Inside Vibe Vixen’s Final Issue

Final Vixen As previously reported, Vibe Vixen has released it’s final issue with Rihanna on the cover, and in true Vibe style, they sent me my digital and print issues weeks late. I am somewhat forgiving though as this issue doesn’t appear to be half as boring as many of the others. Hoping to go out with a bang, Vixen not only featured Rihanna on the cover and in an amazing fashion spread, but also had a great round table discussion with various women in the entertainment field about the representation of Black women in the media and even threw in a little scandal by featuring a very in depth interview with Karrine Steffans. Oh, and did I mention fellow Brown Sista blogger, Natasha Eubanks of YBF, is also featured in the magazine?

To start things off, we have Rihanna who won the coveted spot of Cover Girl. I love the cover pic as well as those featured inside the magazine. Not sure who Rihanna’s stylist is, but he or she is turning this sista into a fashion icon right before our eyes.

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  1. I got my issue today and haven’t even read it yet. I din’t expect to get it at all cause Vibe is shaky with their subscriptions. Sometimes I get them and somethimes I din’t.

    Those Rihanna pics are beautiful and the best I have seen posted online so far.

  2. These photos of Rihanna Rock…. Pure Fashion. She should consider adding Modeling to her career.

  3. Ok Rihanna is JUST BEAUTIFUL! Her pics are so diffrent from a lot of photo shots now and days. I love her!!!

    Next Melissa Ford trying to stop being called “HO” and trying to stand up for the “GOOD video chicks” is funny! That’s all I have to say about that. CTFU! 😆

    Karren!! LAWD! LAWD LAWD! SMH

  4. I didn’t even notice this article had three additional pages! I just looked at them all. Great images Stephanie! :thumbsup:

  5. This girl?! 😎 she is gonna kick a lot to the curb she is just breath taking i don’t see anybody comparing to her beauty she is just gorgeous whoa now i understand everything :thumbsup:

  6. Melyssa hasn’t done anything to be called a whore so she couldn’t be called one on a daily basis just because she does music videos. She’s not a porn star. Notice you never hear this talk from White women who be in rock videos. White men don’t just naturally hate their women like Black men do. Only Black men always find a way to degrade their women some way, some how and then try and blame the women for it.

  7. Black female bloggers are getting major love these days. Natasha was also profiled on BET and Angel and whole Concrete Loop staff also were featured on BET. While Fresh from Crunk and Disorderly is featured in next month’s Vibe. Nice to see the sistas doing it for themselves. Brown Girl Power Rule. :brownsista:

  8. What does everyone see in Rhianna!?! Breathtaking??? I don’t know about that one, but the pictures are nice.

  9. She’s the perfect model: a blank canvas on which the stylist and photographer work their skills.

  10. oops sorry about the post above.

    Rihanna is a true beauty, heart her so much! :bowdown:

  11. Anyone notice that there’s a typo on the cover? They spelled Rocsi’s name as “Rosci”

  12. I don’t think most people know her well enough to know how her name is spelled. I also must be blind as a bat because I don’t see any version of her name listed on the cover at all.

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