Tyra & Naomi Pose & Make Up

You just have to love these photos.To see Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell together and neither of them bleeding from the head is just priceless.After years of bad blood between these two super divas, it appears both have put down the meat cleavers and called a truce.Check them out below at the 39th. Annual NAACP Image Awards- and I don’t care what anyone says or thinks- these two sistas sure can take a beautiful photo.They look fabulous together.
Tyra & NaomiTyra & NaomiTyra & NaomiTyra & Naomi

Here are 2 high quality images of Naomi and Tyra at the NAACP Awards.You can see more pics from this event


Naomi CampbellTyra Banks

Now we may love and support both Naomi and Tyra, but for the heck of it we’re adding a poll to see what you guys think.


  1. They do look good together and Naomi’s rose in the hair adds a very nice touch.I didn’t want to vote but I did.I chose Naomi because she was just so fierce when she walked the runway.No other model could touch her.I used to watch VH1’s fashion show back in the day just for Naomi. :brownsista:

  2. I guess they both said they have to grow up sometime. They both look nice!!! I’m glad Tyra changed her hair color!

  3. Tyra looks so good and I am so tired of people calling her fat.I wish my azz was as fat as hers is that is what folks are calling fat these days. 😆

  4. It’s more the media putting women up against each other, like J Hud and Beyonce. They were famous black models which was rare at the time, they were considered rivals and “bought it” themselves, they were TEENAGERS at the time. Those women are grown now, realized they didn’t have to feed the rivalry, they were never really against each other, it’s great to see them together.

    Tyra BLAMES THE MEDIA and talks about the PRESS declaring Naomi was her rival before they even KNEW each other in this article :

  5. It wasn’t just the media but Naomi herself who according to Tyra treated her very poorly early on in her career and even got her booted off of shoots.Ain’t no use to trying in blame “The Media” when Tyra took it all on her show and aired out all the dirty laundry.The invisible media didn’t have a darn thing to do with with.Jealousy was the culprit here.

  6. It WAS the media who decided to paint them as each other’s rivals and like I said THEY BOUGHT INTO IT and ended up becoming rivals because it was supposed to be only ONE BLACK QUEEN in the rules of the modeling industry. Being older, Tyra blamed the media for INSTIGATING that beef.

  7. More precisely, Tyra blamed the media for STARTING AND INSTIGATING that beef.

  8. Tyra is fierce! I love her. I used to dislike her but now that I see her on her show, she seems pretty down to earth 😉

  9. Tyra’s trying to out model her in these pics, lol. She did a good job. But oh girl is a beast on the run way too. Two great black models still at their prime.

  10. Both of them look so fierce especially Tyra. I love that dress and her hair. And yes it was the media that started this beef with naomi and tyra. They just took on to it. The media loved to see two black successful black woman going against each other. Like the so’called saying “There’s only room for one TOP black model” B.S. both tyra and naomi wasn’t speaking to each other then. Till they realized that she said, she said crap wasn’t true and it was the MEDIA that said those things. They made up. The admitted on tyra show.

  11. They’re both crazy, but beautiful. I guess you can’t have it all :banana:

  12. They do take a nice picture together! All the animosity (don’t care who started it) between them wasted a great opportunity for the both of them to put out some of the most fashionable photos and ads.

    Glad to see they mentally matured by deciding to talk about it and make their peace.

  13. Naomi will always be the supermodel Tyra aspired to be.She’s the originator. Respect!

  14. Naomi looks GORGEOUS and i’m loving the lovely orchids that accentuate her beautiful hairstyle. Naomi’s features – eyes, cheekbones, lips, nose and skin are perfect. Tyra looks nice too but I cosign with Stoosh -Naomi is the original top (black) supermodel. Respect 2 Naomi and Tyra………..they are both pretty BROWN SISTAs 🙂

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