Tyra Banks Launches New Cosmetics Line


Supermodel Tyra Banks is once again expanding her portfolio. After conquering the catwalk the beauty icon went on to conquer the world of daytime TV and eventually reality TV. Tyra is now ready to make her next move, which according to a press release is the unveiling of her new cosmetics line “Tyra Beauty.”

According to Tyra, her makeup line has been years in the making and is the reason why she went back to school in 2010 to further her education. “Do you know how good it feels to finally be able to tell the world why I attended Harvard Business School?!,” she tweeted to her fans. I truly learned how to master building and leading my own cosmetic experience.”

Tyra’s new line is available via Tyra.com and features things like “Smack My Fat Lash” mascara ($28) and “Ask for a Raise” lipstick ($28). Prices are not cheap though, or even economical. Tyra is asking top dollar for ‘Tyra Beauty” and we hope she gets it.

I’ve personally bought lipstick from NARS that cost $26 and would gladly do it again. Should Tyra’s line grow to include more colors (only 2 lipstick shades are available) I would gladly plunk down $28 for a lipstick I couldn’t live without. For mascara though- she must crazy.



  1. I need to check out the lipstick shades- but that’s too much for mascara sorry Tyra!

  2. checked out her site and didn’t really like the shopping experience…

  3. The color choices are weak and not only are the prices crazy, but she doesn’t offer free shipping and ships the worst way possible, USPS. No way. Good luck Tyra but no way would I buy that stuff. That’s just greed. NARS offers free shipping and uses FedEx. MAC’s prices are half that and they offer free shipping and ship UPS. I mean Tyra is just being greedy, but then that it was Harvard Business School and capitalism teach.

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