Tyra Banks Attends Opera Premiere

Model, author and all around business woman, Tyra Banks, was on hand last night for the opening performance of ‘Anna Bolena’ at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York City.

Tyra has been on a world wind promotional campaign lately in support of her new book Modelland, which is now available at bookstores across the country.

Miss Banks also taped a 30 minute special for E! recently in which she admitted to being a bully.

“I became the mean girl, head of the clique from around nine to eleven years old. And when I say mean, I’m talking real, ugly mean,” Tyra dished during the special.

Tyra and her childhood friends also reveal what the aspiring model was like growing up (when she wasn’t bullying her classmates) and how she delt with all the success that came her way.

Tune in to the E! special on Tyra on September 28, right after Episode 3 of America’s Next Top Model on the CW.


  1. Tyra Banks and my sister both attended Junior High School together, and yes, Tyra you were a mean girl. My sister used to come home upset over what Tyra would say to her. My sister had bad acne, and Tyra would make tell her, what she could do to correct it. Tyra was a mean girl, and my sister still talks about what Tyra puts her through. I guess Tyra is really weeping what she sowed, because she can’t seem to let it go. Just apologize to all the kids you put through drama in school. It’s amazing how she is still talking about the pain she caused in school, yet tried to say Naomi Campbell bullied her, and tried to front Naomi,well atleast Naomi said that if she did anything, she’s sorry. Tyra only discuss her being bully, but not apologized for destroying other people self-esteem.

    As a person that was bullied in school, I can truly understand why people flip out. Hateful, spiteful people have no clue, or careless about the pain a person endures on a daily basis, being harassed, bullied, taunted. I want Tyra to look at all the kids she bullied in the face, and apologize. Words hurt, moreso than fists.

  2. I always saw where Tyra seemed to have some very deep issues when watching her tv shows. But, I was indeed quite surprised to learn she was such a huge bully. Especially, when she spoke about the immense pain Naomi Campbell dealt her. I believe she even sited Campbell as one of the reasons she retired from modeling. Naomi admitted her wrong-doing and her envy that Tyra had her mom in her life and by her side. Talkin’ about KARMA!

    I’m glad Tyra is talking about it…because she hasn’t found peace, maybe she’ll help herself and other mean girls face their dark shadows. I can only imagine some of this same bullying has happened with ANTM.

    The way girls and women SOMETIMES treat each other is sad. I stopped watching ANTM because I don’t enjoy watching catfights. Loved Lauriann’s Born To Dance because it was a competition without using catfights and other typical reality tv histrionics for ratings.

    Bullying is wrong and even worst today with shows glamorizing bad behavior.

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