Video: Acapella By Kelis

Kelis is back with a visually stunning video for her first single “Acapella.” Directed by Rodrigo Ortazu, the video features Kelis in a variety of settings and costumes that only she could pull off.


  1. epic video!! Kelis is always ahead of time when it comes to setting trends!!

    like i saw photos of kelis wearing high fashion outfits in 2006, that gaga is wearing now!

    and she had her head shaved first, no everyone is doing that!

    She fully gets no recognition for her fierce’ness!!

  2. Kelis is a breath of fresh air. I love this woman! Very native, tribal, giving me LIFE! Love it!

  3. I love it. Very Kelis. She doesn’t try so hard – she is just who she is. Nice. :bowdown:

  4. Nice! I likey. She might have herself a hit. It will definitely do good over seas anyway.

  5. Excellent!!!

    Kelis does have a number 1 dance music hit…David Guetta is that producer right now…very creative…I love that the sistas are coming so strong in unexpected fashion…just when everybody was so sure that Lady Gaga had it on lock…this is a great piece of work…regardless if they try to say Kelis is competing with Gaga and others, when she’s been this girl for a long-time…she’s multi-dimensional…with culinary skills, a mother, ex-wife, artist and family…this video along with anything else that’s out there will get your attention and stand on its own merit…why?…it has soooo much BEAUTY!!!

    The masks, the real and soulful music (you can feel it), the scenery, Kelis, her son…it’s REFRESHING!!!

    Go Kelis!!!

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