Tyra Banks Covers EW Magazine

Tyra Banks is gracing the latest cover of Entertainment Weekly and the magazine has graciously crowned her “America’s Next Top Mogul”. Yeah, I know that’s corny- but with two hit television shows and another possibly on the way- EW may be on to something. Tyra’s latest venture, A “Devil Wears Prada” type reality show, gives assistants a chance to possibly run a fashion magazine on their own. In each episode, the contestants will take on individual and a team challenges- which will involve creating a page for a mockup of the proposed magazine. The losing team’s page will be dumped, and one member will be eliminated with the winning team’s page included in “The Book.” The winner of the show will land a job in the fashion industry and possibly become assistant editors at a “real” fashion magazine.

To read more about Tyra’s new show as well as the EW article, which is quite lengthy but very good, check out EW’s official website.


  1. This will be just like ANTM. We will have winners that we never see again and a fashion magazine that never materializes. :thumbsdown:

  2. Yes, we never see them again. I remember Tyra was on some radio show and when asked why we never see them again, she said something like all ANTM’s job is to get them to an agency and they are pretty much on their own….which to me is not fair b/c of all the things they put those girls through. Whatever…and Tyra totally lied to us about not photo shopping any more…………I feel so used 🙁

  3. I’m happy Tyra is getting her money on but sadly most people who try out for these shows are being used and don’t even know it. The goal isn’t really to create a new mogul or model but rather to just create a interesting show that brings in the ratings and the advertising dollars. We never see the ANTM winners unless they are Black and show up at the BET Awards and we won’t see this fictional magazine or it’s editor either.

    Diddy screwing over “The Band” kids years ago really made me re-evaluate how I look at shows like this and I see clearly now how everyone involved in just being played. Tyra will make her money, so will the netwprks but the people or person who ends up the winner actually ends up losing because they never get what they were promised in the first place.

  4. Go Tyra! I will be checking out her new show whenever it hits the air, because I like Tyra Banks. I think ANTM does a lot more for these wannabe models than they would be able to accomplish alone. Tyra does her job, she gets them a contract with an agency and at least one decent job. She can’t force the fashion world to love them and put them in shows and ads, she can’t force them to be successful. I think what people sometimes don’t understand is, while these girls get a ton more training and advice than actual models (Not to mention exposure from the show), the industry is still as cut-throat as ever and they still have the thousands of other models to compete with that are just as good if not better. Many of the ANTM girls had good agencies. But I think some of them expect to win and then be auto-loved and modeling for Versace or whatnot. Doesn’t work that way.

    I think Tyra is doing big things and great things, and I respect that she’s running her own business and didn’t just fall out and die when her modeling days ended, as they inevitably will for all models, and usually quite early at that. And with show, those looking for journalist kind of opportunities at a Fashion Magazine. Looks good on a Resume to me…A letter from Tyra Banks? Job Landed if you ask me!

  5. @ deena, i feel the same way after watching a few episodes of the bad girls club i was just disgusted. the producers were wrong and so were some of the girls.

  6. Tyra did the modeling reality show….she can DO that because she’s been a model.

    But since when does Tyra know ANYTHING about running a magazine?

  7. Well she was a model and moved into television. Tyra can do anything she wants to as long as she does her homework and has the right support system.

  8. Im excited for the new show, I needed something more than ANTM that is getting a lil redundant. Sounds like a good idea, Tyra is a phenomenal woman, she is more intelliegent and capable of completing task than people give her credit for. They said she couldn’t do a modeling show or a talk show and she did.

  9. I’m mad as hell that she’s gone back on her word. This image is distinctly the result of some MAJOR AIRBRUSHING. C’mon Ty-Ty; come back to the real!

  10. I’m ambivalent about this too. I appreciate Tyra’s success, but yeah -what about the contestants? These shows do seem exploitive in a way.

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