Tyra Makes Her Gossip Girl Debut

As previously reported right here on Brown Sista, Tyra Banks will appear on several episodes of this season’s Gossip Girl. The model turned actress turned talk show hostess will make her debut on episode 4 which is entitled “Dan de Fleurette.” Tyra will play the role of Ursulla Nyquist, an actress who has a co-starring role in Olivia’s new movie. She will also become fast friend with Serena. Tyra’s episode will air this Monday, October 5th at 8pm on the CW.

A special web promo clip however has been made available now and you can check it out below.


  1. Eh – I get that Tyra’s playing a fictionalized version of herself, but from what I see in this clip, her acting is pretty close to chewing up scenery (overacting). Gossip Girl is a trendy teen drama, but still a drama. I just hope that not all of her lines are delivered like this throughout her guest run.

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