Tyra Banks Gets Bodied

You would have to be living under a rock not to notice how much slimmer Tyra Banks is looking these days. After having come under fire for her own weight issues, it seems the model took the criticism to heart and decided to do something about it. Tyra says she embarked on a “Get Fit/Healthy” challenge with several of her friends and came out the winner. The models says she has earned her “bragging rights” and is now ready to show off the results… sans any airbrushing or camera tricks.

Tyra Banks Sexy Fitness PhotosTyra Banks Sexy Fitness Photos (1)Tyra Banks Sexy Fitness Photos (2)

And if you want to know exactly what Tyra did to lose the reported 30 pounds, tune in to her talk show tomorrow, where she will reportedly reveal all.


  1. She looks awesome!
    I was scared for her for a moment because though she looked good, fat really doesn’t suit her…

  2. You can tell she has cellulite, airbrush is a blessing, but whatever, Tyra is killin’ it though.Chanel Iman who?

  3. That’s a lot of hair.

    She looks good though and 30 lbs.??? She’s inspiring.

  4. Wow people said Tyra was fat, what is this world coming to? Our standards of beauty are off. She looked fine to me. The average woman is a size 14-16 which she wasn’t so how was she fat. Oh well good for her if she did it to be healthier.

  5. WOW !! she still has her curves despite losing 30lbs !!
    Great for her!! She was never “fat” to begin with, but shes blessed !!

  6. All the weight went to her hair, is all that hair necessary???

  7. love the way she looks, really healthy and fit. my question is… i thought she was letting go of the fake hair and showcasing the “real” her?

  8. She did the same thing I am going to do at the beginning of the year go to the diet doctor.

  9. i wanna hate right now but i can’t cause my sista did her thang losing that wait. can’t wait to see her tips.

  10. the hair is for the photoshoot…aka bein a model. her natural hair look is for her talk show

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