Vanessa Williams Lands ‘Fantasy Life’ Pilot


Former ‘Ugly Betty’ star Vanessa Williams has been tapped to star alongside Kevin Connolly in the new Fox pilot ‘Fantasy Life,’ which is based on the memoirs of ESPN fantasy sports analyst Matthew Berry.

Vanessa, whose last starring role was on ABC’s ‘666 Park Avenue,’ will reportedly take on the role of Terry, the “bold and pragmatic SVP of Programming” at a major sports network and a woman not to be crossed.

The 30-minute comedy is set to make its mid-season debut early next year and should ratings impress, could be added to the 2016 fall line-up.

In the meantime, Vanessa is still popping up on network TV doing guest spots. Her next appearance will be on episode 17 of this season’s ‘The Mindy Project,’ titled Danny Castellano is My Nutritionist.’


  1. Awesome news, Vanessa Williams always keeps it moving. She’s a very talented actress. I will be watching this new show. I was watching 666 Park Ave., but that show got ridiculous very quickly.

    Instead of this new show being a comedy, I wish she was the lead of a drama cop show or political show, she would be great, and it would be a good change of pace. They should’ve made Vanessa the star of that new show, State of Affairs instead of Katherine H????, then I would’ve watched.

    Sista, Thanks for letting me know Vanessa will be on the Mindy Project. I love that show!

    Keep on supporting shows with sista’s. Cause I see these networks now know (hopefully) that black people watch tv, and that we are must see tv (not only blacks watch blacks, Hello…cosby show, different world, martin, family matters, 227, living single, my wife and kids, in living colour, scandal, HTGAWM, empire-which I’ve been pvr’ing and will give a chance…etc…..).

    BTW Sista, u should watch Sleepy Hollow again its getting a whole lot better. Last weeks episode reminded me of last season, up until the last minute. But u can’t have it all.

  2. Wow Vanessa is going to be in a new show I can’t wait! I remembered watching her on ugly Betty she was hilarious. I enjoyed watching it sooo much I bought all the boxsets. 666 and park was really good honestly, I don’t know why they canceled it. Ok I agree it did get a bit ridiculous but hey it was entertaining. I enjoyed the scare factor of the plot.

    I have to say I agree with Kim on this one they should have Vanessa star on a cop or political show as lead actress. Look how well htgawm and scandal is doing! Kerry Washington and Viola Davis two amazing actresses.

    Now Katherine H no comment state of affair would of been killer if she wasn’t in it. Are they serious! I guess these networks want to lose money and ratings lol.

    Shonda Rhimes is working on a new show I’m sure to be tuning in, that’s for sure.

    Ohh btw check out Thandies new show this week Thursday @8pm The Slap.

  3. Ohhh I almost forgot Sleepy Hallow looks like it’s getting back to it’s roots. Don’t give up on the show it’s one of my favs. Nicole is doing awesome.

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