Tyra Banks Reveals Her Real Hair

Tyra reveals her real hair. After weeks of build up, Tyra Banks kicked off today’s episode of her show by showing the world what she had been hiding from them for years… her real hair. The Super Model walked out on stage with her hair slicked back, revealing it had just been cut. The singer would later post a Twit Pic of her locks- pre cut, and asked if it was what people expected. I have to say for me it was. We all knew Tyra wasn’t bald, just as many sistas who wear weaves and wigs aren’t bald. Truly, I don’t get all the hype. I do however wish more celebrity sistas would rock their own hair. Acceptance of what we’ve got is the first step towards true acceptance of who we are.

Click the image above for a larger view.


  1. Those YT ladies are HAPPY! Do they really understand what a big deal this is for someone like Tyreeta? LOL

    Her makeup is gorgeous 🙂

  2. Nice figured she wasnt bald and she really did just get out the shower her back was wet lol

  3. I also sense it was a big deal for her. Perhaps she felt vulnerable. It’s good she overcame that. She makes me laugh when she’s talking about the hair pieces she wore. Danm…her body and skin are on point.

    I’m not really surprise about the hair she had under all these wigs. Her hair is lenghty, yet thin. It looks even more flattering when she styles it with the curls because it seems fuller. The fuller and stronger appearance are some of the things I admire about my natural hair texture.

    I too wish more celebraties, people in general, would rock their natural hair texture and color…even if it’s every once in a while :-).

  4. Tyra looks good!
    Wonder why so much was cut off her hair, doesn’t look like much was needed to be cut off. Maybe she was going for that length… anyways, I too wish more celebs would wear out their own hair more often because some of these women looking like drag queens- all the hair, all the makeup… let it go!

  5. I love Tyra…today was good for her and looked great wearing her own hair.

    Sometimes she’s too silly for me to watch, but I really appreciate her insightfulness and character studies and social experiments!

    The other women makeovers wear really on point too!!!

    Everytime I see one of her top model proteges, I smile and think how this sista isn’t talkin’ about it, but actually doing it…”doing for self” and creating jobs!

    Go Tyra!!!

  6. wearing weaves has nothing to do with self-love or any of that, it’s called not wanting to have the same boring hairstyle ur whole life. its just like makeup and clothes. i applaud Tyra for putting the trth out there and give the haters a slap in the face who say shes bald or whatever

  7. I agree with Drea!!!
    Why do black women think that other women wear weaves or wigs because they don’t like what they have. If it’s all about the lack of self love then stop wearing heels, U aint that tall, stop wearing padded bras your boobs aint that big, stop wearing make up, your skin aint that pretty!!!
    Choosing to wear a wig or a weave is about what look you want. And as long as you are happy about a hairstyle you chose be it natural, long, short, weave or whatever, then rock it!!!!
    Black women have to make every moment in life an Oprah Aha moment!!! Goodness, life is not that bad or serious!!!
    White women put in collagen, fake boobs, fake ass, wigs etc, yet you never hear any of them tearing each other apart for that, coz it’s a personal choice.

  8. tyra is a boring …. she’s always goin on about “me me me, I, I , I” i’m totally over her, and her hair is slicked back we dont really get to see it naturally. whatever tyra, *eye roll* the fact that her show is in season 5 is a miracle.

  9. and alot of celebs have to wear weave/wigs because with their crucial schedules etc their real hair could get damaged and like drea said it also gives them versatile hair styles for red carpet looks etc.

  10. AMEN to Morning Star & 17150918

    …what’s the big deal? So what if SOMEONE ELSE wants to wear weaves, etc? How does that have ANYTHING to do with YOU?!

    I wear my hair relaxed because I don’t like kinky hair, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love myself. It just means that I like manageable hair — hair that doesn’t require that much maintenance. I relax it myself every 8wks, wash it every 2wks, and wrap it each night. When I get up in the mornings, I spend about 5mins or less on my hair. Not hard at all.

    As for celebrities and models, hair is all a part of your image, so in their fields you must do what you can to look the part and be successful, regardless if they’re black or white. That’s just like any profession. I bet you doctor isn’t wearing blue and purple tracks in her hair…

  11. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being natural GO TYRA ! We need more celebs to do this I would name a whole lot of them but……

  12. Yes i love tyra!! and what makes it even better is that her hair is in great condition! freshly trimmed ends and everything! i did not think it was going to be that long, but just goes to show you, that the weave really does protect your hair and help it grow

  13. Sadly it is a misconception that when you wear wigs and weaves it must be because you do not have hair or are practically bald. I wear weaves and wigs because of my hectic schedule and when I take it out people are suprised that I have thick long hair. It’s really annoying. But I’m glad that Tyra showed America that just because a black women chooses to wear weaves, doesn’t mean she is bald.I also feel that hair doesn’t make you who you are. But it’s important to accept who you are.Wigs have been around for centuries. I don’t see what the big deal is as to whether someone chooses to wear them or not.

  14. I love my weaves lol. I have alot of hair. I can maintain it better lol. But next yr im going to go natural.

  15. I personally don’t think that rocking weaves, wigs, permed or natural, make-up or whatever is a reflection of women not accepting themsleves. I think its truly ablut women having the liberty to express themselves in many different ways. Wigs, weaves, etc.. has been become simply a fashion accessory to add interest to various outfits, not a covering for who we are. I can’t understand why black women get so much flack for doing what every other woman has done for centuries? Why do we hate on each other for making a personal choice that affects only her? SMDH! I just don’t get these hair conversations. What you do with your hair is your business.

  16. good for you tyra i wonder if weaveyonce will ever ever show her real hair it should be long too with all the years of lacefronts..

  17. Go Tyra! I can relate to this and we have to look at all sides. Num1-Tyra is part of a world, Hollywood, where the expectations of beauty surpass how we look and feel on a daily basis. I mean there is immense presure on being pretty, and slim….If you are a celebrity and you dont look a certain way, the press/blogs eat you alive! Num2-black women and their hair is a topic all on its on so for those who are choosing to leave the “weave” behind, I mean its a good thing especially if you are caught up in it and dont want to be caught dead with your natural hair showing (this use to be me). Num3-its important for young women especially women of color to know that, “hey, you dont have to have hair weaved all down your back to be somebody. We can be who we are with our own and be comfortable.” There are plenty of women who wear weave b/c they just like to change their hair up and this is not about those types of women. Its about those women that need to know that its ok for us love who we are with out having to be someone we arent. Living up to a certain starndard by rocking something that we think will be more accepting its never cool….

    Shouts out to Tyra and all my natural women out there. We are making head way.

  18. I agree with what some have said wearing a weave does not always have to be self hate or not accepting yourself. I wore a weave for a while when I was younger and my natural hair was longer than the weave! I just wanted the versatility and didn’t want to have to take care of my natural hair for a while. I now wear my own hair but I don’t have nothing against women who choose to wear wigs or weaves.

  19. Now a days it takes a strong woman to take all that weave off and show what’s under there, kudos to tyra and solange, embrace your true beauty, Weaves and wigs are an option, but you have got to love what god gave you, beside i have never been mad at tyra for wearing a weave , anyone can wear whatever they want i rocked a few wigs in my life, but it’s not about the hair, if you see me wearing my weaves and color contacts, and saying that i want to be another race that’s when you and your weave become a problem, as far as i am concerned tyra has always been a proud to be black woman and she is fine in my book!

    Congratulations on the new season

  20. She looks just as good with her real hair. But why is it wet, is it damaged, or is that to make it longer. Anyways she looked good.

    Wearing a weave or straigt hair is nothing but a style, it doesn’t mean people arent’ happy being black. People just need to get over it.

  21. When someone refused to wear their natural hair, they are making a statement: that they prefer something else. It’s just a shame that over 90% of black women prefer something other than what God gave them while other cultures, in masse, appreciate their natural beauty with respect to their locks on top. The women who clinge to their weaves (and relaxers GASP) are in denial while Big Business profits in the billions. Just another day.

  22. @Mila: I can agree with her being self centered a lot but her heart is in the right place , sho ya right: I can understand your side

  23. @ Mila

    I really like Tyra and all, but your comment got me to thinking. She is always talking about I I I, but I dont’ think she’s selfish or anything, I guess she’s just showing people that shes experienced what her guest are talking about, and she didn’t just have someone make it up for ratings. I like tyra though.

  24. I liked the way Tyra showed her natural hair. We as black women should want to embrace and empower each other a little more. I also agree that wearing weaves and wigs, also makeup is a personal choice. In the celeb world they have a need to reinvent themselves all the time. If they did not constantly change their hair, makeup, and clothing people would complain about that to. lol….

  25. Oh,,I also think that there are so many different hairdos available to african american women these days. I can remember when it was not acceptable to wear braided extensions to work. Look at how that industry took off and became a million dollar business.
    They main thing I would love to see is that the money that is spent on weaves, wigs, relaxer products, products for natural hair for the locks and twist was spent exclusively in the african american owned businesses. Afterall we are the ones that are purchasing all of the products. hmmmm……

  26. I’m glad she had the courage to take that wig off and show her natural self. I hate to see women covering up their own natural hair with some Phillippino woman’s hair. Love yourself and love what you have. This was the principal behind wearing the beautiful Afro’s back in the 60’s and 70’s.

  27. Since I’m a guy I obviously have never had the wig or weave experience, but it seems to me like women who use hair pieces are simply doing so for convenience and versatility. Fake hair has been around for centuries. European and American men were probably wearing them longer than women, in fact. I don’t think it’s b/c of an aversion to being black.

  28. hair-raising issues never end….if a weave wasnt an issue in tyra’s psyche she wudnt be hyping the reveal of her natural hair,so it is big deal to her or in her world,i’ve heard that some fashion hairstylist dish nasty remarks toward black women thats enuf to lower your esteem,if you wear a weave with a healthy sense of self or as a passing fashion statement thats cool and no big deal but endorsing hair products wearing a weave alla kelly rowland, beyonce,etc now thats dead wrong…there isnt anything wrong with spicing your hair up but when you cnt be caught dead without a weave or relaxed hair then you have a serious problem,i think am the only one in here who finds it easier to manage natural hair,at this moment im in a natural state and enjoying my hair,i can wash it anytime,dnt have to worry about it freezing,can swim anytime,just about to plant braiding extention,i love conrows,twist,press it with cordless plates anytime i feel like…there are no limits with natural virgin hair with good hair butter it only takes 2minutes to comb it…the only limiting force is your amount of creativity.

  29. Nice hair tyra, I personally associate weaves and wigs with self hatred, maybe because most females i have known to constantly wear hair pieces, are trying to step as far away from their “blackness” good for her to take that weave off and embrace what she has!

  30. Lizz and Dark Sista, I agree with you both. I know so many sistas who wouldn’t be caught dead outside with their natural hair, too many to count. But, I know no one of another race who is the same way, NO ONE. That says something. Our community needs to wake up. Both men and women need to start appreciating the real beauty of a black woman, not her in artificial mode. I’m so sick and tired of hearing brothas compliment these fake women. Neither Tyra, nor Beyonce nor a Kelly Rowland is real beauty. They are a ficticious image that has been concocted by business people. What you see with these gals, in addition to other celebrity types, is not what you get. I guess this will continue to be the case, this fascination with what is fake, until we knock celebrities off of their undeserved pedestools. Until then, I guess the masses will continue to try to emulate.

  31. I dont’ think a woman is trying to be white for wearing weaves, but when I see weave w/ blue contacts, and sistas trying to talk like Paris Hilton, that is so trying to be white or not black.

    This ex girlfriend of mine, we’re cool, but homegirl is ignorant. Anyways Beyonce was talking about how she wanted to be Latina, and she was on a latin Magazine, and somehow we got into a little argument over Beyonce looking latina or not. Beyonce looks black as hell thanks to her features, but she thought beyonce had european features because she is light. Then she had the nerve to tell me I was “jealous because I can’t pass” What the hell? When did it become uncool to be black? She thinks because she is light that she looks latina with her big nose a55. I’m sorry to go there, but she pissed me off.

  32. My hair looks the same way when I have the time to spend three days on micro micro braids,hmmmmmmmmmmmm

  33. micro micro braids look very very real if you have about 30 hours to spend and 1,000 dollars

  34. Im kinda disappointed. When she said real hair i was thinking natural curly kinky hair…. that mess is clearly slicked back and relaxed out. How is she showing black women the real her again?

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