*UPDATED* Style Stealer: Monica vs. Beyoncé vs. Ashanti vs. Rihanna

Oh, celebrities. I guess when something’s hott, it’s hott! I mean, how strange is it that these three four females wore the same grey J Brand Thrasher jeans just weeks after the other. Rihanna was the first to wear the $218 distressed denim pants, when she was spotted sometime last month leaving an airport in Hawaii [not pictured]. Monica then wore hers to the recent ‘Swagga Like Us’ concert in Miami. She paired her jeans with a grey tank, beige Helmut Lang motorcycle jacket, gold Cazal shades, and gold metallic Christian Louboutin peep-toe pumps. Enjoying a quick shopping trip in Vienna, Beyoncé was spotted wearing her acid wash Thrasher jeans with a burnout white tank top, trilby hat, and silver YSL cage heels. Ashanti attended an LA movie premiere in hers. They were paired with a green strapless top, with attached feather pendant, and a colorful set of Giuseppe Zanotti sandals. Rihanna then wore hers again this month, with a white corset top, and exotic snakeskin heels.

* Seriously, they all look amazing, but I was crazy over Rihanna’s outfit when these photos hit the ‘net. She looks fantastic. BUT, something about Beyonce’s screams street style. I love it! So, my vote goes to Bey. I think the hair with that hat does it for me! Nice.


  1. Now to actually aswer the question. I’m giving it to Rihanna. She totally killed this look. This woman can do no wrong and wear no wrong. She is my fashion icon :bowdown:

    As for Ashanti, she look cute but a bit “thick thighed”.

    Poor Monica- she is a stick figure. A very pretty stick- but a stick nonetheless.

  2. rihanna actually wore those j brand jeans first leaving hawaii two month ago. when she had on a long blue jacket.

  3. rihanna does look good in dem jeans…my little “straight” compliments 😆 but i dont like the top on her, i mean i like it it just looks like its squeezin the goods to much

  4. Ashanti too fat Monica too skinny Rihanna has the perfect body for those jeans

  5. I like Monica for this one. Ri Ri comes in second. Beyonce is definitely last, she has entirely too much going on..

  6. Rihanna OWNED those jeans :bowdown: …Beyonce looks cute in them too, they make her look like a hip teenager! Monica is way too skinny for them and Ashanti NO MAAME :thumbsdown:

  7. Drum Roll and the winner is Rhianna :iagree: 2nd is Monica, 3rd is Beyonce and last is Ashanti.

  8. I am torn as to who to give the top spot to, Monica or Rihanna. Loooked again and think it has to be Rihanna, she owns the outfit like “this how i move…”

    Beyonce there is just too much going on with her outfit the boots, the belt, the hair she needs to strip back.

    Clearly Ashanti does have thicker thighs but it doesn’t spoil the outfit, the top does it is just blah…

  9. LOL @ Stephanie and her 1st! 😆

    I’m going w/ Rihanna on this one!
    I like when she had on the peach colored cardigan/shawl with it though….

  10. Monica has the better look.

    Beyonce has the better shoes.

    Ashanti…. I’m thick like her and would not wear that.

    Rihanna is the most stylish.

  11. They can’t take it from rih rih
    Stop jocking rih rih Stop jocking rih rih Stop jocking rih rih
    cuz she the flyest of them all :lol2: i’m high :lol2:

  12. Rihanna still gets my votes then it will be Monica then Beyonce and last Ashanti because I dont like her top.

  13. Rihanna is killing em. I gotta give it to her. The slight fold at the bottom is so cute and those shoes…

    Don’t even get me started!

  14. my vote goes to Monica, she is slim but she knows how dress that compliments her size. next i guess it goes to RiRi i dont like the top though, it looks a little to small for her but she tried .. next Queen Bey, i dont like her hair but eveyrthing else ok.. and lastly Ashanti, and she look a hot mess with that snap on pony tail in a french braid..lmao!! :lol2:
    my vote goes to Monica, i think she is truely a fashion icon!!!!!!! :bowdown:

  15. Rihanna hands down. The girl’s fashion sense along with the attitude and confidence is always on point.

  16. damn those jeans must be really popular! i think they look best on ashanti, her shape fills them out the best. beyonce and rihanna look like they got a pair that was too big, and i love monica, but she so damn skinny!

  17. I can’t believe someone called Ashanti fat. If she is fat then I want to be fat. She just has a real behind and no cushions or pads. But I would say for me it’s a tie between Rhianna & Monica. Even though Monica is very skinny she always wears clothes that is appropriate for her size.

  18. Bee: yeah i remenber on year she wore a dress and she was like no i’m too skinny it will look better on a curvier sisters, I like chicks like that, some want to wear clothes knowing their butt pads, i’m sorry behind 🙂 is too flat,love your shape!

  19. With the new contender, I still vote Rihanna.


  20. i agree with bee in what world is ashanti too fat for those jeans, excuse thick thighed.

  21. riri takes the title she is rockus……. Ashanti fat?.

  22. All four of them look good. I think all of the outfits represent their personalities. I like them all individually but, I picked monica, because hers is conservative and it is something I would be coole wearing anyday. Sexy and not too crazy. You can take it to dinner with your man, and you can meet your mans family in it.

    Rih Rihs outfit is sexy. Love it… although it does look like the top is too tight for comfort.

    Shantis outfit has a bubbly vibe like her. I like the pops of color she put with it.

    Bey’s look is very eclectic. Nothing I would wear but it really looks good on her.

  23. I knew Beyonce would win this…she won the same debate on another site. :hifive: Dont get me wrong Rih looks HOT in them but Beyonce brings more life to them! Go Bey. :hifive:

  24. i think they all look great but as for what i would wear i wud pick Beyonce’s look minus the cage shoes (they just look painful) switch those into silver/brown sandals.maybe even Rihanna’s shoes.

  25. I REALLY try not to be biased but for once I have to say this: I wish beyonce would just where straight, blonde (if she must), short hair….Like in the me, myself, and I video. Or in the Upgrade U Live Performance on the BET Awards.

  26. Rih Rih :bowdown:

    Ashanti looks cute

    Sorry Monica & Bey, just not feeling it on ya.

  27. Rhianna rocked it. Bey, as usual, looks too “forced”. it’s like she just tries to hard to be “fashionable” i just wish she would find her own sense of style. Rhianna owned this look, head to toe.

  28. Rihanna killed it. Hands down. The shoes, the corset top, the hair..

    Monica needs to hit up a buffet.

    Beyonce just looks wrong. I’m still on the fence about the shoes. Maybe just not with that outfit..

    Sorry, but Ashanti is looking a little too thick for this style.

  29. Ashanti, and she look a hot mess with that snap on pony tail in a french braid..lmao!! :lol2:


    She has way too much money to be rocking such an obvious phony pony!

  30. 1. Rihanna = a knock-out; stylin and profilin
    2. Monica = a close second; got it goin on.
    3. Ashanti = lookin good
    4. Beyonce = got too much going on, style too eclectic

  31. All four has less than perfect outfits. In no paricular order:

    1. Rihanna should lose that corset, it doesn’t go with the jeans! If she’d rocked a slouchy vest with a few necklaces it would look hot.

    2. Monica shouldn’t have worn that leather jacket or be holding the clutch. CLASH!!

    3. Beyonce would have had it in the bag if her jeans were full length and she took that hat off her head!

    4. Ashanti ruined her look with that awful satin-look top. Material clash! The jeans are an ill-fit too.

  32. Monica looked the best in my opinion, I thought they were asking about the clothes not the body type. and I guess its wrong to say someone is too fat, but its okay to dis the slim chicks.

  33. My vote was for Rihanna… cause she does look good, when I saw the pics when she was in hawaii in the jeans, I was loving them….

    But I also love what Monica is wearing, she looks so cute in them… loving the jacket.

    I will give it to Ashanti next cause it looks casual and I really don’t think Ashanti is fat… she has big thighs and I think that is a good thing…

    Last but not least Beyonce… if she didn’t have the hat on and the belt and had her hair straight , then I think it would have looked better….

  34. Virgo are u kidding me READ THE COMMENTS….COUNT THEM OUT!! :lol2: Rihanna totally won this and she soooo owns that look…thats more her style and her haircut sets it off. Monica looks good,but she is skinny as hell. Beyonce looks a hot messy mess and Ashanti pleeeeez stop it, but I love her body she is not fat! nice and healthy looking.

  35. Haha I’m sorry but Ashanti looks the best i mean really
    Monica is to skinny
    Beyonce is played out
    Rihanna looks good/barbie doll
    and Ashanti is the thickest…..

  36. Heyyy Wait a minute :stop:

    Arent those the same pants monica had on in the new Keyshia video?

  37. rihanna after all she wore it first, then every one rushed to cop them a pair.

  38. I know everyone is saying monica is to skinny :iagree: but i have a small frame to. in my opinion her slim figure can manage to wear jeans like that S**t i would wear it size 3 HOLLA im representing . I would def ROCK RIHANNA and MO MO style !

    They got it LOCKED…………………..as for B. & Ashanti ummmm is iight 😆

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