Tyra Expands Her Empire

Supermodel Tyra Banks is once again looking to expand her empire. The multi hyphenated media mogul is set to debut typeF.com, a beauty and fashion website that she says will be revolutionary.

So what does the F stand for? Tyra said that for her it means “fierce,” but for others it could mean “fashionable,” “feisty,” or even “fashion forward.”

Look for Type F to debut online March 15th, and do check out Tyra’s official press release below.

“Beauty is not one size, one shade, one style, one color – YOU are beauty and typeF.com is the beginning of a movement that starts with and for YOU. It’s a destination that continues my mission to expand the definition of beauty. My goal is for typeF to be THE place where you will find your ultimate style confidence created for you, with you and by others like you.


  1. I may not be a 100% fan of Tyra (and other celebrities/entertainers/etc.) but I do admire ingenuity and pursuing one’s goals and dreams, etc. I wish her well with this new project. 🙂

  2. Tyra is awesome, she’s helping to make others’ dreams come true…this is what I like most about Tyra…her show ending is just what many expected…a new beginning!

  3. Just saw you on Ellen. Looking great lady and rockin it! Keep it going and keep doing yo thang 🙂

  4. Thank you! for typeF someone dose care. Good luck with school.

  5. I just heard bout this today I saw Tyra on Ellen’s show and it seems very flippin cool! None of us are built like the profile I know I ain’t! Life changes etc etc and so therefore do I! Hope this gives me a makeover I so need….have been single mom, raised those youngins and young enough to explode right now and my daughter is engaged to be married in Pismo Beach I live in AZ small town hello Cali…here I come! I am goin to get on this site when it launches…watch out! Go Tyra love you girl!!!!

  6. P.S I wish I were going to Harvard that’s bank Miss Tyra!!!! Envious you go girl cause I wanted to go there but I am the Erin Brokavitch so perhaps law school isn’t for me unless there’s justice which there isn’t but I did think about the Caribe have international cert as a poli sci grad an older student hahaha wiser…go girl I am impressed!! I just have a heart for the poor and the justice of the matter so guess that is the fighter in me! Good luck that is insane and love you for your guts!

  7. Tyra ,
    Congratulations to you and congratulations to your mom as well , for raising such an ambitious “go-getter” daughter.
    You TRULY are amazing !
    F , for FIERCE ! Just like you !
    But also for family , friendship and “finding” oneself !
    Love u girl !

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