Vanessa Williams Gets A Gold Star

… and not just any gold star. After 20 plus years in the business Vanessa Williams, America’s first Black Miss America, has finally gotten a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame.It was 1984 when Vanessa had her crown taken away because of nude photos she posed for while in college, but oh how time and success have changed things.Check out Vanessa below as she comes full circle and proves that you just can’t keep a good woman down.
Vanessa WilliamsVanessa WilliamsVanessa Williams


  1. Vanessa Williams is beautiful and talented. She should of been had a star a long time along. :brownsista:

  2. She was, is and will always be a beautiful woman with true class and talent. I adored her when I was a little girl and I still do.

    I’m glad for Vanessa Williams now that she has her star. She proved to everyone that she determines her worth, not anyone else. A good lesson for all girls.

  3. I remeber being a little girl watching her video “Right Stuff.” I loved that video, lol. Congrat’s I love her still. SHe divorced a fine brother though,ooo, that Rick FOx is sexy! lol 😳 🙂 :dance:

  4. :dance: Congratulations Sista Vanessa! She’s conquered Broadway, Film, TV, Music…the sista is FIERCE!! and ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!! Can anyone name a former Ms America that has accomplished so much? It’s ok….I’ll wait……

  5. Sista Vanessa earned that title back when tru talent and beauty were in the running. Today, just alcoholics and flat, available asses seem to count. So, sis VW, you just show these “chillens” what a REAL MISS AMERICA is supposed to be about! Although, it is clear that you have far surpassed anything that limited title has to offer!!!

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