Tyra Smizes for You

If you are a frequent watcher of America’s Next Top Model then you know how much Tyra Banks loves to show off her smizing abilities. So it should come as no surprise that the video below, shot by photographer Marcus Gabb for issue No 7 of I Love You Magazine, is full of Tyra doing what she loves to do best.

Tyra is shown staring wide-eyed into the camera while screaming, scrunching her face, gesturing “I hate you” then “I love you” and finally doing some sort of weird robotic dance.

“I just told her to perform, do her thing and to stop when she felt like,” Gaab told Nowness.com, “But she didn’t stop, she kept on voguing. There was no rehearsal; she invented the whole thing while we were there.”

And while the video clearly shows Banks’ kooky side, one must not confuse the person with the persona. Nowness says “beneath the caricature Banks is a shrewd business woman,” and quotes Banks as saying, “When I was a little girl and went to Disneyland, I didn’t know that all this was from Walt Disney. That’s what I want to be. Me being behind the scenes, the business woman, creating new stars, products, projects.”

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  1. Always love Tyra…she is doing all the things she wants and she is doing it her way.

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