TV One Expands ‘Diva’ Franchise


Golden Brooks, Elise Neal, Paula Jai Parker, Lisa Wu and Countess Vaughn Join Cast

TV One is expanding their hit ‘Diva’ franchise (R&B Divas: Atlanta, R&B Divas: L.A.), adding to the mix, “Hollywood Divas,” a reality series set the follow the lives of five black actresses looking to remain relevant in the ever-changing and unpredictable world of Hollywood.

Elise Neal (The Hughleys), Golden Brooks (Girlfriends), Countess Vaughn (Moesha/The Parkers), Paula Jai Parker (The Wayans Brothers) and Lisa Wu (The Real Housewives of Atlanta) have all signed on to star in the show, which is presently shooting in Los Angeles.

“Hollywood Divas” will debut in the fall, and will reportedly be joined by several other reality shows, also with a strong focus on the lives of African American women.

TV One, like Centric, is rumored to be specifically targeting the black female market, which has made shows like “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” and Love & Hip-Hop huge hits for Bravo and VH-1.


  1. SIGH, who in the world needs another reality tv show?!! I sure don`t. Television is saturated with these shows of no substance. The producers/writers will typecast these sistas, once they deem them to be someone just looking to remain relevant. Roles with depth will be even more difficult to get once they go down this road. Reality shows are very much in vogue today, but they offer no substance. And even worse, they have immense influence on the sistas.

    These type of shows become a daily drug, that bewitch black females and only furthers the conflict between the two genders. These shows seek to control the mind with a belligerent attitude toward brothas, as they deem us the number one adversary of the black females. They reinforce the narrative that all men are worthless and irresponsible, and once this narrative is continuously instilled the black female`s hatred for brothas begin to expand.

    Sistas become angry, as they begin to analyze, what they perceive, as a lack of financial support, children or no children. This creates a lot of strife and tension between the genders, brought on lots of time due to the influuence of these reality shows. Believe me, you don`t need reality shows, in and of themselves, because the hatred is already there, they`re just conducive to the strife at hand. A lot of times we`re being programmed by television without even realizing it.

    Many times, things enter the subconscious without becoming patent. Every day, we, as a people, are besieged via television, commercials, the political structure, culturally, with subliminal messages of psychological warfare. Everyday, we awaken to this incessant warfare that keeps us on the edge of insanity. The two genders continue to grow further apart, as these outside influences continue their campaign of divide and conquer, along with the inflicted stress on the mind with their neglectful policies.

    Reality shows are not our friend. There is no show that The Jews construct, with an all black cast, that is for our benefit and the uplifting of our communities. Yeah, hollywood is a kaleidoscope, that serves us, as a people no real purpose.

    Michael Jackson & The GOLDEN 80s 4eva!


  2. Smooth Criminal-VERY well said. I have nothing to take away from your assessment of the state of African American television in this generation. I hate that many of these talented actresses (and actors)have such a hard time finding a solid gig in the realm of performing arts. It’s a sad state that creativity these days is overshadowed by reality shows that is leading to the final destination of oblivion. I wish all of these women the best, but I don’t necessarily see this ending well. And side note with NO shade-when did Lisa Wu become a “Hollywood Diva”? I’ve met her several times and she is the ultimate sweetheart, but I never knew that she was an actress. I’m familiar with the other ladies, all of whom have had solid acting credentials, but not Lisa. Just my two cents…

  3. @smooth criminal.. Very well said. Thanks for your insight…. I dislike these ridiculous reality shows. However, I do watch The Braxton Family Values (I love Toni)… BTW, can someone give Countess Vaughn her own clever comedy TV show, or at least a part in a 30 min network comedy show. She has amazing comedy chops. She was fabulous in Moesha and The Parkers. She was even in 227 as a child and she was fantastic. Don’t sleep… Unfortunately, they don’t produce intelligent and entertaining comedies or shows anymore, not like when I was growing up, watching Family Matters, 227, Amen, Cosby Show, Different World, Living Single, etc… The children nowadays are suffering and its unfortunate. When I have children, they’ll have to watch boxsets/dvd’s or PBS. TV is toxic, particularly for black folks.

    @sweet serenity, I didn’t know Lisa acted either. However when RHOA was watchable, I thought she was relatable and sweet.

  4. BTW, all of those “Actresses” are extremely talented at their craft and its a sad state of affairs that they cant find work as an actress. If this reality show causes some producer to re-notice them and give them a part. Than I feel its a good thing. I just hope that no one brings the FOOLERY and shames themselves.

  5. I hope this show works out for this group of women. After Kelly Price, I’m kinda done and don’t want to see fave entertainers in the spotlight of reality tv…Smooth Criminal said a lot that I totally agree with and it is a sad state of affairs. We have to filter what we allow into our subconscious mind and for good reason, like programming and conditioning, not just black folk, but all of us!

    But, it can be a great opportunity for some and I don’t knock anyone’s hustle because it is what it is. Entertainers today have to compromise themselves, they are bought and sold, whatever label or category it’s packaged as, they’re commodities. There are only going to be so many Tyler Perry films and black theater plays, so these girls have to eat and pay bills, that just a reality. I wish them all much success in this venture, since I no longer have cable, I’ll miss it, but would watch an episode or two to see. I still watch the Braxtons on YouTube, they’re making it work for them, tho, not without casualties!

  6. I have to say what happened to all the good sitcoms. I remember when I was a child I use to run in house sit my butt on the carpet and watch the Cosby show, family matters and a lot more other shows. Those shows use to keep me glued to the tv. Now adays I’m sorry to say tooo much drama everyone’s throwing everyone under the bus.

    It’s a pure shame… Need to have better writers.

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