America’s Next Top Author

Supermodel Tyra Banks can officially add bestselling author to her ever growing list of accomplishments.

Tyra’s first book, “Modelland,” is a fictional account of a 15-year old girl who dreams of making it big as a model. Her dream soon becomes reality when she receives an invitation to Meodelland, where she quickly learns things are not quite what they appear.

Released on September 13th, “Modelland” has become a hit with the teen audience, debuting at #2 on the New York Times Best Sellers list, #1 on Barnes & Noble and #2 on Amazon.

There is also word that Tyra is looking to bring Modelland to the big screen via her own Bankable Productions.


  1. I hear you Ms. Tyra, you’d better werk girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. That’s great 🙂 But, this would be her second book, as she co-authored a self-help/inspirational book back in ’97 0r ’98 called “Tyra’s Beauty (Inside & Out)”

    I bought it when I was a young teen who idolized her. The first time I’d ever seen her without her makeup (pic inside book), and both my mom and I nearly swooned from shock. Lol ^_^

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