Vibe’s 25 Sexiest Celebs

In the July issue of Vibe, the editors got together and compiled what they called Vibe’s Hit List: The 25 Sexiest Celebrities. Ordinarily I would have passed this right on by, but how could I ignore a list that put Benicio Del Toro at #10? Yes, I know. You are all wondering who the heck is Benicio and that is what makes this list, like most lists, utterly laughable, but still worth talking about. Some of the other names to make the list were Jennifer Hudson, Meagan Good and you all know who came in at #1- Beyonce. Check out the list on the next page and you can also check out random images I have posted from this month’s issue as well.

25. Crime Mob’s Diamond (The group has two girl MC’s– they chose the one with the blond weave. I’m just sayin’)
24. Idris Elba
23. Lil Wayne
22. Amare Stoudamire
21. Jennifer Hudson
20. Pharell Williams
19. Roselyn Sanchez
18. The Game
17. Justin Timberlake (What sort of hold does this man have over Negroes?)
16. Shakira
15. Amerie
14. Young Buck
13. Jessica White
12. Vida Guerrera
11. Chris Brown
10. Benicio Del Toro
9. Mya
8. Kerry Washington
7. Meagan Good
6. Nas
5. Jennifer Lopez
4. Reggie Bush
3. Paula Patton
2. T.I
1. Beyonce

Noticeably absent from the list are Kelly Rowland, Gabrielle Union, Nia Long and brown skin women in general….

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  1. I didn’t expect Kelly Rowland to make the list and I think they just threw Jennifer Hudson in because she was walked away with the Oscar this year. Vibe doesn’t shout out too women brown girls anyway,much less “healthy” brown girl. Rihanna not making the list was a shock though and word, must I Google Benicio to find out who he is? I thought you would at least tell us :lol2:

  2. Vibe and Honey magazine used to be my addictions many moons ago. Honey sold out and then closed down and Vibe totally let gangsta rap take over which caused to not to renew my subscriptions. Vibe is a magazine not even worth mentioning anymore.

  3. See how folks were writing Bey off but she is standing strong. People swore Rihanna would be the fall of Bey but with her new album only selling 160,000 copies her stock has plummeted big time. Beyonce is still the hottest chick in the game and has held the title for over five years. I’m proud of her. :banana:

  4. What are you talking about Brown skin women are not absent. What about Jessica White, Jennifer Hudson, Meagan Goode, Kerry Washington, Diamond, Amerie…there nothing but brown skin. The only light-skin ones are Beyonce, Mya and Paula Patton. So as you can see there more dark-ones on the list than light ones. Why do you keep continuing with this insecurity faze? It really needs to stop. Why would Nia Long be on the list she hasn’t done anything in quit awhile except for that wack movie “Are we done yet?” and had baby-daddy drama. Who should of been on the list was Tyra Banks.

  5. Danielle, you will have to have an IQ upgrade before you can even attempt to hang with me and what I post here. Amerie is biracial and the list consists of almost nothing but women who are either biracial or very fair in complexion. It is a slap in the face that Vibe can apparently not find Black women who are- well- Black. So save the insecurity accusations for someone who will fall for them because I won’t. Come back when you smarten up and grow up- and stop posting under other identities agreeing with yourself. This is not your typical gossip blog that will feed you BS and hate on rich celebs. I am a grown woman with a mind of my own and the ability to think for myself. If you want to just be fed garbage there is no shortage of sites that will appease simple minds like yours.

  6. if you don’t like the girl just keep it moving. the girl deserves all of the attention she gets she works hard for her money.Beyonce is a beautiful woman. Beyonce has remained a strong,beautiful,hard working woman without even addressing the nonsense that people try to put out about her or her relationship. Rihanna was only considered competition by people that don’t like beyonce for whatever reason. rihanna is a package with no talent and beyonce actually had the looks and can give you a show and she has a voice. Beyonce is a major star get used to it. 😀

  7. 12 Women

    4 Hispanic

    3 Biracial

    Leaving 5 other women of which three are light and thus worthy of being called beautiful. That leaves Jessica White and Jennifer Hudson.

    We all know color and length of weave will determine who makes these lists when it comes to women.

    No woman that looks like Little Wayne would have dare made the cut, but such is life.

  8. I don’t agree with diamond of crime mob or jennifer hudson but to each it’s own. Beyonce def is number 1 in most peoples books. I don’t care what you say more people like her than people that don’t. Get used to seeing ms. Bey for a long time.Your little girl wonder rihanna ain’t living up to the hype. All of her television appearances have turned alot of people off.The stars at the mtv movie awards looked so dissapointed. They were standing up at first like they were about to see the second coming of Beyonce and got hugely dissapointed and it showed by the weak applause. :lol2:

  9. That damn drawing looks nothing like rihanna. You should have put it beside Beyonce because that’s who it looks like. Wow people really want Rihanna to roll over Bey but you need talent and looks for that. Try again. 😆

  10. Black folks have selective criticism. Let’s take the Tameka Foster post. Black women have dogged this woman out and called her everything but a child of God but we can’t call out a magazine for not at least diversifying a little bit and not keeping with the same old same old.

    I just found this blog about a week ago and it has been a breath of fresh air. Yeah I dig my celebrity fluff, it helps me pass the time but I like a lot of the intelligent posts I have read here too and the sites it links to.

    Some people will never want to talk about certain things because it either benefits them or they just don’t care. Danielle is such an airhead.

    Brown Sista keeps telling it like it is and yet supports all the sistas at the same time. I have never read one negative comment about any Black woman on this site. I have never seen a sista called ugly or tranny or the usual weave jokes. What is posted here is always intelligent and that keeps me coming back. Danille is a :hater: and needs to brushed off and ignored.

  11. Lists like this always ticked off someone so why do people get upset over them? They are designed to make people talk and put together their own lists.

    Stephanie I agree about the lack or diversity on the list and that dark brothers get a much better break. I say until they are willing to put women like India.Arie on the list then men like Lil Wayne shouldn’t make the list either.

    There are too many non Black women there and only two non White dudes. Go figure.

    Danille, Nia is as worthy as anyone else to make the list. You claim she is unworthy because in your words she has done nothing great this year, well what has Vida, Roselyn, Jennifer, Amerie and Mya done?

    Amerie hasn’t had a hit since before Jesus was born and Mya’s album will never see the light day. Vida is old booty news, Jennifer’s career is dead and who is Roselyn any damn way?

    Gabrielle would have been a great fit for the list and is beautiful and talented which is more than we can say for half the men and women on the list.

  12. There are not many brown or dark skin women in music or acting right now. Can anyone name any successful brown skin singers out right now cause I can’t.

    Just something to think about.

    Kimora looks a darn fool. Looking at her reminds me though of the power of make up. Someone posted her mug shot beside these pics and there is all the difference in the world.

    The drawing of Rihanna is called a vexel I think. It is very pretty. :thumbsup:

  13. OK Who really buys that magazine!Vibe is has been mag so putting beyonki on the cover sells.As far as Rhianna some of you keep forgetting ASHELY,Jackie and few others.who’s running her career “BEY” old man JAY’S so why so much hate.

    This is the scenario bey is going to drop 2 lame ass albums which in which the vemeon some of you spewing probably going to buy I’m sure that will be a guarantee to get out that contract.

    Jay going to leave Def Jam so those 2 can start a record label with that he’s going to bring Ney’o, Rhianna ,Nas. And i’m sure her and riri wellbe doing a single to keep jay off her back.

  14. Are you implying Jay bungled Rihann’s album to keep Beyonce on top? Rihanna had crazy publicity. They couldn’t have done a better job supporting her. Rihanna just doesn’t appeal to the public as an albums artists. Her fan base downloads the songs they want one by one on ITunes. No excuses. Rihanna isn’t Beyonce and never will be.

  15. Damn, this site stay on some school daze crap. I swear, its always light skin vs. dark skin and yada yada. You got Jennifer Hudson, Kerry Washington, Jessica White, and Megean Good on the list. There are more brown skinned women on their than light skinned women. Black women esp. need get over this color struck buisness. Most of the women on the list are hardworking beautiful black women.

  16. Josie, I can name Ciara. She is doing it right now and she is brown skin. But on another note, I don’t know what is up with the battle of Rihanna and Beyonce. I dont think Rihanna is trying to be like her. I do not like Beyonce very much but I will be real and Say that Rihanna cannot touch her as an entertainer, but that doesn’t mean that she is talentless. I don’t even think people realize how much they compare every new female act to Beyonce. These poor girls are getting measured to Beyonce the right after their first single….its sickning!

  17. Danielle I will reply to your comment even though it was not aimed at me.

    Let me start by thanking you for sharing your opinions. However, we are going to say and post things you may not agree with and such is the case when you are on the net. Accusing Debra of being insecure and jealous is something you as a woman are taught to do whenever women say things about other women you don’t like and so you are forgiven for falling into that trap. 

    That being said, anytime a segment or group of Black women are excluded based on their skin color or their look being termed “too Black”, all Black women will suffer. So when we see Black magazines or movies or television show excluding Black women based on color or in many cases excluding them all together, you can expect us to talk about it.

    The disrespect of Black women is bold and is getting bolder everyday. Continuing to walk around blindly or asking other to “just forget about it” will not solve the problem it will only exacerbate it.

  18. [quote comment=”8955″]Damn, this site stay on some school daze crap. I swear, its always light skin vs. dark skin and yada yada. You got Jennifer Hudson, Kerry Washington, Jessica White, and Megean Good on the list. There are more brown skinned women on their than light skinned women. Black women esp. need get over this color struck buisness. Most of the women on the list are hardworking beautiful black women.[/quote]
    Prove this statement you make? This is by far the only blog you will find online that doesn’t disrespect Black women on any level and out of over 1,000 articles posted here, only three others deal with racism or colorism. Truth is, many of you are just used to foolishness and cannot deal with any intelligent thought whatsoever.

    This “school daze crap” you speak of is a figment of your imagination. But make no mistake about it we will call out colorsism whenever we see it and we see it a lot. You do too. And it either benefits you or you feel helpless to deal with it so you stay quiet and beg others to do the same.

  19. I see both light skin and brown skin sisters on this list. What I don’t see is a black woman (light or brown) rocking a natural hairstyle. If only we spent less of our money on peroxide, weaves, gold chains, nike sneakers, gucci and coach – and more of our money on education and real estate – the black race would be so much better off. Nonetheless, this vibe list could definitely be extended.

  20. Most dark women are not attractive and that is why they don’t make the most beautiful lists on anyone’s poll. Don’t front and act like you really think Gabrielle Union is better looking than Mya or Beyonce? I am not a color struck man and I don’t hate myself either. Not all Africans were dark and so to not like African features does not necessarily mean you aren’t proud of your African self. Many Whites have big noses with humps and other traits that are not considered universally attractive among the White race. It doesn’t mean they hate themselves. Beauty is a personal choice but universal in many ways too. Comparing Nia Long to Meagan Good is crazy. Nia is cute but Meagan is beautiful. No hate no colorism. Every guy will agree with me and I am very much proud of myself and my culture.

  21. Great point Des…. and again, this is another good issue that goes along with the colorism. Sistas just aren’t allowed to be themselves. We are the only race of women who have to get a weave by default in order to participate in the entertainment industry. This is why I loved those pics of Meagan Good at the MTV Movie Awards so much. Yes she obviously has a relaxer but it was at leat hers- the front at least.

    The fact that we must conform to the European standard of beauty is what is truly behind the vanishing Black woman article that I posted a few weeks ago and it’s time to stop it.

    Vibe’s list is shameful. We have just become so used to it that we can’t see it anymore.

  22. Black women who aren’t in the industry wear weaves so whose fault is that. Black women don’t like their own hair and change it which is why many Black men don’t like it either. Maybe if you women spent more time loving yourselves other would too.

    I do comment the author on pushing Black women to do for self and take action in order to be respected.

  23. Hold a second, ALICIA KEYS ain’t there?? GTFOH!!!!

  24. Rihanna ain’t there? Woah that’s unexpected. Where is Chilli? I know she’s not in the spotlight but damn! And with all due respect, folks like LIL WAYNE and THE GAME made it (Lord Jesus!!) yet Will Demps ain’t made the list? Boris Kodjoe and WILL SMITH ain’t there? Not even Tyrese? Where Kelis at? Nicole Ari Parker? Gabrielle Union? Where’s Ciara? That list is wrong on sooooo many levels.

  25. Rawlo, stop putting all guys in the same category to satisfy your opinion. I don’t believe for a second that ALL men would find Nia Long simply cute and Meagan Goode beautiful. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and encompasses much more than just the physical. Beauty encompasses a person’s attitude, beliefs and actions. Perhaps the term beautiful is used too loosely to describe what is simply eye candy. Especially, since none of us REALLY know these people.

    I agree, however, that if black women spent more time loving themselves, others would too. We spend so much of our time, money and energy pleasing other people and living up to their standards of us.

  26. if it is was predominantly dudes, the argument would be women.
    if it is women, the argument would be it’s what race they are.
    if it they’re predominantly black, the argument their shade.

    *shrugs*…s’all good.

    but that whole list is suspect to me. i wonder what’s their criteria for “sexy”.

  27. The hair issue is ridiculous to me. Some whites and asians wear dreadlocks and braid their hair (men and women), wear weaves and wigs (women), if you wanna lock your hair lock it, relax your hair if you want to. It doesn’t bother me long as you ain’t done it out of shame but just cause you wanna change style (like an Asian rasta would do). Anyway that’s my opinion, and if a black man or woman hates nappy hair don’t blame anyone but your own self-degrading behind, you’re an adult, take responsibility for your own perceptions and opinions, to me both straight and nappy textures are equally beautiful. But I’ll be damned if I think of a black man or woman as a white wannabe just cause they have relaxed hair. Just cause James Brown had relaxed hair didn’t mean he wasn’t for the cause, just cause Wesley Snipes don’t relax it don’t mean he pro-black. Whites didn’t even “invent” straight hair, stop giving folks too much credit. Asians and indians have them straighter naturally. Some arabs have them straigh too. Extension hair is natural INDIAN hair cut from poor indians heads, that people import from India and use to add to their own hair after they done relaxed it and whites too relax their hair. Some sellouts wear dread locks. Co-signing India.Arie is all I have to say!

  28. Tell is like it T.I. IZ Chante!!! I like your get down! :dance2:

  29. Suspect indeed Zillz :iagree: The list looks like a random draw from a shoe box took place during a lunch break or something. 🙄

    LMFAO @ Diamond on the list though, Vibe obviously has a sense of humor.

  30. Kimora’s slutty photo shoot is nice. We all have a pole dancer in us just waiting to get out. :lol2:

  31. I am convinced there is some crack smokin going on @ VIBE…lol

    I think they are politically correct with there list. Who’s hot and who’s not type of deal?
    No Usher, No Sanaa Lathan, No Boris Kodjoe – Ildris Elba is #24? GTFOH – No Jada, No Mary J, No Fanny, No Chrisete Michele, No Dre 3000,

    This is a typical list – and the big surprise (yeah right) is Bey @ #1…whewwwwww what a surprise.

    VIBE – you can proceed to close down!

  32. [quote comment=”8936″]See how folks were writing Bey off but she is standing strong. People swore Rihanna would be the fall of Bey but with her new album only selling 160,000 copies her stock has plummeted big time. Beyonce is still the hottest chick in the game and has held the title for over five years. I’m proud of her. :banana:[/quote]

    I got to agree. I’m very very proud of Bee. to me she always over come when the world writes her off. Plus they kept it real she is over exposed right now, but let me give credit where credit is due.
    Diamond from Crime Mob is cute, I just hope she get rid of that ruff girl image. J Hud pic in this article looks AMAZING and she’s a brown skin sista DOING IT! I like the list it was “FOR THE MOST PART” on point, IMO — 🙂

  33. Hmmmmm. This list is suspect indeed. Idris Elba at #24? That man should be #1. And if not first, he most definitely should appear before many of the other men on this list, IMO.


  35. the most interesting part of this article is Jim Jones turn offs – funny :lol2:

  36. [quote comment=”9027″]the most interesting part of this article is Jim Jones turn offs – funny :lol2:[/quote]

    OMG did you read what he had to say. WHO in the hell let Dust Boy give opinions about women! Even though some of his statement were funny as hell!!! LOL 🙂


    How in the Hell did Idris land at 24 below lil Wayne? He should have been in the top five easy. And better yet how in the hell did Lil Wayne even make the list!…And Vida Guerrera you have got to be kidding me, this chick is nothing but a** not cute in the face…The game! with his bulldog face is suppose to be sexy, Oh My God!,..Jennifer Lopez played out a long time ago….Beyonce #1 So Typical.

    This list was obviously generated by hood a audience.


  38. RAWLO!!

    How in the hell can you say…..”Most dark women are not attractive and that is why they don’t make the most beautiful lists on anyone’s poll.”

    Then you turn around and said “Maybe if you women spent more time loving yourselves other would too”.
    That ignorant a** first statement you made is the reason why some black women have esteem issues and problem loving themselves…”Dark women aren’t attractive”, I beg to differ “DARK WOMEN ARE ATTRACTIVE” It’s color struck men like you who don’t find dark women attractive…You say dumb sh** like that then put black women down for wearing weaves and trying to improve themselves…You sound so freaking stupid!


  39. Not really feeling the list at all. How could Halle Berry not make the list, no Nia LOng or Rhianna? Diamond from Crime Mob? WTF? Benecio Del Toro? Oh, my goodness. Boris Kodjoe, Morris Chestnut, Larry Johnson, Allen Iverson, Alicia Keys could of made the list. But to each his/her own.
    P.S. I thought the only person who found Lil Wayne sexy was Trina.

  40. [quote comment=”8934″]Vibe and Honey magazine used to be my addictions many moons ago. Honey sold out and then closed down and Vibe totally let gangsta rap take over which caused to not to renew my subscriptions. Vibe is a magazine not even worth mentioning anymore.[/quote]
    I agree. VIBE Magazine has just fallen off lately. VIBEVixen, I purchase, as it’s geared moreso towards women, but VIBE itself has turned into The Source and I hate it now. 🙁

    And why has this turned into another “I’m so proud of Beyonce” post. I mean it’s a list, a vanity list. Who cares? And the constant comparison of Rihanna to Beyonce is just…getting so old. Sure, I’ve contributed to it before, I’m sure, but it’s sad that we are limiting discussions to these two women or to this ‘one’ woman. We are more diverse and more beautiful than just ‘one’. LOL. Plus, VIBE sucks now anyway. Wait, I already commented on that didn’t I? LOL.

  41. THANK YOU STEF! And Rawlo wonders why black women have issues about skin tone!?! Come on naw! Actually Rawlo I do feel Gabrielle is more attractive than mya (definitely) and beyonce! Also, Nia and Meagan are about what and what.(to me)

  42. I grew up watching Black women sitting around the kitchen straightening their hair with straightening comb. They didn’t like their hair and the first person I ever heard call a Black women nappy headed was another Black woman. Black women don’t love themselves and it affects the men around them. Why should I date a woman who goes out of her way to look like another woman when I can just date that other woman? Black women want to look like Latina and White women because you all think they look better too. Admit it. You do.

  43. Rawlo,

    I don’t believe latinas or whites or asians or indians or arabs look better or less good than black women cause I don’t believe shades and race define beauty. I find Lauryn Hill AS BEAUTIFUL AS Nicole Scherzinger from the PCD, different race and different hair texture but still equal beauties. Same for Tyson Beckford as sexy as Jude Law in my eyes. And the relaxed hair equals to wannabe whites is tired. All women ain’t like that. Kelis and Erykah Badu ain’t trying to be no Demi Moore, they have fun with their hair, it ain’t that serious.

    Too bad you grew up in such an environment. But you’re an adult now and need to stop blaming the world for your own perceptions, tastes, opinions, insecurities, conceptions or misconsceptions. That’s what lil boys and girls do, grown folks take responsibility. Don’t blame it on someone else’s “self-esteem issues”. There are tons of white girls and hispanics and asians who have self-esteem issues yet you don’t go around saying you don’t like em cause of their self-hating issues. Tons of brothers who have self-esteem issues like Michael Jackson and his brothers did as a young man (let’s be real, taboo or not, the average black man goes through this like the average black chick) and I’ll be damned if I said “oh y’all wanna be whites and latinos, and y’all wonder why I find black men unattractive?”. That is ridiculous! I love people regardless of their race, nationalities and even insecurities, I won’t diss my race for nothing. The blame game is so last century, grow up, love who you love and call it a day!

  44. Are you implying Jay bungled Rhianna’s album to keep Beyonce on top? Rhianna had crazy publicity. They couldn’t have done a better job supporting her. Rihanna just doesn’t appeal to the public as an albums artists. Her fan base downloads the songs they want one by one on ITunes. No excuses. Rihanna isn’t Beyonce and never will be.

    Stella LOl here but i don’t know how you read or came to some obscure conclusion into that,because i never said that nowhere in my comment at all.That your comment lol here again bottom line is “B” is who she is i could care rat a** i never knocked her for hustle because that something to be admire i respect her for that.If nothing else i don’t “Knock the Hustle”

    Well guess what she’s well be in a lot of big artist company as far as appeal. far as I’m concern she well be in good company,If you notice lately record companies are not doing that well so a lot of artist are releasing singles for what ever reasons that may be. You more established artist are not cracking the top 10 in album sales so yes she would be in good company

    along with “BEYONCE” and a few others if i not mistakenly “STELLA” wasn’t that Bayonne dropping all those video’s and sndsingles off her album to generate more sales of of her album

    HM MM!

    As Far As Rhianna Being Old Girl “HE** No” Nor should she be.

    You failing to understand who’s guiding her career ya ll could scream to the top of your lungs about album sales between the 2 because guess what her album /singles are doing well in Europe and here so it don’t even matter i guarantee jay’s happy

    Don’t say anything about fan base because both have similar fan base only thing.RiRi don’t have Them dam ‘STANS” like old girl have .


    I grew up watching Black women sitting around the kitchen straightening their hair with straightening comb…Black women don’t love themselves and it affects the men around them.

    Black women want to look like Latina and White women because you all think they look better too. Admit it. You do
    I was one of those little black girls sitting at the table under the hot comb…Getting my hair straightened hasn’t had one damn thing to do with my self esteem or how I feel about myself as a black woman…And being raised by a black woman I’ve NEVER ONCE thought about being white by straightening my hair… How you feel about your self has nothing to do with how you wear your hair…Low self esteem comes from emotional issues or listening to men like you say stupid sh** like you keep posting on this blog.

    Since when does straightening your hair makes you want o be a white or a Latina woman, and who in the hell said that straight hair was a white or latina trait?…So what black women are not allowed to wear straight hair?…Give me a break!…We straighten our hair because it’s easier to manage and style, not to be white..Do you honestly expect every black woman to walk around with a afro or nappy natural hair…If they did you’d be one these men saying “go and do something with you nappy hair.”…What would make us unique or different if we all wore afros?….Weave and hair extentions is about style and changeing your look not about being white (if you understood anything about black women and our hair which you obviously don’t)…Wearing extentions also prevent us from perming, dying and frying our natural hair and it saves time…And if you haven’t noticed all of white Hollywood is wearing weave and extentions also.

    You got a real f-up & shallow preception of black woman…You say all of this stereotypical stupid sh** about black women and then complain about us not loving ourselves when you’re part of the fuk*** problem….All of these so called “self hating sista’s” as you call them have probably ran across a cluelss a** dude like you that made them way….How in the hell can you say “love yourself & dark skin is ugly” in the same sentence?…. If you think all sista’s who wear straight hair hate themselves and dark skinned women are ugly you need to get yourself a white or latina woman!!


  46. to all my black sisters you are all beautiful no matter what shade you are…its pathetic so called men like rawlo who doesnt know what the hell hes talking about.. you said and i quote” dark skin woman are not attractive? what kind of bullsh!t is that.. its sorry excuses for men like you why so many black woman hate there skintones… you say black woman wanna look white or rican is a damn joke .. theres not a rican or white b!tch on this planet i wanna look like.. im quite satisfied with the way i look..i have beautiful smooth flawless brown skin ,full beautiful lips, real beautiful long hair no hair weave or relaxer either my hairs 100% percent real and its quite healthy too, nice shapely body all natural thank you very much,no plastic surgery here… and what look does a rican have that im suppose to want? it cant be hair texture because they wear much weave and super strength relaxers in there hair so dont try and pretend they dont… they damn sure dont look better than black woman, we set the standard of beauty today always did always will.. since you say we have a problem with our selves whats the white womans problem then with all this plastic surgery there having trying to look like a black woman you bastard? whos getting collagen or lip implants? white woman!!! were born with ours,ours are 100% natural.. our skintones are so beautiful thats why white woman are burning they asses up on the tanning beds at the tanning salon but you say dark skin is not attractive ,i dont think so, white woman find dark skin beautiful thats why they want it, fake big obvious looking butt implants whos getting that? white woman!! butt implants are not being bought by us they are the ones running to the surgeon buying as much ass as they can and all you black men know damn well thats what there doing.. like sir-mix-alot said” baby got back” he was talking about the black womans behind!!!! if white girls had it they wouldve never made fun of us for having a round rotund shapely onion :booty: they know they never had one now all of a sudden bam its fake as hell.. thats why you pathetic black men are drooling over a booty thats not even real… thats why when a white chick comes along and you think she has a nice figure then discover there fake as hell you black men look like chumps.. 😆 thats what makes you all except the ugly white and rican hoes your with ..the jokes on you.. every different race of woman are jealous and envious of the way the black woman are able to fill out a pair of jeans.. no woman on earth has more :booty: than the queens :brownsista: from africa.. the beautiful black woman ..thats why so many woman are in the gym now trying to shape up there shapeless asses.. we have body no matter what, even if we never see the inside of a gym… and as far as these ricans go they are nothing but black girls who speak spanish.. they are the same thing as us they have a different culture but are still black ,they come from the same african slaves as we do!!!! all life began in africa!!!! whether they choose to believe it or not!!! thats why so many of them are laying up with black men having black babies.. they are no better than us.. you black men go with them and other races of woman trying to change the looks in your black children and its not working :noway: :thumbsdown: but you talk about us not liking ourselves its a whole lot of you black men that hate yourselves more than we ever will!!!! as soon as you black men receive an education, have a great paying job you become white and you give the money right the hell back were it came from.. the white man !! or when you give it to the white woman… then your in competition with them .. you want what the white man has .. wanna live around him even when its obvious he wants complete separation from you.. you wanna live in his lily white neighborhood grinning all in his face like he like you.. or when you date his white daughter you try and pretend to be a different type of black man- not the typical no-good thug or bum he thinks you are .. do you think white men like you? 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    This brotha is very much confused and ignorant…He obviously has issues with SKIN CLOLOR & WOMEN…He said we hate ourselves when white woman are wearing more weave and having more plastic surgery than ever before…Look at how Jennifer Lopez had a nose job, lost her booty and lightened up her hair to fit in white hollywood…It’s funny how black men dog us for wearing weave or call us fat for being thick but when a white or latina woman possess the same qualities she’s considered beautiful…They’ll accept a white woman with fake breast and booty but put a sista down for wearing fake hair….So ask yourself who’s the real self hater…To be born of a black woman and put your beautiful sistas down by calling them dark skin & ugly…

    Keep up the good work RAWLO white people LOVE SLAVE MINDED NEGROS like you!!!


  49. When will we learn that all Nubian Queens are beautiful!!! No matter what skin color, were DYMES!!!! LOL to ya!!! 🙂

  50. For me it’s not about chocolate vs. light skin because it’s golne be like that for a long time but about what is considerd to be beautiful. I feel there were so many women left off the list. i don’t feel like beyonce is the best looking women nor do i agree wit the list but she on top right now so we all saw that comming but I thought they would have Kelly, fantasia, mary or gabrielle union but then again these people are not in the headlines everyday and not that exsposed i don’t agree but that’s the industry and though it’s sickning we have to deal wit it

  51. Okay, I have to drop my two cents here…. what is this list based on? Does publicity have anything to do with it or what? I’m confused. A “sexy” list without Halle Berry (who truely is physically the “hottest chick” in the game) is laughable. They are going to have a huge backlash for that. LOL!! Out of all these people on this WACK list the only ones that are NATURALLY sexy are Idris Alba, Jennifer Lopez, Benicio Del Toro and maybe Reggie Bush. Everyone else either tries too hard or is not sexy at all. I understand that some people on the internet swear by Beyonce (calling her “Be” like you know her personally), and that’s fine and all, but for one second lets be realistic… i’m not sure where everyone is from but where I come from Beyonce wouldn’t even be the hottest chick at a party. I have never seen anyone more overrated in that business in my life. I understand that she is doing her thing and is a hard worker, but she works no harder then anyother person in that business so please stop. No one I know even mentions this chick when it comes to celebrity women that they think are hot. If Beyonce wasn’t famous i’m not even sure if people would give her a second look in the streets, I would look at Kelly quicker then I would look at Beyonce. I mean I just don’t understand. Out of all those silly list, this list is by far the worst. It’s a terrible list. No, not because Beyonce is #1 (which you all know deep down she don’t deserve that title), but because half these people don’t have sh*t on the commen person walking down the street, period. This is a sexy list not a physical list, but to me someone that is sexy doesn’t have to try to be sexy, and the majority on this list try too hard. I can’t even imagine how BAD this list is getting talked about right now. LOL! Does anyone even read vibe anymore…please try again. 🙄 And please save all your rediculous comments to yourself, I don’t go around worshiping people in entertainment because I value my own self worth too much, so all this is just my opinion. Plus this list is just for entertainment so it means nothing, it’s apperent by the individuals they put on there.

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