Up and Coming: Rosalind Rice

Check out the video for ‘Hate Myself,’ the new single from up and coming singer Rosalind Rice. The track is the first to be released from the singer’s upcoming ‘Cocoa Better and Vitamin E’ mixtape. According to Rosalind, the name describes the songs, which she says will be therapeutic to the soul.


  1. Song’s all right, but she’s pretty and I like the beach shots. Good luck to her.

  2. I agree with Kanyade, the song’s a little weak but she is very beautiful and has a nice voice and lovely video to compliment. I wish her well also 🙂

  3. I agree. Song is mediocre. She should look into doing iPhone commercials…I mean the camera only cut over to the phone like 50 times..smh

  4. I would like to hear more from Rosalind Rice…but the vocals were too weak to fully deliver this song…it was like she was talking the song through…work on her phrasing…listen to some Ella and others…I can see her working big time over seas if she can pull together some cohesive music…the song is very nice with a relaxed chill feel…I hope she does well!

  5. Shes a star! Really like this girl! We need more beautiful brown girls like her in the industry and her vocals remind me of a young Denise Williams. I can relate and feel the pain

  6. She is beautiful and has angelic voice,.. The beginning was a little dragged out… She is growing more and more with each video… I wish her the best <3

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