Tyra Banks Gets Waxed

Model, actress, and talk show hostess, Tyra Banks, has been immortalized in wax. Madame Tussands in Washington D.C unveiled their wax figure of the fashion icon and as per all Madame Tussands’ figures, the likeness is astonishing. The figure of Tyra is posed with her hands on her hips and is shown wearing a black wrap dress, beige patent leather peep-toe pumps and gold and black bangle bracelets. As many of you already know, Tyra recently won her first Daytime Emmy for her work on her talk show. The model is also bringing back America’s Next Top Model for an eleventh season and has finished principle shooting on her latest reality venture, Stylista.


  1. Is this ONE WORD COMMENT DAY here on this site? I been reading posts all day with comments that have only word.

  2. @Lonnie LMAO

    @ Bria
    I said the same word and only word and intended to post that word until I read Lonnie’s comment!

  3. ^^^ LOL!

    Anyways, I gotta make sure to get me a pic with the “waxed” Ms. Banks on my next D.C. visit.

    The lacefront and all is so on point- I luvs it!!

  4. Wow, they have her down PAT! Down to the little calves and everything. LOL!!

  5. Congrats! Took ’em long enough to give her a place in the museum.


    And what’s so great about the lacefront is that it can be changed out if the curators so desire! 😆

  6. Good for her she’s on her way to be a legend a real one
    Not one made up in some teenagers mind
    She’s great

  7. So true, Kanyade!! 🙂

    I can’t wait to see a pic of Tyra next to it. I’m sure this upcoming season she’ll visit/mention it.

  8. I love those Wax Figures! I’m surprised Tyra’s just getting hers, but at least they put the right wig on her. That’s the one she loves, the one that gets around the most. Bang-Cut as I call it. They need a big quote bubble behind her that says “You know, when I was 17 and modeling Paris…”

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