Video: Believe by Ashanti


“Rain on Me” songstress Ashanti teams up with a host of R&B and hip-hop artists for the single and video “Just Believe,” a PSA for Michelle Obama’s “Partnership for a Healthier America” initiative.

Ashanti called working with the First Lady “inspiring,” and says she hopes the campaign helps inspire young people to lead healthier lives.

Ashanti recently found herself on the receiving end of a bit of body shaming after posting photos of herself in a bathing suit on Instagram.

After being called “fat” and a “hypocrite,” Ashanti admonished her detractors, saying the “Lets Move” campaign isn’t about shaming overweight children or adults in general, but rather a way to bring attention to healthier lifestyle choices we can all make to live longer, healthier lives.

As for being called fat, Ashanti says such comments just roll off her back. “I do have a mirror and my mirror tells me I look just fine as I am.”


  1. Even though she has a flat stomach and zero cellulite, she gets called fat all the time on Instagram. She has stretch marks and I don’t think people are used to seeing them or what a real body looks like and so she gets called fat. Interestingly enough, it’s always women. The men be like I would take her any day over plastic women.

  2. Oh I love this! Very uplifting song. Cute video and Ashanti is so pretty. I had no idea folks call her fat! That’s ridiculous!

  3. She far from fat. She just a thick woman in all the right places.

  4. This is a wonderful and uplifting song. Go Michelle Obama for her necessary campaign on health and leading an active lifestyle. To think people are criticizing her for it??? As for Ashanti, she always keeps it moving, and is beautiful. Unfortunately some people feel better when they bully others???

  5. I LOVE THIS!!!



    It’s a SHAME this video hasn’t flooded the airwaves, news networks and gone viral online, if it has my oversight.

    SHAMEFUL all or most black blogs didn’t post this, when we are searching for answers to stopping the violence and shooting deaths.

    I surely saw Reba’s Pray For Peace and love it.

    Our value system really sucks as a society! What matters, who matters is so superficial and self-serving. We have a severe identity crisis regardless of status, socio-economics or race and gender. Sadly, our kids peep more than we do, there’s no system to guide our digital natives, babies that operate ipads and smartphones, five-year olds who want to be famous or a millionaire without a value system that values humanity and having a good life without celebrity status or perks.

    Love Ashanti she’s a true inspiration, she didn’t let the business or her lack of sales hinder her.

    This is an awesome message from our first Black President and First Lady!

    I pray that we remember what the dream was about from our ancestors, to Martin, our great, great grandparents to 2009!

    Yes We Can…

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