Tyra Banks Shows Off Her Wild Side

You gotta love Tyra Banks. The model turned entrepreneur walks to the beat of her own drum and isn’t afraid to strike a fierce and even sometimes scary pose. The sista did just that recently when she posed for these new pics. Tyra recently returned to the modeling world and her newly rebuilt portfolio is leaking new images weekly. These new images were styled by designer Otazu, who has recently done work with Kelis and Beyonce.

What do you guys think…?


  1. Dang people! It’s just a photo shoot. 🙄

    She looks great :bowdown:

  2. Tyra is like a fly. You swat it away and then you think its gone. But you hear it buzzing in your ear again.

    I wish she would go away. She’s starting to be like Beyonce.

  3. ya’ll stop hatin on tyra itz juz not kool…………… :stop: :hater:

  4. :hater: Why can’t black support each when they see someone more successful. We have enough people saying that black women aren’t beautiful and smart. Quit hating. Some of you probably never looked this good in your lives! I bet some of you aren’t even black women.

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