Tyra Gives Beyonce A Wedding Gift



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  2. can somebody tell me what it is!! Im @ work and I cant see the picture

  3. Tyra gave Beyonce a Jay-Z Boy chair. A chair that looked and was shaped like Jay.

  4. Bronze_Beauty you need to utilize the edit feature. Tyra is “chessy” :lol2:

  5. lol thanks steph its nice to be able to edit

    tyra is crazy and yall call me a stan…tyra is a TRUE STAN lol she loves some beyonce…anyway that was cute she always have great chemistry with beyonce… i like beyonces hair and outfit but i hate those earrings she wore them on 106 and i hated them then and why is she wearing them again? i guess she think they are cute cant wait to see this tomorrow though she is usually very funny on tyra

  6. Tyra is so silly I love it, She doesn’t take herself too seriously and it’s great

    “don’ t get too close to my man now” 🙄

  7. i like how crazy tyra is without caring what others think..i also like her show because she talks with A LOT OF INTELLIGENCE her show is really important to me and i watch it everyday i also like her emotion behind individuals and its nice to see how human she can be during the show and i love when she gets emotional

  8. I love Bey’s earrings, but not with that pantsuit. They went better with her 106 ensemble. Anywho, I thought this was corny, but I’ll still be tuning it

  9. bey u wasnt talking bout “ur man” before that new album release
    you really think your fans are fool? yeah u might be right 😆

  10. @voice

    please try again. how many album releases has she had since she’s been with her man? i’ll let you know, 3 albums (1 of those w/dc), 4 movies, a re-release album, a video anthology and a concert dvd. trust if she wanted to use her relationship as promotion she sure would have. people were yapping about her not talking about it, now it’s a problem that she’s talking (although she’s barely saying anything)

    i’ve been a bee fan for a long time and NOTHING she’s saying about that relationship is new to me. so what if she called him her man? is she lying? if she really wanted to use her marriage as promotion, her behind would be telling us what she wore down the aisle, what song (although we know it’s ave maria thanks to amanda ghost), she’d even release pics.

    people find a way to bring negativity into everything 🙄

  11. thxs for the long post woohoo I didnt read it but thanks for the attention now shat tha hell up and go learn some dance moves or some 🙄 dumb self

  12. @voice

    it’s sad when you have to LIE then result to calling me dumb. if you didn’t read it, how would know know what i said? i could have cosigned with you, but it’s okay……..some people aren’t intelligent enough to lie, well not some people………mainly YOU!

  13. @ MrsJones

    Correction–Tyra is a SHAMELESS major stan. 🙄

  14. I dont care to TALK BAD ABOUT BEY TODAY or what not
    but i just have one thing to say WATHEVER IT WAS THAT USED TO MAKE HER IT she lost it, I heard her on ellen today her voice isn’ t even THAT beautiful anymore in live, It’ s sad 🙁 Oh well she have millions to fall back on!

    i wanted to make fun of her dumbos giant ears but i wont because i remenber her saying something about she hated them and was insecure about it

  15. voice we heard your opinion of why she is talking more about her marriage now that she has an album out…do you need to keep repeating yourself about the subject every time beyonce mentions “her man”?

  16. Mario
    How bout u? Do need to u keep repeating tho we all know beyonce play an important part in your life?
    Why you’re upset at me? because i make sense?Well forgive me, but this is a blog and if i want to copy and past what i think 20 times it’s up to me,Isn’ t it?U stay on brown sista Working everyone’ s nerves even those that like you but how much did i am sasha fierce sold? I f you were that devoted you woul dhave gone 6 or 7 store and buy a copy of the album to boost the sales, u a business owner u rich ain’t u? Instead You staying here going from post to post to look for the next “hater” to”call out” Come onnow,UNTIL beyonce “the icon” sell a million a week ain’ t no shutting ME up I told you already! You guys rooted for bey to the x power yet nothing, Yal even more pathetic then the one u call haters, because at least even if im hating when i get up this computer bey is outta ma life, But you the stans the perfect flawless people live with by or trought beyonce and you cnt even help her sell a lot
    SHAT up with it!

  17. @Voice I like read your comments you ever fail to make me laugh especial when comes for Beyonce and am not trying to be funny either. I just like reading your comment.

  18. and remember i hardly ever call someone on here a hater i think i may have one time that was it…and yes i love to stay up her its fun…love your comments…and i never said i was rich… :noway:

  19. tyra is so sweet she is a very beautiful person espescially on the inside. Beyonce’s if i were a boy performance was very beautiful i almost cried. that song makes me fell like crying. Voice do you not like beyonce ?

  20. I like beyonce Rihannaholic, I love beyonce the singer, i dont know her like that not to like , her now i hate her stans with a passion if i had my way i’ ll whup their behind one by one starting by MRS JONES now what?

    Hey janelle :hifive:

  21. I don’t care for beyawnce’s music . She seems to desperate to over achieve and block everyone else out. When you are talented you can take breaks and enjoy your life because your creativity will always bring you fresh ideals, Im not hating, because I don’t know whether beyawnce happy or sad, she is a actress you know, I don’t have to worry about stalkers sending me crazy love letters, I can come and go without bodyguards. Think about it when you wish you were someone else, or wish to have thier life .I will admit to being a hater on this one issue I hate the devil and I love God.

  22. That was cute. That was the first time I actually saw Beyonce show some unscripted humor! Love it :thumbsup:

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