Unforgivable Woman

Are you an Unforgivable woman? Apparently Beyonce, Eartha Kitt and Aretha Franklin are, as they were the only sistas to show up to help Diddy launch his new fragrance for women. Eartha Kitt showed up for the unveiling looking fabulous, as did Aretha, who is quickly approaching her fourth decade in the music business. Beyonce however showed up looking a little out of it. The pic below is the only one of her at this event, as just like at the GQ Anniversary party, she seems to be trying to keep a very low profile.

Update: More pics of Bey added


  1. Umm, what’s wrong with my girl B’s face. LOL @ Aretha being an Unforgiveable woman.

  2. [quote comment=”13304″]Umm, what’s wrong with my girl B’s face. [/quote]Nothing. She’s just doing her own make-up again 😆

  3. [quote comment=”13306″][quote comment=”13304″]Umm, what’s wrong with my girl B’s face. [/quote]Nothing. She’s just doing her own make-up again :lol:[/quote]
    Does she do her own eyelashes too? I cannot for the life of me do false eyelashes. They end up wonky looking on my eyeball LOL Ummm, I like the neutral palette on Beyonce. I just think her hair is off or something in this pic. Love the clutch purse. Eartha Kitt is timeless; love this woman. Aretha…is Aretha. I’m surprised any of these ladies let P.Diddy squirt his stank on them. How IS the fragrance? Anyone smelled it yet? Is it nice? That whole commercial thing just turned me off…I’ll have to give it a smell when I go shopping again.

  4. Beyonce looks tired. Mark my words, if this chick doesn’t slow down and stop trying to dominate the entertainment world with her presence, she is going to suffer a melt down. God forbid if her next album tanks, she will have a major melt down.

  5. Something about Beyonce’s face looks different. I can’t quite figure out what exactly it is, but something looks off.

  6. Black star POWER. Not feeling Bey’s hair . She’s entitled to have a off day. I’m big on scents, I have to check this one out.

  7. I think Bey looks pretty. We are so used to her being all made up that we put unrealistic standards on her. I agree, she needs to cool out for a little while. She should give us a chance to miss her so we don’t get tired of seeing her. I’m on Beyonce overload right now. She needs to take a break and enjoy life. If she takes a break for a year or two and comes back, we’ll welcome her more than ever. Have some babies and get married Bey! Then hit us up with some grown woman ish!

  8. [quote comment=”13316″]IT’S THOSE DAMN FAKE EYELASHES … THATS WHAT’S OFF.[/quote]
    Is it? Or is it the shape of her neck and head or something and her hair pulled back revealing. That first image she looks WEIRD 🙁 Maybe she’s not normally shot at that angle?

  9. Ok I like the wig I just don’t think they have it fixed on that first shot at the GQ Party. It looks straight out the bag. On this shot it looks like she slept on it hard and they just threw it back into a ponytail. I think the make up is just a conturing problem. Still fly though.

  10. Eartha Kitt’s body is on point! Seriously. And I really like Bey’s dress – very sexy. I love the hair color because it is believable on Beyonce. That blonde lion’s mane she sported never looked natural on her.

  11. Actually, Beyonce looks really good with the Blonde wigs. I think she went a little overboard with the eyelashes. She does look very different.

  12. She looks like Raven Simone in the first picture. And that’s more than a compliment. Raven is beautiful, confident, rich and a natural born genius!

  13. Eartha Kitt looks great. makes me feel lazy about my poor fitness habits. I hope to look as good at her age!

  14. Ummm Hello its obvious Bey has been visiting Lil Kim’s: Make-up Extravaganza School. She looks just like her!

  15. Yeah, in that very first image of Bey…. she looks different! Maybe it’s the angle and side the pic was taken from. Also, that’s her real hair, huh? Well, at least in the front and around the top?
    Wow, she looks so different. I got too use to the lighter hair color on her….

  16. Bey is looking kinda post op in that pic; that is lovely dress she has on – bet you 1grand it is NOT House of Disappointe’on…lol

    Her body is bangin! But that hair and face is looking a lil “Lil Kim-ish” LOL

    Oh Aretha…and Ms Kitt is FIERCE

  17. And yall KNOW good and damn well that is not Beyonce’s hair. Maybe her natural hair color but def not her hair! Come on now let’s not get “pre-k brain”!


  19. Ms. Kitt is proof that you are only as old as you feel. Her body is fierce.

    Beyonce looks tired (take some time off girl).

    Ms. Franklin, what can you say, that is my girl.

  20. About Bey’s hair…. no, really, make the image bigger on your screen, really take a good close up look at her hair in the front and on the top, I really do believe that’s hers- I mean with the short pieces and the thinned out look of it. I’m sure the length in the back is a “piece” but I really think around the front, all around the top, right and left side…. that’s her.

  21. Aretha needs to seek help with her weight and soon or it is going to kill her. She clearly has an unhealthy relationship with food.

  22. Man oh Man i did’nt know that was Beyonce in the first pic she looked like Ashanti to me (from a distance) i was like that’s……….no it’s not………yes it is…………no it’s not. i was goin’ through it lol im not use to seeing BEE like that.

    We got to admit it sista’s sometimes we have our off days when it comes to our hair LOL
    my hair is wraped up right now and i went to beauty school with it wraped up.

    But other than that everybody looks……………………..O.K LOL


  23. @Madame Zenobia

    I am french, i was in london last week-end. I bought it to give a smile to my girlfriend. Sure, it smells good.
    My question:
    Is Diddy who created this scent ?
    How many time has he a good taste – I am confused – It is a first time I appreciate fragrance from USA because Paris is famous for fragrance.

  24. And for the record people’s that is beyonce’s HAIR!!!! not a weave nor wig!!!!!!

  25. Beyonce looks nice. I don’t get what all the hoop-la is for, she’s always been made-up like anybody else and so she has the right to change like everybody else.

    Eartha Kitt looks very stunning. Aretha looks nice too.

    I smelled Unforgivable in a magazine ad, so far it smells good. Very Feminine and Sexy. When I saw the commercial on concreteloop it really through me off, but when I go back to the mall I give it a second try to see if I’m going to buy it. So far my favorites are M by Mariah and Usher’s She.

  26. Pissed off motha! GIrl that is not Bee’s hair please stop it! Bee looks a hot mess that color is horrible. Her makeup is horrible. Aretha, Eartha Kitt look scary! They all look scary!

  27. It could be her hair cuz why would she want weave like that. but she was probably on a low profile cuz she didnt want anyone to know she attended that lame thing. I like the color on her there is some more pics with her weave that color and it looks great!My girl Aretha looks good too.

  28. Aretha Franklin is a 400 pound “has been” please put that pig back and move on. The public wants to see a size 4 on stage not size 44 that is why you only see fat women singing in church not on a stage.

  29. They all look Beautiful I am still trying to get use to Beyonce’s new look Go Ladies!

  30. Love the perfume! it’s very nice.

    But I’m sorry that’s not bee’s hair. It’s madd tresses in there. But I love the new color. LOVE ME SOME BEE!

  31. beyonce looks gorgeous as always .. i wish you jealous black wenches would stop talking about bey all the time.. why is it when black men call you deragatory names you all on this board are in an uproar, but every chance you wenches get to dog beyonce you do.. first you complain about her hair being to light ,so she darkened it ,now its too dark she cant win with you jealous bitches..she doesnt have to slow down she loves working and it shows.. she can take some time off when she chooses too not when all think she should ..what has beyonce done to any of you.. why do you black females always have to have some negative to say about her and each other but complain about what other people say about you.. do any of you know her personally? what has she done to any of you? nothing leave her alone.. beyonce dresses for herself not any of you.. she probably looks better than half of you talking ish about her.. shes a millionaire are any of you? hell no your not .. why talk about someone whos doing something constructive with her life,she acts, she sings, is a budding clothing designer, has all kinds of endorsements shes earned, so why dog her every chance you get.. plus she with a multi-millionaire who owns half of the nets plus numerous other businesses,he seems to really love her .. how many of you are with a man who can give you anything your hearts desire? im sure not many of you,plus if any of you thought jay-z wanted you you would go right the hell with him ,why? half of you are dating broke negroes who dont have a pot to piss in and cant and wouldnt give you half of what beyonce has ..instead of dogging her out we all should be uplifting her .. shes one of our own you dont see any white people dogging there own out like turncoat,benedict arnold, jealous,envious, black folks who are mad when someone else is doing good for themselves and are always waiting around for one of your own to fall to make you feel better about your have nothing going for yourselves asses… aretha looks nice i dont care if she is fat.. she the QUEEN OF SOUL!!!!!!!!!!!!! eartha kitt looks beautiful and vibrant ,black certainly doesnt crack, shes beautiful in her old age just flawless.. beyonce doesnt need to wear a weave like some of you baldheaded heffas on this board beyonce has really long hair when she takes her weave out she wears weave to protect her real hair, her real hair is hanging way way down her back she has beautiful healthy long hair like her mother , ive seen beyonce in person in soho in nyc and believe me shes flawless as hell in person she has beautiful smooth skin and a banging shape and her fashion cant be described plus her handbags she carries are to die for!!!!!!! beyonce is flawless.. beyonce tell these jealous haters to kiss your grits please..

  32. @Nelly STFU you sound ignorant everyone has the right to their opinion. Who do you think you are to judge and label others because they are not kissing Beyonce’s behind? The answer is no one. Get a life quick. :loser:

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