Vibe Subscribers Want Their Money Back

Looks like Quincy Jones may have an even bigger problem on his hand. Vibe subscriber Kenneth Rogers wants his money back. The Alabama resident subscribed to Vibe before its demise and feels he and all other subscribers should get their money back. He is so sincere about this that he has filed a lawsuit in Federal court in Manhattan.

Rogers sued for breach of contract and unjust enrichment for a lost subscription and is seeking class action status enabling others to join him in the suit. The lawsuit names Vibe Media Group as a defendant along with other unnamed individuals.

As the magazine was closing up shop, owners did not make its grim financial situation public news to its followers who continued to subscribe to the magazine. Vibe folded with approximately 800,000 subscribers. If Rogers’s suit obtains class action status, then Vibe Media Group would have to potentially pay millions of dollars.

The unfairness in this is radical because as soon as you stop paying on your subscription you better believe those magazines stop coming to your house. If I was a subscriber, I would want my money back too. Whether they get it or not is another matter. I always wondered how situations like this played out. There must be some way that Vibe can worm its way out of this. If not, wouldn’t KING magazine be in a similar situation? I’m sure their subscribers did not receive all of their issues either. In this case who is responsible for the payout if Rogers wins his case? Is Quincy Jones responsible? If so that is going to suck because he is payed but not 800,000 subscribers paid. Vibe should not have kept this on the low and informed their customers once they knew of their misfortune. Possibly offered some kind of refund. I don’t know what exactly but damn! Sneaky Vibe. This one will become interesting as it unfolds.

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  1. VIBE should reimburse these folks. It’s just that simple.

  2. well due to the situation, i believe his argument is totally relevant. They were wrong for just all the sudden doing without any warning to their subscribers. i would want my money back too!

  3. Umm, technically I think the guy has a point about his subscription, but uh-rum-uh.

    A lawyer’s fees + all the time and effort to recoup what couldn’t have been more than $50-$75 isn’t exactly cost effective.
    It’d be funny if the judge sides in his favor but still say that he has to pay his legal fees.

  4. I don’t know why vibe is tripping they probably only have to pay out about 2 maybe 3 hundred dollars. I know that many people weren’t subscribed to vibe.

  5. right is right…

    my boyfriend paid for two years in Jan, and he stopped getting his mags in June when Vibe just put out the August issue!

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