Up and Coming: Unique & Alias

Up and coming British pop duo Unique and Alias Edwards are looking forward to making a name for themselves on the music scene here in the United States.

After conquering the European club scene, the brother/sister combo signed on with an independent label and immediately set out to record their first album ‘On Our Own.’

Citing American groups such as The Carpenters and Ashford & Simpson, Alias, who says he likes to spend his downtime writing music and playing at partybingo.com, likens his group’s sound to that of another generation. “My sister and I grew up listening to our parents’ records. We didn’t hear music on the radio until we were almost in high school. We were listening to Motown and Disco thinking those songs were current. You can definitely hear those sounds in our music today.”

Unique echoes her brother’s sentiments, saying “Our parents wanted to give us a solid musical foundation, so they exposed us to artists they thought would do that.”

Unique says she and Alias plan to infiltrate the U.S. market the same way they did the U.K. market, one club performance at a time. “We are used to being on the road singing- making a name for ourselves through our live shows. We’re hoping to one day play Carnegie Hall, and eventually Madison Square Garden.”

Look for the duo’s ‘On Our Own’ album to be officially released through their own independent label, citing creative differences as the reason why their first deal didn’t work out.

Unique and Alias plan to launch their American club tour this spring and plan to hit all major U.S. cities, including Miami, Chicago, New York and San Francisco.

Now managed by their father, a former sessions player for some of the biggest acts in underground music, Alias says the duo plan to experiment with different sounds on their American tour, expressing their love of modern acts like Pink and Taylor Swift. “Taylor blends pop and country so effortlessly,” says Unique. “She is already a legend in my mind.” Alias on the other hand finds Pink’s rock edge a sound he and his father would like to group to work toward, saying “Pink is a mesh of old and new. Her music sounds modern but is deeply rooted in the classics, with an emphasis on lyrical content.”

So, which sound will win out? I guess we’ll have to wait for the tour to see.