighborhood are always dirtier and unsafe. Then you can argue that the government doesn’t take care of you but how come Latinos have come this far. How come Asians are so successfull? And please don’t say that it’s because they look close to caucasian. There are immigrants from Africa who are very successfull too, and they’re blacker than you are (skin wise). So maybe you’re the problem and maybe it’s time for a change. As somebody said in another post not related to this “White people buy the records”. You know why? Because we don’t care if you’re black, white, yellow, green, if we like the music, we’ll listen to it. I bet you guys won’t even try listening to country music just because it’s white music. It’s that kind of mentality that won’t get you far. Not agreeing on something you call black doesn’t mean your people don’t wanna stick together. So what if your black cousin doesn’t wanna vote for Obama? Are you gonna force her? Does she have to because she has to support black candidates. If that is true then I know why most of the prisoners are black! Cause you don’t have the courage to tell them that what rappers sing about can be very damaging for their future, because you feel the need to support those people who poison your kids because they are black. What you don’t tell them is Snoop will make millions smoking his weed but your son will go to jail imitating it.

    The point is nobody has to vote for anybody no matter what the reason is. That’s why when you cast your vote, you’re by yourself, and your parents aren’t watching to tell you who you should cast. A woman shouldn’t be forced to vote for Hillary and a black person shouldn’t be pressured to vote for Obama. OK Oprah the queen of all media is supporting him. Does that mean you have to support him too? No way! No matter who the president is, Oprah will always be rich and successful but if you make the wrong choice, you put your children’s future at stake.

    So please choose wisely.

  23. This post is interesting. If the writer of this post is right then every black woman in America will vote for Obama or should vote for him.

    Sister (if you allow me to call you that way), let me tell you one thing, we (white media as you call it) are not playing with your mind. You are. There are a lot of with people who wanna vote for Obama, not because he is black but because of his potential as a president. Have you talked to every women in America? Maybe you wanna vote for Obama, but you are not responsible for whom your others sisters will vote.

    If what you say is correct that race comes first before sex then Obama will never become president. Why? Cause you are minorities (even less than Latinos now) and if this is how a presidential election works then the next president will still be white. You are just demanding black women to vote for Obama because they’re black. That’s the most superficial thing I’ve ever heard. So will you support OJ too cause he’s black? Please.

  24. It is amazing to me that we still think that we vote strictly based upon individuality. If you are an African American that makes over $250K annually, does that mean you should have voted for Bush because his administration will pass laws to benefit you financially. Nonsense! We can “preach”, I don’t vote based upon race and I don’t make decisions based upon race, but you are obviously living in a fantasy. Amerikkka sees you as black and you cannot deny that their views and DECISIONS have a tremendous impact on your life and your community. Barack Obama is a great candidate that offers a logical perspective on the war in Iraq, the economy, the outsourcing of jobs and social welfare of the country. Additionally, John Edwards and Dennis Kucinich are wonderful candidates that can lead the country into the new millenium. However, Barack Obama is a black man that promotes a positive agenda for the nation and surely deserves my vote. Also, to my “progressive” black sisters, your true progress lies in the advancement of your entire community. Since you are only 13% of the population, yes you have to make decisions for the progression of our community, not just your family. Your decisions can’t ALWAYS be about “you and yours”. If your ancestors had that same viewpoint, you surely would not be where you are today. I would truly pray that my sisters and brothers would see a qualified black candidate and YES, vote for him/her because he’s not only the better candidate but he is the perfect representation for the world to see of a black man leading this nation!! Also, we’re blaming the media for starting the “black women won’t vote for Obama” issue, however, most of the members of the Congressional Black Caucus (male and female) are endorsing Hillary Clinton. To all the Hillary lovers, do you have any idea what her agenda is or are you still feining for Bill? I would love to see Barack Obama and John Edwards on a ticket!!

  25. Stop arguing. Everybody vote for who you want. We’ll eventually see who will win next year. Until then, Bush is still our president so…

  26. I’ve never let the color of a presidential candidate sway my voting practices, and just because Obama is a black man with a black wife and a black family doesn’t mean I’m about to start now. I’ll vote for Obama if his campaign sounds like something I’d like to support, if not then it is what it is, period.

  27. I am a black woman and I will be voting for Obama simply because he is black; I am not afraid to admit. We need UNITY. Support your own because we can’t afford not to. Unlike white america, we can not over analyze whether or not Obama is the “right” person for the job. We need to get as many people like “us” into positions of power to make a difference. We’ve tried it the other way and its not working in our favor. During Civil Rights movement we did not questions whether someone was black enough for us to support. Change was needed back then and blacks didnt care what you looked like. We looked up to Dorothy D, Lena H, Diane C, Harry B, Josephine B and supported them because they were “us” that is why they were successful and legends today. That was how we were able to make a difference. There was no time for over-analytical statements from people who probably arent even registered voters. We need CHANGE. Its time for a Black President, we desserve it, we’ve fought for it, WE’RE AMERICANS.

  28. I think he’s black, like Halle and Alicia. They all made it clear, they are what they claim to be and I call them black because they call themselves black, they’re aware that they have a white parent and don’t deny it, but they made themselves clear. Obama may have a white parent, but he’s blacker than Wesley Snipes as far as I’m concerned so I think he’s very much a black man. And I support him 100%!!


  30. I think the best way to do it is to let people choose wisely. If we are going to start voting for somebody only because they’re black then that’s not wise. Simply because if everybody in America will cast their vote according to race, then Obama will never become president. Let’s not forget that there are more white people here than black ones so… do the math.

    What we should do is making it possible for every race to be attracted to Obama, not only African American but everybody. Still if a black person doesn’t wanna vote for Obama, nobody should pressure them to. Something I’ve learn from the past election is people say they’ll vote one thing but will vote for another. Don’t you all remember how people hated Bush then he was still elected, a second time, after the war in Iraq already started. So they may tell you they’ll vote for Obama but come election day they’ll vote for Gulliani! :lol2:

  31. Mr. Obama’s inexperience might be what we need in the White House. Everyone who has made their experience an issue in their campaign, have learned that issues are not solved sole on experience in the political arena. We need new blood in politics. A president who will listen to the needs of the people and take action on it. Obama will do that because of his inexperience. I believe that the longer one stays in office, the less he or she does. If you search our history, you will find that our so called great presidents had the least expreience in offices.
    If you base experience in office as a criteria for a good presidential candidate, then Mr. Thurman would have been an ideal president. Black men and women vote for who they feel will be the best person for the task. Based on the persons running for the presidential office, and given their accomplishments in the Black community, I would place Mr. Barack Obama at the top of the list. Don’t fall victims to the same “O” stories again and again! Let’s give Obama a chance; please don’t defeat him in the press.

  32. i respect peoples opinions and i think elections are a very complex issue,we vote for different reasons because we have different lifes,interests,ethnicities,challenges,aspirations and visions of what our society should look like
    if obama ran for president in the 70s i guess he would have had 99% of black support but guess what? he would have lost the elections, i also think its only a matter of time before we have a black president but speaking of black president honestly i think its kind of shameful that everything in america must be about race, when i look at obama i want to hear what he thinks he can do about issues that concern us(america) in general and blacks in particular, i felt offended by the fact obama remained so mute during the jena6 incident and i wondered if this guy gets to the white house what will he do about racial equality and justice in this country? in my opinion nothing
    as for black women… i dont know! like someone said maybe if obama had been to jail, had tatoos, several baby mamas black women would have been all over him…lmao
    i think hillary is the next president being a woman she has the support of white women and white women are very powerful( i call them the underdogs) they dont make much noise but lod knows they have the capacity to change their spouses votes but hillary has massive support from white women and black women and that makes it difficult for obama because he`s wah ahead of john edwards

  33. I really see people routing for Hillary. At my job, even black women are routing for Hillary. I asked someone who is a Democrat at heart and she told me that when she goes to an Obama convention, she is attracted by the charisma he has but when she leaves, she doesn’t know anything about his politics, that he says a lot but yet doesn’t say anything really. And then I was snooping around and I saw a video of Maya Angeloo for Hillary Clinton. I bet you a lot of black women will listen to her, especially the mothers

    That being said, I am very afraid that the next President could be a Republican. I’m so scared, what will happen to us?

  34. I respectfully but vehemently disagree with each of the posters who advocate voting for a Black candidate solely because it’s perceived to be our time to have a Black president and/or we need to show some unity. There is nothing in the bible of Blackdom that requires us to do so (and surely there is such a text or how else to answer that age old question of “Who is Black Enough?” – yes I am being sarcastic). That is exactly what we should not do. Our responsibility to our families and our community [however you personally define that] is to throw our support and money behind the candidate that most closely aligns with our personal goals and values – be s/he white, black, yellow, red or brown. IMO, when you advocate supporting someone based solely on race, you start down a slippery slope. When your only barometer is race, then the Black candidate’s stance on issues doesn’t come into play. That’s if you’re being truly honest about supporting the “Black” candidate. That leads to me my next point. You’re not being honest because you want the “RIGHT Black” candidate, not “THE Black” candidate to win. In other words, you’re not likely beating the drum for all of those Black GOP candidates who would have made history as the first Black to hold the positions they sought in the past two election cycles. Your desire for unity is only for the Black candidate you deem most authentically Black – GOPers need not knock on your door. And if you really want a real life example of why supporting the Black candidate just because s/he is Black doesn’t work, just look to the Supreme Court. Remember a fellow by the name of Clarence Thomas now Justice Clarence Thomas with the ability to mess over the poor and minorities until the day he dies. Black folk were in quandry – they knew very well that there was a chance he wouldn’t do right by us, but he was a Black man so the outcry was muted. When it was all said and done the Senate’s rep was in tatters and he had eviscerated Anita Hill. Well I can’t give him all the credit for the cruxifiction of Anita Hill – African Americans came down hard on a sista for speaking out against a Black man. We all know the drill, Black women are supposed to support all Black men no matter the cost to our own lives and well-being [BTW Every Black person should read Supreme Discomfort and send Anita Hill some flowers and an I’m sorry card!]. So the next time you want to vote for the Black candidate solely because s/he’s Black remember this – A black snake will bite you just as quick as a white one will.

    For me, Obama (at least right now) is the candidate I’m supporting and I am not a new supporter. I supported his senatorial campaign and I have been a fan ever since. My decision then and now had nothing to do with him being African American – his message resonated with me and with a lot of other Black folk. With that said, I think the media might be on to something – Black women are pulling out the stops for Hillary, not Obama. Gender seems to be trumping race. I’ve been to every Obama rally here in Miami and everyone talks about the dearth of Black women (and Black politicos) supporting him in Miami. Not the same when Hill and Bill come town – trying to get a ticket to see them is like trying to get a ticket for Prince at 10AM on Saturday morning through Ticketmaster – not happening.

    Frankly, I think we might see further erosion of support for Obama. I love the feel good messaage but now I need more – I need to feel like he will win. I need substance. I thought we’d see a fiercer Obama during the debates – nothing doing. Hillary and the others manhandle him in the debates and when he finally gets around to providing the answer you expected, it comes in the form of a press release, a day later. I understand that he wants to run a different kind of campaign but staying above the fray does not cut it when Hillary or Guiliani just reached up, snatched your heart out and handed it back to you. The fact of the matter is he MUST put up stellar numbers during the primaries or he is DOA. And if he doesn’t I will be looking for another candidate – the one who has the best chance of beating the Republican candidate — be it a woman, a cute country boy from the Carolinas who sports $400 haircuts, or a hispanic with a decidely non-hispanic surname. Because for me it’s about who best is aligned with my interests and values and who can win in 2008. If the happen to be Black well that just puts the cherry on top.

  35. In response to andry:

    I agree with much of what you said andry.

    You managed to make a wonderfully candid point without using racist or offensive language and I respect that. I am a blk woman and will be supporting Obama; first and foremost because I think his positions on critical issues are agreeable and courageous, and I believe in his ability…and only second because he is black! I will always lend my support to the success of (positive and talented) black men when possible. Though not my first choice…Hilary is also a promising candidate. I’ll have to read up on Edwards a little more and get back to you.

    I said all that to say…point well taken. I personally am certain that I am casting my vote for Obama for all the right reasons.

  36. I am voting for Barack Obama because I believe that he will make a good president. I love to hear him speak and I really like what he has to say. After the DISASTER of having Bush for president, America is greatly in need of a change. Hillary Clinton gives me the creeps, and after insurance companies got her to shut up, I question both her morals and values. Just because her husband was successful as a president, doesn’t mean she will be. I don’t vote for people simply because of their race, I can’t stand Jesse Jackson, I vote for them because I think they will be good at what they do. I really think Barack Obama is the best person for the job, and it’s just an added bonus that he’s a black man.

  37. My two cents:

    What makes a Democratic candidate strong is his/her representation of ALL VOTERS and the courage to stand and follow through bettering the lives of all people and leading by example to the global community.

    After Obama hired McClurkin (sp?) to his campaign, it clearly damaged Obama’s image as a true Democratic candidate. To hire a hate spreader like McClurkin was in my eyes sucking up to the homophobes and created more of a divide among his supporters.

    If he is so willing to pander towards the vapid minds of the religious right, that just tells me he is NOT the Democratic candidate that represents all people. He will not campaign to stop the war in Iraq, he will not campaign to reduce carbon emissions to save our planet, he will not campaign to reduce the xenophobic atmosphere in the US today. In my eyes, all he is going to do is make rich white Republicans feel more comfortable around him.

    After all, Barack Obama is a distant cousin of Dick Cheney and that to me means that Cheney will still be pulling the strings behind Obama. Blood is thicker than water, and Obama is just another puppet just like Condoleeza Rice and Colin Powell are. Just because they have black skin DOES NOT mean that they are holding your best interests at heart, as Condoleeza and Colin have proved.

    My vote will definitely be behind Hillary Clinton and/or John Edwards and my dream vote would definitely go to Al Gore should he run again.

  38. Obama is just as black as anyone else, you dont have to call him colored. nobody’s fully anything these days. But when there is someone with one black parent and one white, I mean the white people dont look at him and say he’s white… =he’s black. Supposedly if you’re 1/16 black, historically, you’re black. What do you know, he’s 1/2 that’s alot. He’s a certified black man. It’s just a mess that black people would deny him, or question his blackness. That’s really more messed up than the point of this story. Because truthfully it’s not as important that he has the black vote anyway because precentage wise a whole lot of us are not registered. 🙄 also, :iagree: with the person who said that black people are not obligated to vote for him because of his race but if they truly think he’s qualified. With all the racial issue’s going going on, America’s not ready


  40. i’m really opinionated on this subject and since i wont allow anybody to contredict my argument i wont bring my contribution to this topic
    all i have to say is that black people need to stop trying to bully other black people in order for them to give support to a specific black personality it is absurd and it is the reason why we (as a whole) are all at the same point and never moving foward !i’m gone

  41. Kudos to the author. You have presented an outstanding argument and one which I have stated all along. I am first and foremost a Black woman. I will not back Senator Clinton over Barack and Michelle Obama. Mrs. Obama is the epitome of what a black woman should be. She supports her husband, without being mute or timid. She is well spoken, attractive and seems to value family first. I consider Senator Obama to be black, after all if you have one black parent, you are black. The media wants to consider his biracial parentage in an effort to take away the victory of a black president from us. I will not allow that. An intelligent, eloquent, spiritual man and devoted father and husband is what Mr. Obama is and he will certainly lead this country better than any other before him. He has my vote and any black person, male or female, who chooses to back any other candidate needs a serious reality check. Do not allow white people to break us down from within. Mr. Obama is our president and we must respect and support him as such. A shining example of what the black family should be, Barack, Michelle, Sasha and Malia.

  42. I am not going to vote for him just because he is a black man. Personally, I don’t feel that he is experienced enough to be the next American president.


  43. I’m torn on this issue. As a black female, it doesn’t get more difficult than that. You have two things against you; race and gender.


  45. You have a right to vote for whoever you want and it’s no one’s business but your own. Forget what anyone says about the race or sex of a candidate. Just Vote!

  46. No matter whether we’re willing to admit it or not, we are having this conversation because Barack is black. African Americans not supporting John Edwards doesn’t make the news headlines on CNN or MSNBC. It is rare that we as African Americans have the option to choose a reputable African American candidate for a choice to be the democratic nomination for President of the United States. Now, as far as the issues are concerned, I don’t depend on the media to educate me on the issues of any candidate. You make call me nerdy, but I visit the candidate’s websited and watch the debates. Any voter voting for a candidate based on what the media has said is uninformed and ignorant. I’ve got a hunch that we will have quite a few ignorant and uninformed voters in the primary. This is the population that will give Hillary the biggest boost. Simply because she has name recognition and so many of us are to lazy to do the research to see where she stands on the issues. BTW is she black enough?

    I’ll support Barack Obama to the fullest during this primary. I’ll make a case for him to anyone I encounter, black or white. My support is because first of all, I like his stance on most issues. I don’t see eye to eye with him on every issue, but based on the issues I seee as priority, he’s my guy. And I support him also because he’s black. And his family is the epitome of the black family unit. If he’s elected Presidents, this will speak volumes to African American youth, and give them higher heights to reach for. As long as AA youths never see a black President, it will say to them “African Americans need not apply”. But if they see it, they can dream of being it. This will bring a whole new hope to African American males who are in desparate need of resuscitation. I support Barack because he make AA working class families like mine proud to see African Americans. He lends hope to me that one day my 13 year old son can stand where he stands, if he chooses. Honestly can we say, that his race isn’t a factor? Then do we also say that it didn’t matter to us that the greatest civil rights leader of all times was black? I think it’s time we stop thinking about ourselves for a change and think about how the rest of the world view us and how it will affect our children.

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