2 New Songs from Tamar Braxton


Want a sample of what singer Tamar Braxton has in store for fans on her upcoming ‘Love and War’ album? Well, check out these two tracks Tamar unveiled at her showcase earlier this fall.

‘The One’ samples Mtume’s classic ‘Juicy Fruit’ hook, while ‘Watching Me’ seems to take its cues from Usher’s ‘Love in the Club.’

Give them both a listen below and let us know what you think.



  1. the first song was lacking something serious, not her vocals but the production, like she was singing over a basic beat.

    the 2nd song was just OK

  2. Tamar’s rise to the top was quick. Love and War has completely fallen out of the iTunes top 200.

  3. They’re taking an interesting route…bringing back RnB, the listening ear has to be reconditioned, so perhaps, why the “Juicy”…Biggie…sample…because “Juicy” has surely been done!…But, it showcases Tamar’s vocals in a mellow way…The second song is ok, maybe to appeal to a younger demographic who don’t like too much vocal power…instead, beats with vocals on top…It will take a lot to keep her on iTunes charts, a machine of sorts…I hope they find the perfect mix for the album and marketing! In God We Trust!

  4. Her voice is beautiful but it’s too soon to be sampling. Or maybe I’m just tired of samples. Idk *shrugs*

  5. I like both of the songs, this chick can sing her butt off….I’m getting this album when it drops

  6. I do not like the song The One at all. The second song Watching Me is ok. I like it better than the first song. I was excited for Tamar to drop an album but now from the songs im hearing I’m hearin I’m not so sure.

  7. Two things I can always find at Brown Sista: new music & a positive vibe.

  8. One of the best voices I’ve heard since the late whitney houston……she doin the damn

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