Twitter Sista: Princess Super C

After watching an episode of Diddy’s latest MTV reality series, Making His Band, Twitter Sista, Ciara, decided to make a video of her own- an audition tape of sorts to see if the fans think she has what it takes to make Diddy’s band.

Ciara sang Estelle’s “American Boy” and did a fantastic job, in my opinion.


  1. wow she sounds nice- she looks nice with short hair as her features show up-
    is it me or does Ciara sound nervous when she speaks?

  2. why didn’t you mention that she said she was playing around.

  3. No. Hell no. That song fits Estelles voice, Ciara ruined it. Ciara’s voice is just annoying to me, and it’s worse without music.

    I don’t think she is playing at all, I think she knows that she is about to be dropped from the label, and she’s trying to get somewhere. What secure artist does this.

    And that haircut, I thought it was so cute when she first wore it. She looks like Nene from ATL house wives or Wanda Sykes in this vid. I think she should’ve kept the super short cut from the photoshoot.

  4. lol i like ciara’s awkward personality. But she is looking like the comedian Wanda Sykes more and more. But as far as her singing “Estelle’s” American Boy I agree with TRUTHTELLER that song fits Estelle ciara put to much adlibs in it and every time she sings her voice sound’s pitchy

  5. She did ok not enough harmony for this song. I’ma need for her to come up off them sunglasses owww.

  6. I think she did well. I love how she connects with her fans through twitter and with her youtube webisodes.

  7. That girl can not sing!!! And anyone who thinks the right there is singin’ needs their mind examined. There’s a difference between carrying a tune and singing…she can carry a tune but chick can not sing!!! :/

  8. @ Nicole

    I agree. She sounds like any girl in middle or high school. Nothing special. This chick is not twittering because she loves her fans sooo much. She has nothing better to do. That’s why she’s been stuck in Kim K’s a55 the past few weeks. Her 15 minutes are up and she knows it. A very popular blogger blogged on how sweet she was when she first came out with goodies and how she changed. She is about to be dropped thats why she is trying to get things right with the fans.

  9. hope the same people who are giving nagative opinions dnt complain when their diva gets the same treatement,i hope youll be decent enough to call it an OPINION not HATE….we her real fans love her and watch her,if you are not a fan then dnt follow her.

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