Vibe Magazine To Cease Publication

Vibe Magazine Wow. Another urban magazine is closing it’s door. According to AOL Black Voices, and numerous other sources, Vibe Magazine will officially cease operations at the close of business today. Words has it the magazine is the latest victim of the media recession (King, Blender, HITS, Jane, Arena). As many of you will remember, Vibe’s sister publication, Vibe Vixen, closed it’s doors just over a year ago as well. No official announcement has been made yet, however an assistant to editor in chief, Danyel Smith, did confirm to that was publication was indeed closing down today.

This is of course very sad news to us here at BrownSista and the urban community at large. Vibe Magazine gave exposure to Black and urban artists- something no mainstream music magazine had ever done before. Rolling Stone is notoriously allergic to putting Blacks on their magazine and that’s another reason why Vibe was so needed. Years ago landing a Vibe cover for an urban artist was pretty much equivalent to that of a new model landing the cover of Vogue- it was really that prestigious.

The internet however is hitting the print world very hard. No need to buy a magazine when you can get the cover, article and just about everything in between online- and weeks before the magazine even hits the stands.

RIP Vibe. You will be missed.


  1. Vibe gave exposure to who stephy? Jay-z? Soulja boy?beyonce? rihanna? lil wayne? They get TOO much exposure if you ask em, Vibe is another black magazine eager to put the most popular person on the front page and make some dollars out of some of the moronic idiots who buy that bull,I am not sad at all, It’s time from brand new magazines to rise and show everyone how its done,I know some people want to have a lil bit rather than nothing but i believe in getting 100% or nothing So good riddance πŸ™‚

  2. Honestly I don’t really pick up magazines unless there is someone in there that I really, really like… but that’s once in a blue moon. I’d rather come to blog sites like this one and I mean, there are fansites on just about everybody and they do scans. Sooooo… yea.

  3. I am saddened by this because this magazine used to be THE BEST R&B/HipHop magazine out there. It was our Rolling Stone.

    RIP Vibe Magazine.


  4. Lmao! ooh steph, you know they gonna be mad you posted the one wit bey on the cover…oh well! but yeah, vibe has not been all the great the last few years anyway. shame all these magazines are shutting down though. it’s a sign of the times…

  5. If these artisit can’t sale records what makes them think they can sale magazine covers. When you constantly have the same people over and over and ignore everyone else as their popularity goes down so does the magazine. Black music had better find it’s roots or there is not going to be anymore black music.

  6. or there is not going to be anymore black music.

    There isn’t any black music anymore , thankfully we have old records to bring us a sense of pride

  7. This weekend’s BET awards was an awkward (and embarrassing) wake up call to the state of Black Music. Real artists get no shine and the big “mainstream artists” are more machine than anything. I am a child of the 80’s, my father played the oldies and sang to us..but sadly I think real R&B as a popular and respected genre of music exited in the 90’s with those great groups like Boyz to Men, Jodeci, Silk and others. As far as vibe goes, I am really tired of seeing the same 4 artists on covers, just like Essence. Our own publications have no interest in real music and overall Black entertainment, so you can’t be mad when the over saturated singers/rappers and their fans get instant access through the internet. I was never a big magazine buyer..but I’ve been so disgusted with music (Hip Hop and R&B) these last few years, it’s such a joke. I loved the look of Vibe, but I honestly cannot say that this was not in the works…

    Black folks don’t even OWN our own mags , productions companies, etc. But there are plenty of rich black celebs that could start a legacy worth keeping around… πŸ™‚

  8. Whoa! AND you posted the cover from when Beyonce had her real nose! You had better pull that before papa knowles and tina find out!

  9. Oh that sucks πŸ˜₯ I am a long time subscriber of VIBE. Hate to see that it will not be passing thru my mailbox anymore. So is the cover w/ Enimen the last or is there another that will be the final?

  10. It’s rumored that Quincy Jones is trying to buy back the magazine so it may not be gone just yet.

  11. Quincy had better save his money and move on – Vibe has been a substandard publication for years. When they ran that photography section a few years back with models made up to look like battered wives, and tried to pass it off as haute couture, they jumped the shark. Hasn’t been good since the 90’s.

  12. A Thai music magazine I write a review for new CD for 7 years also closed last month due to its low sell amount.
    We have to admit that today is a computer generation. Lots of kids and teenagers go to the internet to check info they want to know. Interview clips take over articles and interviews printed on the magazine.

    I think it is a small change to the new era.

    PS. Sorry for my English.

  13. whats gonna follow next is the blogs if they are not careful coz they are doing the same thing its always this one person who is at the forefront,with twitter on the rise it allows a lot of stars to control their image,content and publicity everyone is getting the chance to shine now…..some low gossip blogs are even resorting to stealing twitter pics from the stars twitter site thats a sign of trouble and desperation on the black blog sphere.

  14. I think if we seperate R&B from hip-hop then real music will come back. They started doing that in the late 90’s. You don’t see them combining Rock and Country so why is R&B and hip-hop put in the same category because it’s not the same. That was the beginning of the end when they did that .

  15. I’m shocked. I’m not surprised their going out of biz, I’m just shocked they lasted this long. Magazines are suffering these days, and Vibe has been small potatos for a while. They dont’ even do that wack award show anymore do they?

  16. It’s all about ad sales. If magazines are unable to maintain sufficient income from selling ad space in their magazines, they fold. Flipping through a copy of VIBE, I could tell they would fold: they can’t survive on ads for sneakers, hip-hop clothing, alcohol and shady black porn. The awesome Suede Magazine folded so quickly b/c the high-end advertisers they wanted to attract (and whom their targeted demo purchased) b/c those high-end folks didn’t believe non-celebrity black people have money to buy Tiffany’s or Vera Wang and they also didn’t want to offend the wealthy white people who don’t want to believe black people can afford the things they buy.

  17. “Sooner or later, it all comes crashing down…”

    This is not good.

  18. This month i wud like to give brownsista thumbs up it has been holding it down better than a real mag,beautiful work keep it up,the balance is very beautiful.

  19. i agree with lizz, :mrgreen: online blogs have been feeding me my info for a while now. 😎 its sad but we have become more and more dependent on electronic news than paper. internet is fast, NOW, in REAL TIME. its more accessible and basically NO MONEY to go online to diff sites and get your fill of international news, gossip, music, etc.

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