Tyra Banks Makes Another Power Move

Tyra Banks stay making moves and raking in the money. She is my idol.

The supermodel turned television personality has made another Oprah-style move, teaming up with Demand Media to launch her latest venture- an online fashion and beauty destination for young women. The brand will include mobile apps, how-to videos, interviews and a built-in social media platform.

Set to launch later on this year, Tyra said she relishes the opportunity to provide her audience with a new engine that would provide them with “inspirational and instructional content to help them look and feel their best.”

Go Tyra !!!


  1. Wow congrats to her and everyone For making money off of This do everything like celebrity Personality lacking Generation!

  2. This sounds really cool! I definitely think that this will be very helpful for young girls, because so many times you search for how tos and end up with something that is not realistic. Go Tyra!

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