Tyra Banks Writes Her First Novel

Yep. Tyra Banks is adding author to her already long list of professional credits. The 36 year old supermodel is set to release “Modelland,” her first novel, through her own Bankable Books publishing company. According to Tyra, the book is for those boys and girls who want a little more fantasy in their lives.

Taking place in the fictional world of Modelland- the book will follow the lives of a group of women known as the “Intoxibellas.” Tyra says Intoxibellas are drop-dead gorgeous women who are “kick-butt fierce” and have super powers.

Modelland (pronounced Model Land), will be the first of 3 novels in the trilogy and is set to be released later this year- though Tyra gives no official date.



  1. Yea it does sound wierd, and I think this storyline is something she’s thought about creating for a LONG time because it’s sooo different and bizarre.

  2. It certainly doesnt sound like something I’d buy for a ‘tween’ as a gift. BUT! I love love love Tyra and her efforts. With ANTM alot of people were like ‘what? girl please’ ->NOW LOOK AT THE INTERNATIONAL SUCCESS. Same thing with her TV show, and its Emmy worthy! Now this does sound a little off, and granted Tyra is a little loopy! Lol, but she has the best people around her who will work to make any endeavor she chooses the best!

    SO! this may not be too far fetched.

    Kudos to you either way Tyra, I will always commend you for striving to be a positive role model for young women like myself, (there arent too many of yall out there).

    Last point, THINK ABOUT IT: Tyra may say and do some interesting things, but you rarely here any drama surrounding her life. She keeps the business at home, and to the world she’s unstoppable and passionate. Okay so again, DONT BE SO QUICK TO DOUBT HER CREDIBILITY, SHE MAY JUST PROVE YOU WRONG EVERY SINGLE TIME.

  3. Wow. *stares at my NOVELS waiting to get published…sci-fi, too* Congrats to Tyra. Her fans will love this 🙂

  4. BricCity i actually agree with everything you said and feel the same way. i totally respect it. its just that it was late at night when i read this, and wasn’t expecting it. i didn’t know what to say. but no I’m not doubting her credibility. if it seemed that way then i’ll take it back. sorry.

  5. No, Tyra. Why does EVERYONE have to be an “author”? It’s just as bad (if not worse than) everyone claiming to be a poet.

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