Video: Babyfather By Sade

Sade gets all domesticated in the video for “Babyfather,” the second single off of her multiplatinum “Soldier Of Love” album. The song is beautiful and the video doesn’t disappoint either. You can download both from iTunes today; as well as the whole Soldier Of Love album which has been reduced to $8.99 for a limited time.


  1. i like it. it reminds me of another video she’s done. can’t remember the name though. but i like it.

  2. I think it may remind you of King of Sorrow. I love that song and video too.

  3. Yet another I will have to watch when I get home. 🙂

  4. I just adore this woman. Love Sade very much.

  5. what can i say…sade has done it again. i adore her. love the video concept the creative direction.

  6. She is wonderful. Simple and to the point. Love her and her entire CD

  7. OMG!!! Can we all say BREATH OF FRESH AIR!!!!! lol ..I just love Sade!!! She is so beautiful and wholesome….she shows us that you can be sexy and still rem:)ain a Queen in the process! Love it! 🙂

  8. She is such a class act, I love sade, Beautiful, Curvacious, Sexy yet still leave something up to the imagination, I Love it a real woman 🙂

  9. Wow…that was mesmerizing and quite beautiful…it was art!

  10. Sade is one of the few artists that I have truly followed over the years. Her return indicates that real music is still acclaimed. She is elegant and embodies what Diva should mean. In the current mainstream of the music industry, young women who just made a few hits and receive “acceptance” seem to proclaim themselves Divas. Life experience, poise while continuing to endeavor in a craft you love in the face of all things= Sade.

  11. You are “FIRE” when you take a break for 10years and come back multi-platinum!!! FIRE!!!! I love the video love the song!!

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