Update: My Daughter is Back Home

There is a reason updates have been few and far between the last few days. My daughter Essence, who has been in the hospital battling leukemia since January 12th, is finally back home. After a successful stem cell transplant and over five months of recovery time, she was finally cleared for release on November 25th.

My daughter’s final day in the hospital was captured by the Today Show, who along with singer Rachel Platten, courtesy of Musicians on Call, was on hand to help her celebrate the big day.

I’d like to thank all of you who sent prayers and wished my daughter luck when I posted about her fight earlier this year. Those prayers and positive thoughts worked. We are thankful, we are grateful, and we are blessed.
Thank you all for sending me messages and asking for updates. Yes, Essence went back into the hospital exactly one week later. She came down with an infection and went into septic shock. She was rushed to the hospital quickly, and while it was touch-and-go, my daughter is alive and out of the intensive care after a 4-day stay.

We’ll keep everyone update on her progress daily via her Go Fund Me Page.

Feel free to leave kind words. Donations not required. My daughter is extremely spiritual and more than anything she feeds off of positivity.



  1. All praises due! Thank God for her wellness now. Continued prayers for you and your daughter and your family. May God continue to give you strength and many blessings more. *hug* She’s beautiful, Sista! Happy late Thanksgiving and soon-to-be Holidays 🙂

  2. Congrats. The road to full recovery can be long. Continued luck and my prayers will be with your family.

  3. That was so beautiful. I love Fight Song by Rachel.
    Congrats to your daughter. I’m glad she’s left the hospital. A friend’s daughter also went through this a few years ago and it was such a long and taxing process. The hospital stays were the worse. I know she’s glad to be going back home. I wish her continued success.

  4. So glad to read this update. #GAP and we’ll keep praying for y’all!

  5. wow. what a blessing to have her home. i wish her continued recovery and all of you nothing but joy.

  6. I have waited some days to find the words, but I can’t. God is so good, and I am so glad to see your baby healed. Now my prayer is for restoration and that she will fulfill the mighty things she was placed on this earth to do. Philippians 1:6. Just the beginning of good things to come!

  7. Hi Essence,
    I must say that you are indeed a very brave young woman! Most teens your age are living a different reality, but you have been given a special assignment, a mission that only you could fulfill! You are a superhero, a super-girl! As I read your mom’s post from back in April about what happened with you, I was astonished at what you and your family have championed through with such grace and beauty! I loved your graduation pictures, you are gorgeous! I see your immense beauty vividly shining through. I see you in the league and ranks of individuals and other superheroes like Serena and Venus Williams and T-Boz, and other countless unsung heroes! I remember there was this MVJ turned actress named Duff or Duffy, I saw her on the Oprah show years ago. She shared a riveting story like yours of overcoming and inching her way through a battle for her life. She said she would look at the milk carton and believed if she could just make it past the expiration date on the carton, she would live and she did. Fast-forward to today, I thought a few months ago, whatever happened to Duff, and Googled her, and found she’s well, married and has a son. George Clooney paid for her medical bills and people stood by her. She survived a most difficult time in her life, and attended his wedding! God enabled us with such an incredible will and fortitude to create the outcomes and realities that we desire! “Where there’s life there’s hope!”
    Essence, you are quite powerful, a metaphysician, as you continue to help heal your body! I really believe because of how you’ve incredibly sustained your being (never gave up), and what you’ve come through in less than a year’s time is only the beginning of your mission! You and your mom are a force to reckon with! You have a wonderful family and circle of friends, doctors, and clinicians helping you along your way. But, it is your true essence that is the driving force because you have declared VICTORY! Speed bumps will occur, but I see a light of healing illuminating through your body, through every cell, bone and tissue, from the top of your head to the tip of toes, this healing light force of God moves through you! YOU ARE HEALED!

    Through the Grace and Power of God, all provisions have been made! Keep the faith, and keep on creating this wonderful story that is encouraging and uplifting so many people. More black people will become bone marrow donors, I know I will and encourage others, too! I will keep you in my prayers! Here’s my favorite health affirmation:

    “God is my health and my strength and I cannot be sick!”
    “God is my health and my strength and I cannot be sick!”
    “God is my health and my strength and I cannot be sick!”

    It is so and so it is!

    Amen, and Amen
    Thank You, God!

  8. To Cynthinia and everyone, I cannot tell you what your words mean to me and my daughter. When she is up to it she will actually respond herself, but in the meantime, I wanted to let you all know that your word means everything to me and to her.

    My daughter is extremely spiritual. Her faith that God will bring her through this so she will have a testimony to share amazes me. She never loses faith. Even when she has setbacks, she never loses faith that she is being tested to share God’s grace and love with others.

    The day after she was re-admitted back into the hospital with septic shock, she told me not to worry. She could barely talk and had a huge breathing mask on, lungs filled with water and failing kidneys, and yet she told me not to worry. She could barely breathe or talk, but she willed herself to remove her mask to simply tell me not to worry. She again shared her belief that she’d now beaten death three times and it was because God had a powerful testimony for her- her words not mine. I was looking at my daughter and wondering how on earth she managed to be so amazing. She’s become my miracle child. She makes me believe.

    Four days after her bout with septic shock she was out of ICU and back in the Pediatric Hematology and Oncology Unit. Everyone at the hospital again marveled at her, myself included. Last week she was down to 84 pounds and the doctors worried she’d possibly have heart, kidney and liver damage. This week, she’s up to 98 pounds. It’s mostly water weight, but she’s stopped losing weight which the doctors are happy about. She also has no organ damage that they’re worried about at the moment.

    She’s not out of danger completely, and even when she was home, she required around the clock care and was taking over 30 pills a day, but she’s alive and the doctors say they very hopeful she will make a full recovery.

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