Unexpected News For Michelle Williams

It seems the buzz surrounding Michelle Williams’ sophomore CD has slowly faded over the last few weeks. First the singer had her album’s release date pushed back and then the entire album leaked to net, causing Michelle to take to her video blog and voice her displeasure with her record label. Since then Michelle has done random performances here and there but it seems the release of Solange’s new album overshadowed all news about Michelle. Now comes word that Beyonce will be releasing not one, but two new singles on the day Michelle’s album is finally due to drop- and I’m sure this will spell even more bad news for the singer.

So what is Michelle doing to keep her profile up these days? She is venturing into the reality market- sort of. Fans will be able to watch the singer every Thursday night as she will be one of several celebrity judges brought in to take part in MTV’s newest show, Top Pop Group. As for news of future singles or videos, according to a blog on Michelle’s MySpace page- that may be highly unlikely.


  1. If this isn`t the final straw for Michelle then nothing will be. She has been/is being screwed big time. This should be ultimate diss and that there is no loyalty when it comes to Matthew Knowles and her soul sista Beyonce. Talk about downright dirty and being low down. While releasing two singles simultaneously might be a good marketing scheme, it is nothing short of being conceited and downright low down. With tactics like this it, not only, makes me dislike Beyonce, not only as an artist but, as a person as well. Although, I could always see through her facade she just further validate my opinion of her.

    Somehow she`s delusional, thinking the world revolves only around her and that we should all feel priviledged to be graced by her presence. Newsflash: it`s not her world. Michelle deserves a chance and Matthew Knowles and Beyonce pull a stunt like this. Another newsflash: I ain`t checking for Beyonce. Guess they feel the heat with this slick marketing scheme releasing that A. Keys is racking up the sales. Now I would just love for A.Keys and Beyonce to have an album released the same week, ala Kanye West and 50 cent. That would be very interesting.

    I realize I may be a little off topic but I`m trying to make a point. I predict in such case Alicia would kill her and knock her off her high horse and that`s exactly what she needs. She is as LOW DOWN as they come. One thing to keep in mind is that KARMA always has the last word. I only hope that her album, even with this slick marketing sheme, doesn`t dew as well as they hope….Low down, low down, low down….Michelle needs to break all ties with this clan.

    MJ & The Golden 80s forever!!!

  2. Uuuugggghhh! Here we go again. When will Michele and Kelly and others get a clue? Here is a link an industry veteran who tried to make a comeback via Matthew Knowles. Click on “news” and scroll down to the paragraph when he talks about his adventures in 2004.


  3. I am so cosigning you right now smooth thug i don’t know how much more i can cosign You are so right and i’m happy that this comes from someone that [used to?] likes beyoncé, you defended her on many topics and i’m happy that you see the light

    I”m not mad at anyone because michelle should have smell the coffee long time ago [i thinks kelly did so , which is why she stays over seas] and realize that neither beyoncé or mattew care much about them

    BUt Do you know now what i mean by beyoncé is a vindictive ,manipulative and extremely evil person ? she knows that her fans, dc’s fans at that only care for her, and that they only give a chance to the others as long as beyonce is out of the picture they pushed michelle album’s to fall right when beyoncé release her singles? what kind of dirty shizzle is that? and her fans talk about its not her fault she aint no doll?!!!! if she is grown enough to “fire” her dad she should be grown enough to say no when sumthin does not seems right beyonce and her dad disgust me they know they have the stupidest fans in the world so everything they do its gon be okay regardless but may god punish those two satans seeds i wish beyonce all the luck in the world with her new album she will get what she deserves
    like my thug [wassup sexy?] said KARMA IS A WHORE and beyoncé is gonna get hers so good for every thing she did in the name of fame and money

    and beyonce can never get an album throwdown with alicia keys because she will get eat the f—ck up and alicia keys dont play neither i remenber back in the first ladies tour she almost drop kick that fake ass bitch

    I’m sorry for the cursing stephie but i’ m pissed off

  4. Now if there’s any reason why people think Bitchonce is a b!tch this is one of them. Michelle should hop on her private jet. Get to LA and whoop that ridiculous Etta James wig right off that trick. Hop back on the plane to NY and administer a beat down to Matthew, Tina and just for the hell of it that wacky ass, stuck up b!tch Solange!!!! And don’t think Michelle ain’t ghetto enough to do it. Girl is from the Chi and will whoop that b!tch Bitchonce.

    My daily prayer “please let Michelle whoop that tricks ass, AMEN!!!”

  5. I wuv me some Beyonce, but some of the things she do just don’t make sense. Like when Kelly’s album was coming out and she did an interview for Vibe and Beyonce called Vibe editors and said she wanted to do an interview too but would not do it unless she got the cover. It’s like she has to keep reminding the other girls who the big star is of the group.

  6. god has beautiful ways she might be in for a surprise sooner or later bey is so cocky she must figured out that michelle aint that big of a challenge no way…. poor girl,Why is this a surpise to you people? Beyonce and her crew have been doing this s. h. i. t for years,This CAN’T be a coincidence. This happens whenever Kelly, Michelle or some other popular person comes out with a cd. WTH is Matthew’s problem? This is so obvious now!They are ALL supposed to be FAMILY yet everytime they try to get their shine on she reign on them just because she can, come on, that one little group. Beyonce and her butt enhancing underwear needs to stop INTENTIONALLY sabotaging those people she calls friends. Why of all the 365 days of the year does she have to release her album on the same day as her FRIEND? Would 1 week or even 1 day kill her? Bey outta take notes from all the past break out stars that poured water on all the people who helped them get to the top they either went crazy or some other crazy 8hit happened to them. Beyonce is gonna fall apart when her time in the spotlight is up and the attention is no longer on her. It WILL happen, it has done so with all the greats…I can’t wait to see her have a nervous breakdown when the attention is no longer on her. (oops, that’s mean, isn’t it?) We should all go buy Michelle’s album and NOT Beyonce’s…We know who needs the $ more. And you know you gonna hear Beyonce’s songs on the radio every time you get in the MF car,

  7. Rihanna is releasing “Breakin’ Dishes” as the 8th single on what date, OCTOBER 7TH!!!!! maybe that is who she is targetting in any casesKarma is bitch and so is Beyonce.

  8. I believe Wendy Williams might’ve mentioned this recently; this being a parent’s willingness to always put their children first (even when they’re being fair to others). It just happens. Solange might be getting a reality TV show: How Former Teenage Mother’s Kick-It in the Entertainment Biz. 😆 She’s the new face of Armani jeans or whatever. Does anyone know if Kelly is still hocking Dark N’ Lovely? As for Michelle, well non-daughter, it is what it is. Maybe it’s the nature of the biz? Maybe it’s just business? Maybe it’s bad luck? Maybe it’ll be okay. Maybe Michelle’s sales won’t suffer because of this? Beyonce is a household name and total cash cow; her record company doesn’t care WHO it has to plow over in order to keep her on top. But then again……..these are ‘singles’ releasing, not her record. Maybe Michelle will have okay sales afterall. What’s interesting though, is that if she doesn’t have good sales, I wonder if people will scream she’s flopped as they did with Kelly. However, by comparison when Solange had less than mediocre sales, people were making excuses for her, saying she actually did okay. 😆 Oh the hypocrisy! All in all, I wish them ALL success and if there’s shadiness going on, I agree with Pauvre, karma IS a bitch and will come back on you twofold, threefold, tenfold! But maybe we’re all overreacting here? Maybe none of this is actually ‘side-eye’ worthy after all? 😆 Peace. Have a great weekend everyone. 🙂 I’ll be busy dodging this darn hurricane Ike. Damn you Ike!!! 😆

  9. Leave Matthew …you not his child and tha is who comes first.Now Solange sold less than 50,000 albums..so she needs to move on. She needs to look into Geffen/Def Jam or Columbia.She can sing so….it is no reason wh she should be pushed back yet again.Like people say about people who get abused….when you get tired…you’ll leave……

  10. WOW WOW WOW. Beyonce know better but like i said the whole time. She better do like latoya and do her by herself. She push her album back for solange and she only sold 30,000 copies. Now she coming out with an album and now she coming out not with 1 single but 2 come on that a big slap in michelle face. Like someone said these people praising her imaging you was in michelle shoe HOW WOULD YOU REALLY FEEL. She claiming that michelle and kelly is her sister. All she worried about herself and Jay-z. Michelle just go head a start over with a new managment. But i give her credit she got shares on one of WNBA teams.

  11. Michelle,

    You need new people! Your fault doll. You and Kelly need to stop drinking the kool-aid and find a way to get out of those contracts!

  12. you guys make riduculous comments…i could see if you worked for Music World Entertainment and understood exactly wahts going on behind the scenes but its obvious that all of you saying negative things have no idea of whats going on. please get a life and let music be music dont say you wont buy someone album just because you THINK they are being shady when you really dont know the facts behind it…buy music when you believe its worth buying…that is the importance. to be honest i really dont think beyonce and michelle have the same fan base so i really dont think sales will conflict with any one of them

  13. I agree that Michelle is really getting the run-a-round, but if she left Matthew would she stand a better chance? Radio won’t touch her, Kelly or Solange. It is the closed minds of radio people and the public who are the real culprits when it comes to why no one but Beyonce can catch a break.

  14. True, radio didn’t play Solange but not because she wasn’t being promoted properly. She was given all the right songs and all the right televised promotions but still couldn’t deliver because of a lack of natural talent. We can’t really compare Kelly and Michelle’s (lack of success) to Solange’s because neither of these girls received the same amount of promotion that Solange got. Anyway, as I see it, karma has already been dealt to the Knowles in the form of a(nother) failed album for Solange. I can only imagine the amount of $$$ they lost. AS for Michelle, I smell a tell-all book!

  15. I doubt if Michelle writes a tell all book, Matthew and the lawyers will stop that so fast the public would not even have a chance to even know about a possible book. I am not trying to defend anyone, I am giving my opinion. I am from the Chi and I was not impressed by the material Michelle released. So, I have no desire to buy her album if and when it is released. Like someone said all of the material was leaked a month ago even thought I would not even buy it from the bootleg man, I am sure those who were anticipating her album did go out and pick it up from the bootleg man.

    I bought Kelly’s album when it came out and there were only a couple songs that I liked. I feel like I wasted my $10. Kelly and Michelle need to find something that works for them because the direction they are going in is not the right one.

    My opinion is I don’t think the record label has faith in michelle. Whether it is Columbia or Music World Music, they don’t have faith that she can deliver. They know that Beyonce has a strong fanbase and they know that she can most likely deliver. they need those fourth quarter album sales. people keep saying she should not have chose the date Michelle’s album is being released to release two singles. I am, sure the label made that decision because Michelle album might just get pushed back indefinitely. I really feel sorry for Michelle, but all of those times she stood up for B and Matthew when that stuff went down with Letoya and Latavia. Even farrah. Farrah even said Michelle would make the comments to her, but around the Knowles she was the perfect replacement. She had to fit in because she did not want to go back to boring hick Rockford. I am sure she is kicking herself right now about it. i wish all of the ladies luck with whatever they do in their career.

    Someone made the comment that B only cares about herself and Jay. He is her husband and when you marry someone you become one and you two are first in each other’s life. You don’t put anyone but God ahead of that person.

  16. How is beyonce’s singles stopping people from buying MICHELLES cd?
    Ya’ll stay bad mouthing her for no reason.
    please someone answer my question!

  17. U wont be able to buy the beyonce songs on that day. They are just hitting the radio thats all!

  18. I think it’s unfair to blame Beyonce as Mario (above commenter) stated. Record companies decide release dates, not Beyonce. Michelle’s music is more pop whereas Beyonce’s is more soulful. Let me say this one more time: Michelle’s album leaked a month ago, no one is checking for anymore!!!! Is that Beyonce’s fault too? Michelle was not getting airplay on radio, BET refused to play her videos as well. Blame her record label, and perhaps Mathew. I do totally agree that she should seek new management. No one else does well under him.

  19. Also, Bey is just releasing singles, not an album. I’m sure she’s contractually obligated to release singles/albums at a certain time.

  20. Maybe it’s just me, but I dont see how Beyonce going for radio adds will affect Michelle’s album sales. It’s not like Bey will have a product that can be purchased in stores the same day. It’s just radio!

    What is lame is the Michelle’s new singles have no official adds date. Come on Columbia/Music World. Get on it!

    As for Michelle and her future singles, she shoots the video for The Greatest in 2 weeks

  21. When all else FAILS, fans of certain artists and some critics jump on the “Blame Beyonce & Matthew” wagon. Ha! I love it.

    Michelle says it best [Check out her interview on That Grape Juice]. This is what she has to say to the critics & fans who jump on the “Blame Beyonce & Matthew” wagon. She is an ADULT. In fact, she’s ~28yrs old. It is HER descision/choice to have Matthew Knowles on her team. When she is dissatisfied with the services he’s providing her for her money, she will drop him. Since Matthew is still on her team, I will assume the problem is neither Matthew nor Beyonce. Kelly and Michelle have NO obligation to Matthew as SOLO artists. However, as DC3 members I could understand, for he is one of the backbones of the successful group.

    Why are we blaming Beyonce for Unexpected’s failure? Did B choose the singles for Michelle. Does she tell Michelle how to perform them live? How is it B’s fault that she’s dropping her single October 7th. In fact, Michelle is IMPOSING on B’s time, for her reccord was supposed to be out MONTHS ago.

    I like “We break a Dawn & The Greatest” but they don’t WOW me. The same goes for Solange and Kelly. I find myself skipping their tracks even when I try to listen to them. I don’t skip when I listen to Whitney, Prince, Michael, Scott, Lauren Hill, Beyonce, Christina… I almost always want MORE. The ladies need to come harder [track & performance wise]. While Kelly and Michelle’s attitudes help, Solange’s doesn’t help AT ALL.

  22. @lola come on know you saying it the record company beyonce do have some say so to releasing her music on radio she could of say no my girl album is coming out let set it back . If it all the serious release the song in nov and then release the album on her boo birthday dec 4 lol. But yes she do have the say soo. If you was my girl i would love for you to get the shine you suppose to get. I be breaking my neck to help you support it. But alot of people do not think like me. It alot of money and fame in the game for all three to share but she just worry about herself that really it.

  23. She’s a damn fool to stay there … all of those chicks are. As long as Beyonce is around, she will see to it that NONE of them get any shine. They all need to move on. Period!

  24. I know it’s a business but to do your friend dirty like this shows lack of class and proves the only person she supports is herself.

  25. Now, I don’t like this. Even if her album leaked and her chances of high sales were slim, Beyonce (and I’m willing to bet she has a lot more control over her career than people think) should’ve at least been courteous enough to not release her singles on the exact release date. It’s just not something that a friend would do to another friend, much less a ‘sister’ as they try to call each other. I’ve been liking and looking forward to Beyonces new stuff, but this casts a bit of a villainous shadow on her.

  26. ^^^Totally agreed. The ladies of DC need to find alternative ways of getting paid preferably with new management. Gospel music worked for Michelle in the past and I’m proud of Kelly for doing her reality tv thing. How many years can you stick around with no loyalty? I don’t know what their personal relationships are like, but business is business. These ladies should have learned that a loooong time ago.

  27. This Can’t be good 🙁 i love Michelle i wish her all the best !! i know Papa knowles will always give it to his girls when it comes 2 promo and business but i wish michelle can jst come out of it all, it’s been happenin 4 ages!! same with other band members : Kelly and Letoya from the beginnin’ u kno unfairness has always been Destiny’s Child i believe, but hey these girls are so talent they can do Sooo much better without Matthew !!

  28. So mi’s album as been pushed to be release the same day as beyoncé uh? WHoa talk about “coincidence”
    This is the third time something happens involving beyoncé and an other [old or new] destiny’s child girls why not leak a single the day alicia keys release her album? if it’s not a big deal? why not the day jen hud release her album?why not the day HER SISTER released her album? Beyonce is soooo grimey
    and she proves her haters right every time, is she even aware that one day people are going to stop caring about her, not only as an artist but as a person?

    What do you people mean its not beyonce’s fault? they both come from the same group and we all know DEstiny’s child fans are not bright enough to make a clear choice, whenever beyoncé comes out they get overwhelmed and forget about everything even their mothers!Yes its not her fault that people like her better than the others but i’m sure beyoncé knows the situation and for her to be “such a big star” she could make an effort for her girls , I used to always say that i didn’t see anything when it comes to beyoncé’s shady ways , so i couldn’t accuse anyone but you know what? there is the time to stop fooling ourselves this is so obvious now, it happens three times and whoever want to sit there and deny it , I feel sorry for you , even if its not her choice , but her daddy’s or record company’s i doubt she will let them make an -ss out of her in front of people, so my guess is beyonce knows and approve this decision [same for the bleaching] and i feel sorry for her, and even tought i hate it i start having that weird feeling she makes me want to throw up , and i’m against violence but i agree with my girl “what what”
    But beyoncé will get handled properly by someone’s bigger than us

    God bless her

    What does beyonce’s songs being put on the radio have to do with people buying michelles album?

  30. I blame Matthew Knowles for Michelle and Kelly horrible music career. Beyonce is not the one to blame because she’s also a puppet to her father’s game. Beyonce father is the one who tells Bee we going to do this project and like a puppet she saids yes. I still view Beyonce as a little girl who still take order from her daddy. What she needs to do is get like Janet and get in control with her own career and make decsions on her own without daddy. Because truth be told daddy is not gonna be here forever. If Kelly leaves the Knowles camp and hook up with some of the hottest producer, plus she has a personality (something that Beyonce doesn’t have to save her life)she can be the next big thing. As far as Michelle she needs to contiue venturing off with other projects. Because at the end of the day Beyonce & her family are looking out for themselves.

  31. What does beyonce’s songs being put on the radio have to do with people buying michelles album?

    EXposure! what happenned the last time beyoncé leaked a song on the day kelly’s digital album happenned? dc’s fans where overwhelmed and buzzed out about beyonce so bad that kelly’s album being out did not even mattered to them , that’s what it had to do with it!

  32. I mean you people can’t be that blind and ignorant , how many times have this happens? there is a time to smell the coffee and as someone said if it doesnt have to do anything why isn’t she releasing her singles another day? Oh let me answer that because she figured out that she is A goddess and everything she does will be worshipped
    Good for her!

  33. WPC i say the same thing…a song releasing to the radio has nothing to do with an album dropping that day i mean i could understand if people were making a big deal out of it if beyonce decided to drop the album the same day michelle did. and if dropping a single on the day of someones album release affect their sales than beyonce must be a bad bitch! hand it to her she has earned fame and honestly i love kelly and michelle but lets face it if it wasnt for beyonce and her father putting destinys child together would anyone know who michelle or kelly is? not putting them down because they are talented but how many talented people actually get recognized…

  34. @vioce
    LMAO.. That makes no since! First off it was kelly re-release not the first time the cd came out.
    second if they were gonna buy the cd beyonce cant stop them!
    So they heard beyonce song and thought to thenself ” I cant buy Kelly’s cd beyonce’s song is so mind blowing” give me a break!
    p.s beyonce did not leak the song. the site that leaked the song has been shut down!
    I know I will be buying michelles cd even though Im gonna hear beyonce’s single.

  35. wpc : the word is “sens”, i’m sure beyoncé can’t stop people from buying michelle but answer my question if she is not trying to sabotage michelle, why not leak the singles another day? if she wasn’t trying to sabotage letoya lucket why not release her album an other day? and we can go on and on, i mean you can’t be that blind , i mean i’m happy you admit that beyoncé is anything but mind blowing , but still i wanna know why she approves [cuz i know she did] her single being released the same day as michelle’s album?

    and mario: No she is not a bad bitch you know why? because these are her band mates, she always was more popular than them , so this is no competition a bad b–cth will release her album, single of whatever, the same day as mary j blige, alicia keys or even jen hud and destroy them selling a mili a day but that will never happens now would it? cuz last time i check alicia outsold her with every single album! so nah she needs to stop being a bully and allow her girls to shine

  36. Beyonce will most certainly overshadow her album release, that’s the problem. Michelle can’t get the spotlight as easy as Beyonce, as we all know. See how Michelle was on ET and all of that promoting her album? Artists tend to do that around album release time heavily, which unfortunately for Michelle has changed. When Beyonce’s singles are released, there’s a good chance she’ll be hitting the promotional circuits much harder than Michelle ever could, who’ll get even less attention. Hence why releasing her songs on that same day spells bad news for Michelle.

    Yes, Beyonce is one of the big kids on the playground.Her releasing a song can garner her that much attention.

  37. Is it Beyonce’s fault that Michelle’s album got pushed back to obscurity? Is her fault that her album leaked a month ago and no is checking for it? Is her fault that radio didn’t pick it up? I guess it’s her fault radio didn’t pick up Solange’s singles either? Music isn’t selling nowadays anyway! So Beyonce should put all her music on hold while Michelle figures it out? WHATEVER!

    Michelle’s cd was supposed to drop last month! Instead it was pushed back to October, but leaked online in it’s entirety. IMO, it doesn’t matter if Bey puts out singles or not, the album is a wrap! It has been pushed back three times! Unexpected needs to be Unreleased

  38. Why is anyone surprised by this… I am DEF not. I knew that long ago when it came to Michelle’s album she would NOT have a shot. I even QUESTIONED if Bey was going to release singles on the day that Michelle’s album was to drop & many said no. I even wondered WHY Michelle’s album would be pushed back causing it to be running alongside Bey’s singles & ppl gave excuses. Well we have just be shown that Beyonce WILL do the exact thing I said. Ohhhhh Michelle & Kelly, girls for the betterment, is that even a word, of urselves GET A CLUE! The Knowles mgmt team does NOT have your best interest @ heart… smdh. I know that you feel like you owe them something, but BELIEVE me that debt has been paid many times over. It’s time to think about YOU & do YOU. As for the poor girl’s album, you can FORGET about hearing any other singles, the other chic is back in the game & is ready to conquer the charts again. The best time for Michelle to have release was during Bey’s down season, like she really had one. I feel bad for Michelle, but @ this point she is LETTING them take advantage of her. Until she wakes up outta the coma she will ALWAYS come in last to the Knowles- Carter clan 🙁 .

  39. lola: and who are the people behind the “push back” of michelle’s album? and why do you think the person did it? you need to stop make beyonce look like she is sooooooooooo dumb that she isn’t in control of her own career it aint helping the case , nd i agree that it does not matter if beyoncé had put a single out , the album was a wrap but that makes bey look like an even badder, meaner and self centered person that means that she is deliberately pushing her girls down!

    Blame it on tha Rain: i remenber you saying that 🙁 how do you see beyoncé as a person after all these manipulations is my question

  40. Dear “Voice”, please don’t get me wrong. With all due respect, the 2nd post from the top was posted by Mr. “Smooth Criminal”; I’m “Smooth Thug”. Sometimes people get us mixed up a bit. But I will say this much: I don’t always agree, but Mr. “Smooth Criminal’s” posts are interesting and provocative. “Voice”, you have a nice weekend, take care, be safe and please be blessed.
    @ Ms. “Kanyade”: if you’re down there in the southeastern part of Texas, please be extra careful and be extra safe. According to the news I was watching this morning, that hurricane is headed right straight for Houston. Hey y’all, please join me in a prayer for Ms. “Kanyade” and all the folks in southeastern Texas.

  41. oh yeah that’s right smooth criminal is the geek 😛 jk mr criminal jk the one that love mj’s
    sorry thug i thought you were alter egos 🙂
    and yeah kanyade is from texas uh? damn girl my toughs are with you, yall be fine

  42. This is not personal it’s about money. And she is the money maker then you have to push her. It is the responsiblity of those other ladies to make sure that their team is doing what they have to do to move them ahead. I think that Ms. Rowland will surprise all of you. I don’t believe she really hangs out with the Knowles anymore. I think she is doing just right. Stay over seas and let your record come out over there and be a hit over there and then bring it here. But I think she is through with the Knowles business wise that is.

  43. @Voice

    I really have no words on Beyonce.. honestly I don’t. I am NOT sayin that she is clueless to what her dad is doing b/c I have heard say in the past that now she has the exp. she puts her OWN 2 cents in as well when it concerns her career. Which means that she knew what was up. Beyonce is only doing what Michelle & Kelly are LETTING her & her father do to them. At the end of the day we all know that it is business, but the one thing I know for sure is that she can KILL the innocent I want my “sistas” to be successful act. Because if that was the case, Knowing that she is the BIGGER & POPULAR star she shoulda held HER album back & let Michelle have HER moment. Who cares how many units Michelle would have sold @ least she would have had the opportunity to have SOME success w/o Queen B in the way. It wouldn’t have matter how far back her album wouldsa been pushed back, coz regardless she would have sold coz she is BEYONCE. Oh well I guess I DID give words on Beyonce after all LOL ;- ).

  44. @bria

    That is one time that I will be happy to be fooled.. if in fact Kelly has found those ppl out :-).

  45. I’m going to do nothing but quote people:

    “! if she is grown enough to “fire” her dad she should be grown enough to say no when sumthin does not seems right beyonce”

    “It’s like she has to keep reminding the other girls who the big star is of the group.”

    “. Beyonce is gonna fall apart when her time in the spotlight is up and the attention is no longer on her. ”

    “You need new people! Your fault doll. You and Kelly need to stop drinking the kool-aid and find a way to get out of those contracts!”

    “I really feel sorry for Michelle, but all of those times she stood up for B and Matthew when that stuff went down with Letoya and Latavia. Even farrah. Farrah even said Michelle would make the comments to her, but around the Knowles she was the perfect replacement. She had to fit in because she did not want to go back to boring hick Rockford. I am sure she is kicking herself right now about it. i wish all of the ladies luck with whatever they do in their career.”

    that’s all for me

  46. It would be best for Michelle to get new management. Of course she would go with M. Knowles Management from the beginning, it was familiar to her and she was new to the game. But it is time for her to move on, she will never be able to expand as an artist by staying. She is not the money maker for that company, so they are not going to promote her like they would Beyonce. Unfortunately, that means that she will not get the exposure that she needs. She needs new ground.

    Also, if I had the choice to buy 2 Beyonce singles or Michelle’s CD, I would pick Beyonce’s new singles. Not a CD that was suppose to come out long ago and has already been leaked. So it does affect her sales that Beyonce’s singles are being released the same day.

    Be Safe Kanyade! My prayers to all those in the path of the storm!

  47. Beyonce is only doing what Michelle & Kelly are LETTING her & her father do to them.

    I know for sure is that she can KILL the innocent I want my “sistas” to be successful act

    speak the truth sister SPEAK IT!

  48. YOu know what Blame i didn’t even thought of that …. It’s true that the girls sales wouldn’t change with or without her on the equations but if she wasn’t no one will have a reason to accuse her of anything and we would def. blame it on the mattewness [what?] but you’re right she can drop the act completely
    thank you for answering me 🙂

  49. Didn’t Mediatakeout post this story? Are you getting this from a reliable source or from Mediatakeout because it isn’t on Beyonceworld or any of the fan sites. Since February, Beyonce’s album has been rumored to be releasing towards the end of the year. I personally watched Rodney Jerkins say this.Yes, the singles are officially going to be released in October. If an album is expected to debut in Nov, aren’t the singles expected to be released a month ahead of it. Are they going to be released on the same day as Michelle’s album. That’s according to Mediatakeout and judging from Mediatakeout’s record, I doubt it’s true. And Please, don’t remove my comments while you keep the comments of people like Voice and Dark sista. I swear those women are deranged.

  50. Since February, Beyonce’s album has been rumoured to be releasing in November. Aren’t the singles of an album due out in Nov. supposed to be released a month ahead of time. Are they going to be released on the same day Michelle releases her album. That’s if you believe Mediatakout because they are the ones who posted the story. Judging from th Are they your source, Stephanie? Beyonceworld doesn’t have this story up. Neither does any of the fansites associated with Beyonce. And please don’t block my comments while you accept those of Voice and Dark Sista, who in my book are seriously deranged.

  51. I was not going to post anything, because I don’t want to talk bad about Beyonce being that she is black but this is some bull. I first learned she was releasing not one but two songs aroung Michelle’s album release date and I thought she is such a WITCH……Yes she is beautiful, talented, and all of that. And yes she is a sista…..but this is low….BEING THAT I AM A AKEYS FAN TO DE FULLEST……..She wouldn’t even try it, Alicia is better than B on her worst day…and way classier (minus the whole Swizz Beats fiasco)….but I’m saying B is trife and Michelle need to leave….If God has a plan for you then nothing can stop you…not even ALL MIGHTY B

  52. @ voice

    every tuesday artist come out with albums…duh people so of course beyonce would have to release an album the day another artist does…

  53. beyonce has a bigger fan base than michelle thats why she has more publicity when an album comes out and that has nothing to do with her manager if she is popular in american and over seas everyone is gonna want her on their show…the same isnt for michelle because shes just not as well known as beyonce…beyonce made a name for herself because she is talented enough to hold her own…you all can continue to bitch about how much you dislike beyonce because her single is coming out the day michelle album is coming out…the fact is its going to happen and if you want to keep complaining than do something about it and go out and buy michelles album which you all probably wont…i know i will just like i did solange just like i did kellys as well as beyonce as well as A keys as well as mary j as well as j hud, i support all..just be supportive of our black female artist

  54. I agree with you A.keys on the god comment thought i don’t think alicia is doing whatever they accusing her of doing with swizz [white girls lover ]beat!

    I know you must love bey more than yourself but please the last thing we need now is another brother dumbing himself up just for the hell of his testosterone, of course it is likely for two artists to release their albums the same day but in this case the accuracy with which beyoncé keeps on releasing material the same days as her “sisters” is aberrant , She does have a bigger fan base than kels and michelle due to the fact that SHe was destiny’s child [not children] but tout de meme , some things are just clear as water I always blamed matthew for the sabotages but honestly i come to a point where i realize beyoncé must have a saying in this, if not its even worse that mean she is at her father’s mercy and that can’t be good , and i like how you just figured out that she is going to be successful , you her people pumped her up so much i’m surprise she isn’t flying off the ground did it ever occured to you that some people might get tired of the hypocrisie? bottom line is beyonce is [if she is not she is sure acting like one] grimey,phoney,malicious and down right dirty!

  55. Kelly Rowland re-released her album Miss Kelly and mysteriously on that same day a song by Beyonce, Beautiful nightmare was leaked to the public. When Michelle Williams released her first single off her album We Break The Dawn to the public coincidently another song by Beyonce was leaked titled Kick em Out.NOw two singles of hers are being released the same day as michelle’s albums.Beyonce’s sophomore album “B-Day” was mysteriously added for pre-orders on iTunes on July 25, the same day Luckett’s debut “LeToya” was released.

    Tell me its Not sabotage ?

  56. In my opinion, Kelly and Michelle both lack the it factor. I do not see them ever having as much success in music as they’ve had with DC. I hated Kelly’s first solo album, liked her second. I supported her both times despite lackluster sales. I think the wrong singles were chosen. Happens to the best. Is that Bey’s fault too? j/k Michelle had some success in gospel, perhaps that’s her forte. Also, Michelle can’t really sing in my opinion either. Sorry! She sounded horrible on her gospel album.

  57. @Mario

    We are not stupid we ALL know that every Tuesday an artist drops a album & artist WILL have to compete, @ least know that I do. The problem is that ALL those other ppl that Beyonce will compete against is NOT a bandmate i.e her play “SISTA”. YES Beyonce has a bigger fan base & she is the BIGGER star. That is why BEYONCE could have held HER album back to let her “sista” have some shine. Even if the girl didn’t go copper @ least she could have had a chance. That’s all I am sayin is give Michelle a chance. Either way it goes Beyonce will sale coz as we have established she is BEYONCE. YES management is responsible in many ways, i.e. they help to book artist to get promotions & litigate w/ the label. Michelle has little to no promotion, while Solange has had plenty & Beyonce couldn’t get rid of it while she was on “hiatus”. This all boils down to the all mighty dolla, man it’s amazing what some ppl will do for it. I have bought Solange’s album, have Kelly’s, will buy Michelle & purchase Beyonce’s album like I ALWAYS do as well, but what gets me is NO matter who u are… u simply CANNOT treat ppl dirty. It comes back to you 3x over.

    @voice.. your welcome 🙂 .

    And yes to the person who said about Michelle & Kelly defending M. KNowles w/ the stuff about LeToya & LaTavia are right… maybe the 2 girls are reaping their karma for going along w/ somethin that was NOT right. Either way they STILL need to wake up & get a clue.

    And yes for the 1st time, that I can remember, ANOTHER DC chic has gained oodles of comments… You go Michelle, Bey may knock u out in other ways, but @ least you are gaining on her in the comments department LOL 🙂 .

  58. Mario says a key thing here

    SUPPORT the artist! If you support Michelle, she will be successful this October 7th. Your moaning & B******* about Beyonce & Matthew Knowles will not solve ANYTHING. If it solved something, you would’ve notice it already LOL.

    Beyonce’s reccord will hit the stores this November not this OCTOBER. It is a FULL month behind Michelle’s. Now tell me again, how is she going to affect Michelle’s sells this October 7th?

    I have low patience for those who complain, complain, and COMPLAIN…, yet they do NOTHING about it. Since october is drawing near, I guess will find out if Michelle receives support from you all who are blaming Beyonce & Matthew. Think about, If the number of people who complain, and who accuse Beyonce of sabotagging, selfishness, backstabbing, and so one will get off their backs and support these artists, they would be successful [Judging by the shear number LOL]. However, we all know they don’t support them, for we see the numbers.

    I guess they know/ feel deep down these artists [They don’t support] doesn’t deserve their hard earned cash LOL. You see Beyonce’s numbers. Why & how do you think gets them? It is because some people see that she deserves their hard earn cash. Therefore, they go out, and they purchase her work.

  59. Michelle does not have the fan base that Beyonce has but Bey could have released her singles on another day.

    Beyonce is full of herself and she thinks she is the darling of the entertainment industry. All she cares about is making history and winning awards. All I have to say is Karma is a bytch. After making those back handed comments about “over being a pop star and not wanting to be hot girl”, the pop World may be over buying her CD’s and supporting her movies. Being a pop star and crossing over to the mainstream is the reason she is the superstar that she is. Never bite the hand that feeds you Ms. Beyonce. You are not always going to be on top.

  60. Blame it on tha Rain
    Don’t fool yourself about the comment thing. There is no competition since Beyonce / the Knowles name is basically in EVERY comments LOL. Make no mistake, Beyonce IS the topic of discussion here LOL.

  61. If someone think that michelle doesn’t make good music, they won’t buy her album that doesn’t mean that since they aren’t buying the album, they have no right to give an opinion about a situation that had been augmenting for the past 10 or so years , Yes we can and have to support the artist we like,but we can also point out the wrong . Beyoncé is dead wrong,hella dead wrong i did my research and found too many compromising facts and yes it seems to me like she is sabotaging her girls, does that mean that she isn’t talented? beautiful? rich? hell hell no it just means that she is no secure as a superstar to let other people do their things, it means that altought her fans run every blog reminding people her accomplishment herself does not believe nor is satisfied in them, if she was it will be easy for her to take a break and enjoy her life and her millions [alicia keys anyone?]. If you see your neighbor been beat by her man are you going to let it happens because she does not complain about it? if you see someone beating on a child are you going to let them do it because the child doesn’t complain about it? Stop being ridiculous,ignorant,grimy and self centered

    I have no patience for people THat always try to go around issues at point .
    I will be buying michelle’s album there is no question, no if, buts and ands about it, not because i think she is a virtuoso but because i like her as a person and we break the dawn, unexpected and the greatest has been playing non stop on my ipod But i can’t go around acting like “all is fair in fake blond wig, and green paper”

    What kind of individual are willing to close your eyes on shady ways?

    I like beyoncé but i will not buy anything from her, not legally anyway, i don’t think she deserves a penny of my hard earned money

  62. P.S. For those who think that what does a single have to do w/ it? A lot. when Bey released Deja Vu I couldn’t wait unitl the album came out. That song OVERSHADOWED everybody else that came out until Sept. 4th , 5th which ever day it was released lol. When I saw her performance on the BET awards I was hooked, until I saw the video.. can we say disappointing . Nevertheless the buzz will be heavy about the songs & as a result all ppl will talk about is when is the abum coming out. I have seen it too many times before. Can anyone say lil Wayne, ppl were DYING to hear/get that album after ” Lollipop” came out countered w/ not havin a studio album in 2 or 3yrs. After the singles are realeased & they are sucessful… the promo train will kick in & everyone will be Michelle who? Michelle’s last single was We Break the dawn, that came out months ago & ppl have forgotten. Just watch.. Bey’s singles are goin to wreck havoc .

  63. I wish michelle good luck i will be buying the album, i think she deserves is really talented despite what the hype says
    I used to love beyoncé so much like she was my sister, but i guess it was teenage hood talking because since i turned 20 i started to see her for who she is and i know that one day she will fall so hard on the floor, that she won’t be able to get up and that day ,I will have a drink.

  64. so beyonce should have to push her album back for another artist? now thats bull i know for damn sure i wouldnt push back my album for someone else…im sure it wasnt beyonce’s decision to push michelles album back so why should she have to make her fans wait for her music to come out because someone else wasnt ready to drop her album…that doesnt make any sense..beyonce already had her time set when she said last year that she will be releasing another album at the end of 2008 she said this well before anyone knew that michelles would be pushed back so why should she have to push hers back? i agree that people should be there for each other but beyonce should not have to push back when her music comes out just because another artist wasnt ready.

  65. CEline this is what I’m advocating. You like Michelle & her craft; you will support her. It doesn’t matter if Beyonce’s single hit the airwaves that very same day, or if Michael comes back with another Thriller. It shouldn’t matter. Those who like her work will buy, and those who doesn’t will NOT.

    The people who are BOTH complaining, and who are NOT supporting Michelle/Kelly/Solange will NOT support them With or without Beyonce in the mix. Why do they refuse to support them? It’s because they see these ladies as mediocre artists who doesn’t deserve their precious dimes. You think it’s GREAT to accept simpathy from them? I bet it’s solely because they are blaming Beyonce? LOL. That’s wrong, for you are subconsciously agreeing with them that Michelle/Kelly/Solange work are not on B’s level. You are also putting B’s work on a pedestal that these ladies can’t reach. Wait…maybe that’s what you believe.

    There is a REASON why Michelle/Kelly/Solange doesn’t accept THAT sort of sympathy. They are unfounded, and these ‘critics’ doesn’t like, nor do they ever support their work to begin with. They are the ones who think these ladies are mediocre. As a result, Bee’s record can’t come out the same day as them, for theirs will not survive. That’s why they label Bee as a vindictive & selfish sabotager. You accept their notion that your fav. artist is mediocre?

    Michelle is proud & believe in her work. She states it CAN stand next to other artist’s craft. You don’t believe her. You think she’s delusional. Since you already listen to her work, you think it will be mediocre standing next to B’s. If not, why do you worry & accept these fake sympathies when the ladies themselves ignore them? They difference between the ladies and you is they believe in themselves.

  66. snijanafleur i agree with you when you were saying that these people that have negative things to say are the main ones that are putting beyonce on a pedestal… the way you explained it made perfect sense

  67. Wow I am sorry to hear this. But I agree it’s a wrap for her. She needs better management. I don’t know why Matthew is doing this, c’mon no matter how you look at this, he should have planned it better, he shouldn’t have his artists releasing all over each other. So what, her and Kelly’s albums were pushed back b/c of Beyonce’s and Solange’s. I think she is waking up and smelling the coffee now!!!

  68. Firstly Michelle’s new single is on Itunes right now today! Buy it if you want to support but all of these opinions but nobody ever mentions that Michelle is signed to a major label Columbia records. Not everything is Mathew and Beyonce!!! How about calling radio and requesting Michele. Support our black artist instead of everybody sitting on these blogs tearing them down! it’s really shameful……

  69. Liyah ppplease
    That is the reason why they album were ORIGINALLY set to release at different times [With months in between]. You folk treat the Knowles as if they have God’s ability to move mountains LOL
    Thanks Mario

  70. SNijanaFleur – The Knowles do have a lot of power. Who is the one moving the release dates? Why? You can say what you want, defend your Icon, but there is sufficient evidence to prove that matthew shows favoritism to his girls. ANY WAY I’m just stating an opinion which I’m entitled to. @ Hey U, don’t you know that no matter how much you try to request a song if there aren’t enough people requesting it, they won’t play it. I tried that with one of Janet Jackson’s songs and they never played it.

  71. no problem snijana im watching solange on bet J right now and im happy to see her up there 🙂 but really i love michelle but honestly if it wasnt for matthew would any of us know who she was today? i mean really… not saying she wouldnt make it because i love her voice but would we really know who she was?

  72. Liyah there is heresay; then, there is PROOF.
    Show me the PROOF. Give me some sources, for your word [Nor any other ‘bloggers’ word] will NOT do. Until I here it from the primary sources…

  73. and here i thought michelle would finally get her time to shine. i’m still lovin’ “we break the dawn”. michelle and kelly need new management. i hope michelle will be the first to break from this. if unknown rihanna can make it michelle and kelly can too.

  74. I like the way some of you view your fav artists as stupid, delusionals victims with no clues.

    How do you explain this?
    Michelle confirms she reads blogs on That Grape Juice, and she gets the message that a lot of people ‘believe’ she’s unfairly treated by the knowles. If you thought Michelle didn’t have access to your very, very dear, well meaning advice, SHE DOES.

    Either she is CONTENT/SATIFIED with her business with the Knowles, or she can’t think for herself, she doesn’t know what is in best interest, she’s basically stupid. You can’t have it both ways, so PICK ONE SIDE.

    People like sky, liyah, CEline…are OUTSIDERS. They don’t know what goes on behing the scenes.

  75. I knew from the beginning how coniving and cunning this beyancee AKA beyoncita creola’+was it is plain for anyone to see if you aren’t so caught up by all that make-up and that 18inch weave and her bouncing and shaking her fake ass, yeah I said it fake ass she wanted so bad to take the title from jennifer Lopez that she wrote that ghetto song bootylicuos, then later said she was embarressed by it, after she felt she had the attention on her fake ass. Earlier she claim she did not wear perfume only baby lotion how many perfume ads have she done? If you look at everyrthing she has done lately it mirrors jennifer lopez all she need now is to have twins, and take a break form the industry. This girl is really a sad case, mad bcuz she did’nt get an oscar, she did not earn it that ain’t the soul train awards. Her arrogant dad on the radio show bragging about how many condo’s solange own SFW! who care’s Nobody asked him all that you can take a one out of the country but you damm sure can’t take the country out of them.

  76. @ Mandy: Beyonce’s new songs are impacting October 7th because that’s what the press release they issued says and for a reliable source, check out Billboard Magazine online, which posted the news. Michelle’s album is due to be released on October 7th as well. For proof of that you need only check her official website. This isn’t gossip- it is fact- and I don’t copy stories from any site, much less MTO. Their story has dates correct, the difference is they claimed this was done on purpose an in retaliation for Michelle supposedly making statements that she was going to leave Mathew. Also, please stop posting under all these names because I see it in the admin panel- and that is why your comments are being marked as spam and aren’t showing up until I unmark them as spam. When you post using one name and then another- that is seen as spam and our spam filter automatically catches it. I have known you have been doing this for ages and wouldn’t have called you out had you not insinuated your comments were being signaled out for deletion, which in actuality, your various usernames were causing you to be marked as a spammer.

  77. Well, I don’t know if anyone is to blame because Michelle, Kelly and Solange are grown azz women that need to handle their own business like the seasoned professionals that they are. Why should Beyonce put her career and projects on hold to accomodate them? Would other artists put theirs on hold too so the three of them can have a better chance at success? It’s not just Beyonce that Michelle, Kelly and Solange are competing against. They have to work their way through a sea of other great talents-JHud, Akeys, MJB, Rihanna, etc…- as well. Beyonce is the least of their problems. They need to decide for themselves the direction they want their careers to go in, the message they want their fans to recieve and find someone/some people that can make it happen. Beyonce is a winner because she works harder and is more proacive at getting her self out there and working it.

    As for K, M &S, I would start with a good lawyer that can get me out of the current contracts, regroup and comeback stronger in a year or two. The failure or success of their project as has much to do with them as it does Matt, and it surely has nothing to do with Beyonce. God knows I am not a stan of Beyonce. I never really cared for her brand of entertainment nor that silly mess she sings. But, I have to give credit where credit is due. She works hard and puts on an amazing show which has given her credibility. She had to do it all from scratch without being attached to a big name sister or friend. The others will have to do the same or be grateful for the level of success they have enjoyed thus far.

  78. @ snijanafleur We are ALL outsiders, none of us know what is actually going on, that is what blogs are for…….to say what we think. Chill out, why does everyone get their panties in a bunch??? None of this is going to effect the world………..my goodness.

  79. Snijana:
    I’m not even going to take the time to argue with you , that will be insulting my intelligence With all due respect, it seems to me like you are just voluntarily ignoring the subject and the facts for the purpose of envying and living in someone else’s life. Sister there is a time to grow up and get out of the groupie state of mind, obviously you haven’t reach the state yet but it will come. AS for now you are really believing that there isn’t any sabotage behind the coinciding releases of material and i can’t argue with that if that’s what you truly believe , good for you.

  80. Knowles management is creepy! I’ll be first in line to buy the tell-all books cos you just know we’re headed there. If Kelly & Michelle want to continue being pushed aside, that’s their business. Something very fishy must be going on behind the scenes for those two to want to still stick it out ??? Cos it’s obvious to everyone I talk to…Dayum, don’t these girls know about The Supremes/Dreamgirls….History repeatin

    I have a bad feeling that Mr. K is telling Kelly that she should be grateful to have her Dark & Lovely gig while Bey is posing glamourously for the cameras on her L’Oreal/House of Dereon/Mobile phone/Pepsi/etc..etc..etc… tv ads….Come on, couldn’t Mr. K push harder to get the other girls more movie roles/product endorsements S O M E T H I N for cryin out LOUD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why, oh, why must it be Bey 24/7 !!!!

  81. I first started posting under emmanuelle, then changed it to mandy, my real name. I have never posted concurrently with those two names. I just used the name Sandra, right now and changed the email address to see if it will get blocked. So please, don’t label me as what I’m clearly not. And yes, you were right about the releases. Just checked and Michelle’s album is to be released on the 11th, much to my surprise. My apologies

  82. You know whenever I see the latest Poll on the election or read these Blogs, I hear these words echoed in my head spoken by the late George Carlin whos a comedian…” I hate when people say that the people of this country are smarter than we give them credit for, thats bulls*it, this country’s a nation of morons” …that rings soooo true on this post. So from the lates rantings of the lot of you who seem to be so “in the know” , and who seem to be writing an unauthorized Bio of the Knowles clan, one can conclude that the All Mighty and Powerful Matthew Knowels, purposely blocked this girls albulm, sooo that she wouldnt be able to compete with Beyonce. Now lets all take a step back and examine this “logic” shall we, #1 This is the same Matthew Knowels who was denied for financial backing from Columbia for Bey’s rerelease special with the extra videos, but he somehow wielded the power to shelve Michelles album, thereby preventing the public (which includes you all on here…unfortunately) from experiencing the musical nirvana that is Michelle Williams, #2 I have always wondered this one, since he does manage Michelle, what would be the purpose of him not wanting her to be successful? o yes to ensure that all of Beyonces fans wont flock to her? because we all know that’s the one thing managers hate, having a roster of successful clients and um….making more money, yeah they hate that. And Columbia lets him make all these desicions even if it affects thier profit margin because, yess the All Mighty Matthew Knowels, who rules Columbia with an Iron Fist, told them, “No, she cant be successful, because my daughter is, and the last thing you want is multiple platinum selling artists, wheres the fun in that?”
    Now to the majority of you this makes perfect sense….but for me and Im sure a few others..it doesnt quite compute..you see I have this wierd little habit of umm THINKING, and unforutnately Im not that fluent in the logic of moron..soo maybe its just a miscommunication, and all these Factful, and Logical opinoins got lost in translation…yeah thats it!

  83. who said she was made she didnt get an oscar? did you hear her say that?

    @ charden…i like people like you…people that are not fans of an artist music but still give them credit for what they do…i am not a fan of many artists but i still give them their credit and never accuse them of making someone else fail…thats none of my business. and honestly if i thought beyonce was such a harmful person…i wouldnt be commenting on any topics that have anything to do with her because i would rather not read about it…im defending her because people should just be more supportive…i had someone tell me that beyonce wasnt talented period…its ok to not like her music but to say she isnt talented is taking it to far

    i hate when people say she is full of herself just because she says she wants to be iconic… when you all were in school did people ever ask you what you want to be when you grow up? same for beyonce why should she lower her standers…if noone tried to shoot high than no one would make it…im proud that she has confidence in herself and everyone else should have the same…

  84. i also dont understand why you people think matthew would purposely try to make kelly and michelle unsuccessful,…i mean come on lets look at kellys album it wasnt released anywhere around beyonce’s album release and it still didnt do that well here…(though i got the album and its good yall gotta go get it if you dont have it!) but it cost them alot of money to bring an artist out with new material…why would he waste his time and money on them if he doesnt want them to sale…that doesnt make sense to me..so i guess you guys are saying that matthew is purposely wasting his time and money on these artist just so when beyonce comes out he can make money again….i dont understand yalls way of thinking…

  85. its called confidence building and it does have a cost whose names are Michelle and Kelly..no he isn’t wasting time and money he is buttressing his main star which she obviously needs.

  86. haha @whatever….you are wrong she needs? wow honesly i know you people that hate beyonce fans think that beyonce isnt as talented as we think but im sure if beyonce really had to go to different management for whatever reason…she still would sale her millions…she has loyal fans and that will never change…dont blame beyonce she is just doing what she does best…selling records and entertaining her fans

  87. DAMN, I knew Beyonce was bad but I aint know she was THAT bad… LOL. NOW THAT’S A BAD B*TCH!!! She aint playin no games. Fu*k with Bee if you want to LOL. Cuz if she got that much power some of yall are alleging, she obviously aint the one to mess wit. Get it B! I’m scared of you girl….

  88. Last time I checked, Michelle & Kelly are two GROWN A** WOMEN! Do yall really think that they are that dumb to stick with Matthew if they felt they were gettin jaded. It just makes no sense. And we yall know Matthew is a business man and is about the money, so it would make no sense to me for him to “sabotage” Michelle & Kelly’s careers..I mean hello, the more money Michelle and Kelly get in their pockets, the more money Matthew gets! I mean, thats common sense yall. This “its all beyonce’s fault and nobody else’s” act is getting old. It didnt work with Latoya & Latavia, it for damn sure aint gonna work now. Get over it sweeties!

  89. Co-sign with Smooth Criminal!!! That’s one of the main reasons why the world and her delusional dumb stans will never know the REAL her.

  90. misty night he dont want nobody over his” bey.” fame he want her to have all that fame an nobody else… everybody knows that but yall “stans” thats crazy anybody can get over on yall thats his blood …. everybody in the in bizz know its just about him an bey an know one else he did have other artist that NEVER seen the Light of day like john-b,sunshine anderson,etc… and look SOLO ONLY SOLD 30,000 UNITS AN SHE PERFORM AT FASHION ROCKS LETS BE REAL NOW ITS ABOUT BLOOD AN THAT IT….EVEN J-HUD NEW THAT THATS WHY SHE WAS NOT GOING TO LET HIM MANAGE HER SEE US HUMANS KNOW GAME WHEN WE SEE IT

  91. It might not be today, might not be tomorrow, but some day down the line, the T R U T H will be revealed about the Knowles management practises: True Hollywood Stories/Tell-all books of various sources… S O M E T H I N ain’t right here and no one can convince me otherwise. There are too many examples that point to the fact that Miss B’s supportive bff sista act is gonna come crashin down. YOU READ IT HERE FIRST!!!!!

  92. How about we all do what im gonna do. BUY MICHELLES CD and listen to the new BEYONCE songS and have great time listen to both artist on OCT 7

  93. What beyonce’s stans are saying makes a lot of sens, She is actually so ignorant that she does not know when her own singles are going to play, she also doesn’t know that in our culture [everyone’s i’m guessing] constantly competiting with your own is sign of being straight down dirty and nasty, so since she doesn’t know we can’t be mad at her now can we?

  94. the broad is one insecure chick, period, and has to feel ‘popular’ at all costs…that people are choosing her over others and Daddy knows what his baby needs to be at her best..standing on top of others.

  95. Its funny how people [FANS AND THOSE WHO DONT LIKE HER] think they know her thoughts and the way she feels. How do u know she is insecure? How do u know if she is this and that?
    PLEASE stop calling her ignorant we do not know how smart she is.
    Everyone is acting like she is murdering people. Everyone needs to just relax.
    MATHEW is MICHELLES manager NOT BEYONCE. Stop getting mad at beyonce because of what her father does.

  96. kelly and michelle need to get them sum backbones, if bey really is doing this to them then im glad, they desreve it..not only coz they are whack but bcoz they are petty followers,i mean…they are grown ass women for crying ouot loud, they should start looking out for themselves, clearly bey,solange and ri-yawn-a are doing that..its about damn time they learn to survive coz this industry is cut-throat…all the best to beyonce. and keep screwing them….

  97. For everyone feelin sorry for Michelle, I only have ONE Question! Who copped her single from Itunes to help it become a hit??? Anyone???

  98. @Liyah

    Her shit didnt pushed back because of Beyonce, it got pushed back because the public wasnt BUYING IT! We Break The Dawn has been out since APIL!!! APRIL FOLKS and still NO PROGRESS! First off, we all knew that Beyonce was dropping in this Fourth Quater Before Michelle’s album was even thought about! Bee’s album was being talked about WHILE SHE WAS ON TOUR FOR B’DAY! LOL! Timbaland and Darkchild BEEN TALKIN ABOUT BEYONCE ALBUM!

    Michelle albums was suppose to have been OUT! Her single dropped in April! DAMN, Thats half of a year! 6 Montha ago, and Sony was NOT PLEASED with the results! This is the Truth, I cant make this up! SIX MONTHS AG & STILL NO PROGRESS! WOW!!!

  99. @ BLANK AND WPC…..

    …i couldnt have said it better myself…good job! like beyonce said….” lets go get em!”

  100. @”clear” and “voice” —as expected you two have failed to make either compelling, or logical “arguments” but from reading youre posts, one cant be shocked. Not a stan, I just dont treat the girl like shes the Anti-Christ, and cant stand the unessecary rantings of slow folk, Ive always had a low tolerance level for crap that doesnt make any sense, not one person has a theory as to why Columbia of all places has no desicion making power over Michelles projects, especially if they could smell a profit. But I cant blame you for resorting to the whole “stan” blog lingo and retarded rhetoric, what else are you capable of? In any event, whether shes successful in music or not , she doesnt look like shes hurtin. And puhhleeese! I refuse to feel sorry for Kelly, hell shes livin it up in Europe, throwing 400k parties, on a private yacht, always shopping, and looking good too, might I add. I cant pity her, cuz shes not pitiful. Livin waaaay better than all of us , but you fools are outraged! “Thats the last straw”! LOL, homegirl is chillin. and if her life is the life of a fool,deserving of pity, than where the hell can I sign up? hell I’d rather join the ranks of her “pitiful” ass, than be conversing with you bottom feeding pshyco’s anyday! No M’am I shall not be shedding any tears for Ms. Rowland, or Michelle……what the hell for?!

  101. One thing for sure i want to say to Michelle and Kelly is to move on, they still young , tallented> this industry(recording ) has been going to alot of changes and many singers and group are satisfied with the materials that are given by record producers. Do you remember Marvin Gaye protest against Gordy Berry bcause Whats going on was very patriotic but people love it so he moved on and wrote other materials , same thing with the Isleys brothers , the wanted out bcause they were sick and tired of Gordy, even he was a good producer he had ups and downs and he wanted things to b done by his way, so Michelle and kelly should done the same thing.

  102. SO many of you sound so silly, should beyonce hold her album back until they finally release michelles? michelle album was supposed to be released this past summer, and it is obvious that the record label felt it wasn’t a good cd, didn’t they release a single? if you all loved it so much why didn’t you buy it if you are such loyal fans? BEY even waited for her sisters cd to be released, she can’t help that her sisters album only sold 40,000 copies. TALENT PREVAILS!!!!! IT IS OBVIOUS THAT ALL YOU HATERS THAT WERE SCREAMING HOW MUCH YOU LOVE SOLANGE DIDN’T LOVE HER ENOUGH TO PURCHASE HER CD EITHER. Record companies are owned mostly by white men and regardless of what you might think beyonce or no other artist can tell the head of a record company when their album should be released, you are only as good as your last cds and if they sell they will support you…period. Matthew Knowls can’t create a miracle and give kelly, micheele, and solange talent, the door has been opened for them and now they have to navigate for themselves. Even if Kelly, Solange, and Michell got new managers they would be in the same position, they just don’t grab the publics attention the same as Bey does. I wish them all the best because they are my SOUL sisters but you can’t stop BEYONCE’S TALENT!!!!!!!

  103. If you click my name you can hear Jennifer Hudson’s new single Pocketbook.

    Some other sites have the unfinished version. That accounts for the negative reviews.

    There is gonna be a lot of great music out folks!

    Click name!

  104. Michelle, Kelly ,I don’t know why you two just don’t get it, the knowles family used you two like toilet paper. Michelle you were always assaulting latavia and la toya as the bad apples and that God knew who he hwanted to be in desnity child, before you even got your facts straight on what went down. It’s like when you meet a man and he is divorced or going through a divorce all you gonna hear is it’s all the woman’s fault he was just the perfect husband! take heed there is two sides to every story, now your the victim now you want to be heard, what goes around comes around those girls wanted someone that would have their best interest at heart not just what was best for beyawnce, but you came in the group putting them down, now you want a chance to shine HA HA! Karma is a Mother#$@#$.

  105. Releasing two songs on the same day discredits Michelle’s album because people will be downloading Beyonce’s song once it hits radio and buzzing about it. It is partly Beyonce’s fault because she always talks about sister hood and women being friends, but this is how she treats her friends. Why release two songs on the same day? Why not one? This is clearly a ploy for all eyes to be on her on Oct 7, look at how we are all talking about it.
    I think her character is not the best. she has learned to become greedy.

  106. THe fact that people LOved destiny’s child yet won’t buy kelly or michelle’s music should tell beyoncé something Karma has started working a long ass time ago and out of the three BEyonce will fall the harder
    I’ll wait for christina’s , and britney’s new album no more spending my money on insecure [thought they’re hella rich],vindictive, hypocrite, and dirty black women 🙂

  107. @NAYANKA
    U do not know these woman! U could of made ur point without the name calling. Grow up please.
    u could of stated ur point without calling the “dirty black women”
    Im a guy and I was always told to treat black women lke queens by my mother. Its so wierd to see u guys treat each other like this.
    thats just my thoughts.

  108. wpc…i agree and that goes for all of you in here that call each other names as well as the artist, no one deserves that unless you know them personally

  109. Beyonce has enough money RIGHT…enough FAME..RIGHT…please keep your hard earned cash and listen to her stuff on the radio, internet..you know its going to be on youtube, zshare…etc… its about time these socalled humble artist learn some real humility.

    Over it~Buying Beyonce Records…as for what….I can listen for free…she has enough money..I know I don’t and I am trying to enrich MYSELF…not some seemingly arrogant multi millionaire.

    This there job so what they make lots of money. Thats like getting Mc donalds and not paying for it because they already have millions…LMAO

  111. Some folks are hard at work. I notice a post that ask to boycott Beyonce already. Now, another povides other ways to not support her. I mention this for 2 reasons. First, I though this was a site to support “Black female” celebrities LOL. Second, why does Beyonce fall outside of this category? I’ve yet to hear you guys/ladies ASK to boycott another “Black female” artists. It’s one thing to not support an artist you dislike, but it’s entirely another thing to ask others to boycott the artist on this site. I’m curious…please indulge me LOL.

  112. I don’t eat CRAP food so no I don’t buy McDonalds nor will I be buying Beyonce…she has enough millions and I personally do not just support people because they are BLACK…it takes more to get my support. We need to move beyond color and support people for what they represent…not what they LOOK LIKE.

    I will not be buying her records, I am speaking for me…if yall want to run out like SHEEP go head…me….NOPE.

  113. And for the record, no I am not a rihalien…I think she has a lot more work to do as a performer but I am glad for her at least breaking the PEROXIDE mold…that’s it…is she the second coming…NO…I tell the truth, and for Me Beyonce and Crew are greedy (that crap of a clothing line proves that), dishonest (saying HIGH end when you are selling crap proves that) and I am just not impressed with her LYRICS or contribution to the INDUSTRY…yes she can perform her butt off, has talent, but what does she represent..to me, nothing to SPEND MY MONEY ON…

  114. @ over buying beyonce records… you have electricity right? so what you going to do not pay your electric bill because it is going to make someone else rich so u result into getting illegal electricity and break the law? you need some sense….because you make none. we work to have the pleasures we deserve in life…music is one of them and purchasing an album will not break you honey…especially if you can afford to be on a computer and have internet

  115. Over buying Beyonce Record says, “Please keep your hard earned cash and listen to her stuff on the radio, internet…”

    This clearly shows you’re asking & showing others ways to not support her. It’s more than “I’m speaking for me”. It’s very good that you are colorblind, but it doesn’t take away from what this site stand for & represent. As for artists you dislike, ignore them, and support those you do like.

  116. and you dont have to spend your money on her…but if you want to be loyal to your soul you as well shouldnt have then enjoyment of listening to her music on the internet…so control yourself from doing so when the music is out

  117. Oh wait a minute…you’re contradicting yourself here ‘Over buying Beyonce Record”.
    You like her music enough to listen to it over & over on you tube; then, you claim “I’m not impress with her lyrics or contribution to this industry” LOL

    Oh God…let me stop LOL

  118. Oh my bad…sites like pandora also play music without violating any licenses…and in future I will just keep it personal…I WILL NOT BE BUYING THAT MUSIC…her recent statements are just too UNRELATABLE…and I support people, not products, people with a story to tell, experiences theyve overcome..not people that were taken out of the real world, put in a basement bootcamp…overcourse she should be able to OUT PERFORM everyone else, that is ALL she GREW up doing, not balancing work, school, etc…. like every other ARTIST has done…except beyonce, so again, she has the performing advantage but life FOR SOME is about more than performing and her BRAND of entertainment I find more harmful than helpful…looks like she is changing it up and that is a good thing but all that crap in the past is largely forgettable and definitely not LEGEND worthy.

  119. Again…It was mostly a typo and my bad for encouraging others that like it to listen online…go head yall BUY IT IN DROVES…I don’t like her music, even when I am listening to pandora and her songs come on most times I skip it…I was erringly encouraging people to not buy her records…I won’t do that anymore…because actually I have never bought her records, her clothes, direct tv, true star 1 or 2, diamonds, dereon…NONE OF IT…So I will change my name to NEVER BOUGHT BEYONCE RECORDS or PRODUCTS…..let me keep it real.

  120. I actually feel that people, her stans, wish they could be her….and it is telling what people actually want out of life…money, european features, money, european features…., to be sexually desirable….her marketing team knows this that is why they hype things up like her 5 million dollar ring, her ‘creole’ backgroud..code word…light…

    Not the last book she read, her position on ANY issue, just her MONEY, her BEAUTY and last but not least her MUSIC that they have branded ICONIC when it is faaaar from that…

    But to you stans it is…things to make you go hmmmm

  121. Let me get outta here…..this is too heavy for Beyonce Stans….

    But I will say, and it is my opinion, that Rihanna’s success or popularity did cause Ms. Bey to have to rethink her whole image and hopefully now she will rely more on her TALENT rather than just swinging weave and elementary lyrics…as she DOES have the talent to do more. And if you are in it for the money and fame..which they are…you do what sells and the fact that she has become an icon from swinging blonde weave, booty shaking and elementary lyrics says more about YOU than it does about her…she will adapt to whatever will sell and it is up to the PUBLIC to make sure that what sells is something positive and entertaining not insultive lyrics like she will do for the people what MLK did…come on…her fans should have served that right back to her…and said No MAAM….

    I also think the return of Brandy, JHUD, others will also force Ms. Bey to have to do more to earn her money…as the blonde swinging booty pop I think she rode that till the wheels fell off, now she is coming with more…THANK GOODNESS that there are more in the world than Bey Stans as if there were not she would still be doing the same ol same ole….

  122. Fist off NO ONE IN BEYONCE’S camp said that was her ring from jayz the person who made it told the media. She wore the ring and did not even talk about.

  123. ok now i get it…you dont support beyonce because she never grew up as a poor person or because she never lived a life of crack like whitney huston? please get a life…she doesnt have to be a bad person just to have a story to telll…people in america kill me…someone has to go through a hard life and make bad decisions for people to want to buy their album?

  124. Never Bought Beyonce…
    OF COURSE “It was mostly a typo”, when you provide the ways to boycott & illegally seek B’s music. Yeahhh…righttt LOL. You spend so much energy on an artist you dislike. It tells a lot about you…

  125. WOULD YOU PEOPLE STOP? we will see how much she sells, the way she is hyped up by her fans i’ m predicting a million the first day, beside beyonce opened doors for us black women right? isn’ t she the epitome of a proud to be, representing her people , black lady? So what’ s the big deal she is such a legend bigger than any of the sistas that was there before her right?yet there are debates about her talent up until now? why won’ t you let people judge of it by their own? andnif you are buying , rooting, staning and dying for beyonce does it even matter what the next persone says? GO on and support your girl the next gucci collection is out, so once you’ re done working and get your pay check go ahead buy the album, go see the new movies,buy the new perfume, the dereon clothes and so ans so. I mean i see arguing i don’ t see any back up , keep your mouth moisturized and go buy all of the beyonce stuff you can find that’ ll shut her “haters” up .

  126. @ mario -paying an electric bill and supporting a rich celebrity are two different things. Good try but that doesnt make any sense . Paying an electric bill would benefit the person because he would need light in his house. How could he see without light and how would a beyonce album benefit him, please explain that to me lol

  127. All I can say is that KARMA IS A ***** and it comes back to those who have done others wrong.
    M Knowles and his beloved daughter Bey will have to answer for what they have done to Michelle and Kelly. Years ago between 2000 – 2002 when DC was going through all of their changes one of the Radio people said that Bey was being featured in front of the group and had more leading vocals. Then he said eventually that Matthew was going to turn her into a solo artist and there would no longer be a DC! Well after all these years here we are and DC are no longer together and she is a solo artist.
    My grandma always told me,,,

    And I am sure those people that you passed while decending will not want to stop and help break your fall. Karma,,Karma,,Karma,,,the Knowles family better pray that everyone they have done wrong by are all God fearing Christians because if not, no one will have mercy on them.
    There are so many yester-year stars that we cannot even remember their names except the ones with the ugly-bad stories. Bey may end up in this category!
    I’m just saying……..

  128. Yall are stupid…Beyonce talks through her PR people…ofcourse THEY leaked the 5 million dollar ring as she knew her poor insecure minions would eat it up. They didn’t say anything about the loreal ad as they know her poor insecure minions have already declared, she can do no wrong.

    And no, I don’t pirate her stuff nor anyones…its just not that important, I listen on internet radio to the random shuffle they provide and don’t see my role in life TO SUPPORT CELEBRITIES…come on, no song moves me that much that i have to take away from my personal needs, property, vacation, bath products (which I love..you know the herbal natural kind) to buy what I can hear on radio…I just have different priorities when it comes to money. Purchasing music is not one of them.

  129. you know the herbal natural kind)
    Girl you know i heard you ! how about the body shop?

  130. Again, I was mistakenly talking to others when I wrongly suggested they listen online. Everyone has personal liberty even if in asserting that liberty they make ‘foolish’ choices by other peoples standards, but that is just that ….their personal standards which they are free to assert irrespective of how others view them.

    I have never and will never pirate others music but I know that it is done and is an option for some…again, music is just not that important to me, nor ‘labels’, I am so proud to have traveled to Cairo, Giza, Paris, London, Cancun…and many more places which to me is sooo much more important than owning a CD…..

    That is why I revised my screenname to never bought many records PERIOD..as i just don’t but I was wrong to try to push my beliefs on others who probably buy tons…more power to you…and more money in others pockets….

    I know I have no business on this site, I use it to escape from my world and to laugh but then I make a mistake and try to bring my world into a place, like this blog, where it doesn’t belong.

    On here its just HATER, STANS..with no attempt to analyze anything…MY BAD.

    back to the ring…that is why she wore it because sadly her people always have a backup plan just in case her ‘talent’ isn’t enough which is her MONEY, BEAUTY etc..blah blah blah….

    Leona is truly standing on her talent and that is good and hopefully the greed factor won’t get to her and we wont see her hawking everyones products…she seems down to earth FOR REAL and her cd is selling like hot cakes.

  131. ^^^^^^^^^^
    FIRST OF ALL please do not call me stupid or any other names that is childish!
    I personaly have not disrespected u once. I have stated my factS. I have NOT called u out of ur name so please dont do it to me. This is not first grade we can have an
    INTELLIGENT CONVERSATION! without all the disrespect!

  132. when you take vacations you put money in others pocket…point….for you to listen to a song on the radio you must have purchased a radio or something that has one in it…another point…still putting money in other peoples pocket…thats how the world go round…money is passed through people…please..

  133. OK SO BACK TO MICHELLE im happy that her album will be coming out in less than a month i cant wait! i really like her…i want her to be on tv shows because she really makes me laugh and seems like she is fun to be around…actually i can see her writing inspirational books too…just throwing some ideas out there…lets start being positive people and get over this competition thing….GO MICHELLE YOU MY GIRL! if you dont have anyone else that got yo back just know you got me 🙂

  134. @Mario…

    There are much more people in the world like me than like you. There are roughly 50 million adults in the US yet most people only sell like 3 to 4 million albums…you are in the minority, I am in the majority on this issue. It is actually a small demographic that spends their disposable income on CDs and yet its putting money in peoples pocket, all consumption, but it is about Return on ones Investment and for most, there is no return on that type of consumption. On radio you hear weather, stock information, public radio etc…again, its about ROI and for MOST we choose to spend elsewhere.

    I wish Michelle luck with her album but she doesn’t have enough buzz. She should have been doing appearances with Flo Rida with her remix, or maybe she will just before her ‘buried’ release…if she does maybe that can get her some sales….and another GOOD single.

  135. And ofcourse with travel..you educate yourself, expand your horizons etc…again, only a MINORITY actually purchase CD’s anyway…and you are one, and I am not. Its your choice and I am not calling anyone stupid…if I did…my bad…I said it is wrong to judge people by your own standard so I won’t judge but I surely won’t promote such habits to my children…when I have them…I want them to put importance on things that IMO are more substantial.

    Maybe Michelle will get some sympathy purchases too…heck..maybe that’s the strategy.

  136. you are wrong again…just because one artist sale a couple mill doesnt mean that another few million that didnt buy that album bought another…

  137. and i thought you were leaving? not to be rude or anything because of course anyone is welcome but you seem to keep posting?

  138. Yeah, I was but I did wash my hair and I came back to make a few more points… and the point is made clear…don’t get what you said above..the point is ONLY a small demographic (that can be defined) buys CDs and buys into this ‘I have to support celebrities’ mentality…the majority of Americans do not live by this mantra and happily find other things to do with their money and ‘support themselves’ on a day to day basis….and this is true for the entire world….the celebrity stans ought to understand this and no the rest of America/World aren’t haters…they just live by different priorities, values and ideologies…and this celebrity culture/obsession is studied in universities all over the world under the branch of psychology, sociology and marketing….I am just providing context for those who ‘get it’ or are interested to see things from a different perspective.

    I am saying most PEOPLE don’t buy CDs…there are 50 million adults in the US yet the top selling CDs may sale 5 million which shows that only a MINORITY of PEOPLE actually spend their disposable income in this fashion. Far MORE people use their disposable income on OTHER THINGS.

  139. MARIO u miss the point of what she said an why would u give an example of eletric? we need that we dont need beyonce FAME DONT LAST AN SHE GOING TO END UP LIKE ALL THE OTHER SHE CANT TAKE NOT BEIN IN THE SPOT LIGHT IF U GO BACK AN LOOK AT HER ON MTV DIARY WITH DC SHE TALK ABOUT IT AN WHEN I SEEN THAT I KNEW SHES NOT GOING TO BE ABLE TO HANDLE THAT AN THE THINGS SHE DO LET ME KNOW THAT TO WPC as for “bey ring” she did that so people could talk about it that was the plan.. if that wasn’t the plan she would put it on the other hand OR WOULDN’T HAVE PUT IT ON AT ALL LIKE SHE BEEN DOING ……..yeah it was for attention an the person that made the ring didnt open there mouth go an watch E!NEWS

  140. Can’t wait for the real B to come out with her CD. Brandy always has the best music!!

  141. two of some of the more important things in people life are money and time…you chose to spend you money on other things than albums…but to me time is just as important as money so why are you wasting your time commenting on something that you dont intend on doing?

  142. ok enough of the electric…put the word cable or satellite in there…its still the same concept

  143. so again…back to michelle….did they ever come out with another single from the album yet? that we break the dawn video was prety hot coming from her…

  144. Dang.

    Why yall stanning so hard for back up singers? Yes Destiny’s Child was a group but it was always clear from jump who would be the star. All back up singers fade to black while the lead singers take center stage and embarked on solo careers; it’s the nature of the business.

    Ask Patti Labelle (Labelles), Teddy Pendergrass, Chaka Khan (Rufus), Micheal Jackson (Jackson Five, Lauryn Hill (Fugees), Justin Timberfake, Diana Ross (Supremes), George Michael (Wham!), Raphael Saadiq (Toni, Tone, Tony) Cisquo (Dru Hill) and Beyonce (DC).

    When its clear that a singer is at the forefront of a group…well there you have it. The lead always goes on to greener pastures. Beyonce was always the lead singer; not on a shared platform with Michelle and Kelly. In fact…I’ve never heard of a group where the back up singers become more famous than the lead singer. It just doesn’t happen.

  145. I do this on weekends to unwind and collect data for the discussions I will have to take part in during the week….

  146. Harlem Chic you said it best…I do wish Michelle much success in all her endeavors.

  147. I agree with Harlem Chic too… the formula hasn’t changed, so no surprise here.
    Sorry, Michelle.

  148. If I were Michelle Williams I would use some of that money I made from the days of DC to help me get a tell all book written and promoted on the Knowles family. I tell you her a** would really be a star then.

  149. :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: This post was funny as hell!!!

    Usually, I would be offended but tonight was hilarious. *Wipes Tears*

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